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Punch Drunk Radio: Ashley Cummins, Sean McCorkle

Punch Drunk Radio


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It’s that time of the week again.

Punch Drunk Radio and their stellar hosts, Amy Barton (Twitter: @amesbelle) and Alex Donno (Twitter: @AlexDonno) welcome Sean McCorkle and Ashley Cummins to the show.

McCorkle (Twitter: @BigSexyMcCorkle), a former UFC heavyweight, is an MMA journeyman.  He’s fought in nine promotions since exiting the UFC, most recently defeating Mariusz Pudzianowski at KSW 23.  McCorkle, with a character larger than life, will be, as always, an entertaining guest you do not want to miss.

Cummins (Twitter: @SmashleyMMA) made a splash in the sport when she broke on the scene with three straight victories.  Cummins lost her most recent bout, a setback which came at the hands on Joanne Calderwood at Invicta FC 3.  Cummins will get a chance to get back in the win column at Invicta FC 6, when she faces Emily Kagan.

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Louis Gaudinot: “If the UFC changes their mind, I would love to fight (Ian McCall)”

UFC flyweight Louis Gaudinot

Louis Gaudinot doesn’t quite understand why Ian McCall is calling him out, but he does know that a year is a long time to wait.

Gaudinot (Twitter: @LouisGaudinotUFC) last competed on May 5, 2012, against John Lineker at “UFC on Fox: Diaz vs. Miller.”  It was a victorious debut in the UFC flyweight division for “Goodight,” even though the bout eventually became a 127-pound catchweight match due to Lineker’s issues at the scales, Gaudinot made weight.

Gaudinot is finally returning to the Octagon, but won’t be meeting the combatant who has recently called him out via the internet.  The aforementioned McCall took to The Underground, claimed Gaudinot has been chomping at the bit for a scrap with him, and accepted the challenge.  However, Gaudinot finds “Uncle Creepy’s” allegations and retaliation a little belated.

“To be honest, I can’t tell you what’s going on,” Gaudinot told Joe Rizzo and Jason Kelly on MMA DieHards Radio on the MMA DieHards Radio Network.  “The UFC told me I have an opponent in August, I can’t say who the opponent is, but they offered me a fight and it’s not Ian McCall.  I did an interview over a year ago and they asked me, ‘Who do you want to fight next?’  So, of course, like any fighter, you want to be the best in the world, you want to move up in the rankings.  I said, ‘I want to fight someone ranked above me in the rankings.’  At the time, they were doing the flyweight tournament.  I said, “I want to fight one of the guys in the tournament.’  Obviously I couldn’t fight (Demetrious) “Mighty Mouse” (Johnson) or Joseph Benavidez because they won their matches, and they were moving on to the title fight.  So, I said, ‘I’d like to face Ian McCall or Yasuhiro Urushitani.’  That’s all I really said.  I never called anybody out one-on-one; I just said that I wanted to fight one of the guys in the tournament.”

Gaudinot said with the interview being more than a year old, and never mentioning McCall’s name after that, he doesn’t understand why “Uncle Creepy” would claim he is continuously being called out.  Gaudinot would be obliged to the UFC if granted a bout with McCall, but due to the politics of matchmaking, the higher ups are not keen on this fight at the moment.

“If the UFC changes their mind, I would love to fight him,” Gaudinot said.  “He’s ranked above me in rankings; that’s what I want to do, I want to move up in rankings.  Of course, I want to fight those guys, and show that I can beat them, and show them I belong there.  He’s talking smack, saying he’ll knock the green off my head.  You can talk all you want, if we fight, it’s a different story.  I’m not one to talk crap.  It’s a business; I don’t have to hate the person before the fight.  If that’s how he has to be, so be it.  I’m in there to do a job, I know I’m  going to win, I know I’m going to kick some ass when I go out there, whoever they put me against.  I don’t have to talk smack about it, but I’d love to fight him.  The UFC told me he’s coming off two losses, so it doesn’t make sense.”

A fight that is currently sensible is the bout that Gaudinot is scheduled for in August.  It may not be his first choice, but after being out of the Octagon for over a year, the New York native is anticipating a dominant return to action.

“I had two different injuries,” Gaudinot said.  “I was supposed to fight, I got hurt, thankfully I didn’t need surgery.  I rehabbed myself, that was a pain in the ass, then I hurt a different part of my body.  That time was a little bit worse, I thought I was going to need surgery, but luckily I didn’t.  Now, I’m back to training 100-percent, and I hope to keep it that way.  I had a couple bad streaks, but I’m anxious to get back in the cage.  It’s been too long.”

MMA DieHards Radio: Nick Lembo, Louis Gaudinot, Joe Lozito



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Hosts Joe Rizzo (Twitter: @rearnakedchoke) and Jason Kelly (Twitter: @JayMMADieHards) are joined tonight by Nick Lembo, counsel for the New Jersey Athletic Control Board; and UFC’s Louis Gaudinot.

Lembo (Twitter: @NickLembo) overseas officiating and judging for combat sports in New Jersey as a member of the NJSACB.  The NJSACB is touted as one of the finest athletic commissions in established. Seeing that Lembo is a key component in the NJACB, he always has insightful views on refereeing, scoring, and that rules and regulations of combat sports.

Gaudinot (Twitter: @Louis GaudinotUFC) is a UFC flyweight, awaiting his debut in the 125-pound division.  After competing on TUF 14, then in the UFC bantamweight division, Gaudinot made the drop to flyweight.  His first bout in the new division was changed to a catchweight match, and the  TUF alumni has been out of action since.

And, as always, we will cover the latest and greatest MMA news, topics and stories.

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Johnson, Diaz, and Guadinot and Lineker take home $65K bonuses at UFC on FOX 3

UFC on Fox 3: Green means go for Louis Gaudinot

UFC flyweight Louis "Goodnight" Gaudinot weighs in for his "Ultimate Fighter" Season 14 fight in Las Vegas last year. (Photo courtesy of

UFC flyweight Louis “Goodnight” Gaudinot’s fighting career is all about standing out from the pack.

For starters, the 5-2 Hoboken, N.J. fighter can claim a stint on the 14th season of “The Ultimate Fighter” for his meteoric rise up the MMA ranks. Not content for mere exposure on the hit TV show, he went on to win “Fight of the Season” accolades in a submission loss to Dustin “The Disciple” Pague. Nearly a year later, Gaudinot (Twitter: @LouGaudinotUFC) credits the show as pivotal boost to his career.

“Being on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ got my name out there instead of coming into the UFC by the usual route,” Gaudinot told MMADiehards on Tuesday’s MMA Beatdown. “Recognition is the biggest thing. You’re on the show for 12 or 13 weeks and people seeing you every week is definitely good for your career.”

It helped that punk rock style stood out in a house of 16 aspiring UFC athletes. When he wasn’t putting on star-making fights, Gaudinot was attracting constant stares with his bright green hair. With his season now over, it’s a look the flyweight said isn’t leaving anytime soon.

“I’ll always have the green hair,” Gaudinot declared. “It’s my trademark. It helps people recognize me. I can’t get rid of it.”

Gaudinot will next try making his mark with a UFC on Fox 3 match against Brazil’s 19-5 John “Mao-de-Pedra” Lineker on Saturday. On paper, it’s a close contest as both men are debuting in the UFC’s flyweight division. Gaudinot, however, maintains he’ll have an advantage given that Lineker doesn’t love fighting at 125 lbs. like he does.

“All my pro fights have been at flyweight,” said Gaudinot, who moved up to bantamweight for his “Ultimate Fighter” exhibition match. “It’s my natural weight class. It feels good to be back where I started. It feels like I’m home.”

Such confidence doesn’t mean Gaudinot is looking past Lineker. On the contrary, he said he sees his opponent as a tough challenge to overcome.

“Lineker’s put together a nice run of 12 wins in a row, 13 wins in a row,” Gaudinot said. “He likes to swing and throw bombs. At the same time, I’m not seeing him dropping anybody with one punch. I’m looking to go in there and trade with him.”

It’s a high risk, high reward strategy in the UFC’s new flyweight division. Launched with a four-person title tournament in March, a champion remains uncrowned as semi-finalist Joseph “Joe B-Wan Kenobi” Benavidez awaits the victor of Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall vs. Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson in June. For division rookies like Gaudinot, it won’t take long entering the rankings and storming the title holder’s gates.

“Right now the flyweight division is up in the air,” said Gaudinot, who estimates the UFC has signed eight flyweights besides himself. “With two or three impressive fights you could be fighting for the title as you’ve beaten two-thirds of the roster for your division. It’s definitely exciting.”

All the same, Gaudinot said he prefers fighting smart rather than speculating on the future. When the cage door closes for his match against Lineker, he said he’ll go after what works rather than people’s predictions.

“The division is young,” Gaudinot said. “I’m looking to move myself up the ladder. I’m not going to go out there and force anything. If I hurt him I’m going to finish him then.”

MMA Beatdown radio: Louis Gaudinot, Mark Coleman


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MMA Beatdown Radio is back for a special May Day edition! And tonight, we’re filling your May Basket with two killer guests that will have you dancing around the Maypole … and then looking up on Wikipedia just what the hell a Maypole is and why you get a special basket today. And then you’ll wonder why you didn’t send us a May Day greeting card.

Tonight, Mike, Alex and Amy are joined by a UFC heavyweight Hall of Famer and a brand-new UFC flyweight. Doesn’t get much more opposite ends of the spectrum than that! Mark Coleman and Louis Gaudinot swing by the show tonight, and you won’t wanna miss either of them.

Coleman is nothing short of a legend. “The Hammer” was the UFC’s first heavyweight champ 15 years ago before going on to a great run in Pride. He’s fought the best in history – Fedor, Cro Cop, Dan Severn, Don Frye, Don Frye’s mustache, Randy, Shogun … he was a no-brainer Hall of Famer for the UFC. He’ll fill us in on what he’s been doing the last couple years of his retirement and we’ll get his thoughts on the current state of MMA.

Gaudinot returns to his 125-pound home on Saturday after moving up to bantamweight to compete in Season 14 of “The Ultimate Fighter.” But the introduction of the UFC’s flyweight division meant the New Yorker could drop back down to his true weight class, and on Saturday he’ll face a tough UFC newcomer in John Lineker at UFC on Fox in New Jersey. Gaudinot will take us through his training camp, tell us about fighting close to home again and regale us with tales of the TUF house before he gets ready for his second UFC fight.

And now the usual disclaimer: Tonight’s show streams live at at 8:30 p.m. Eastern, 5:30 Pacific. It also will be available on demand RIGHT HERE after the completion of the broadcast or as a download at iTunes. Any publication, reproduction, retransmission or other use of the accounts of this show without the express written consent of Beatdown Radio is prohibited. I mean, if we catch you.

TUF Life Radio: Louis Gaudinot, TJ Dillashaw, and Dustin Pague

Louis Gaudinot

TUF Life Radio on and the MMADieHards Radio Network airs on as Matt Leung and TUF 14 contestant Louis Gaudinot talk about the latest episode with Dustin Pague and TJ Dillashaw.

If you cannot catch the episode live, it is available on demand RIGHT HERE shortly after completion of the live broadcast.

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VIDEO: MicroTech sends Jon Jones, Jim Miller, Weidman, Gaudinot, Pague to visit Wounded Warriors

UFC fighters spend time with US soldiers. was on hand to document a MicroTech-sponsored trip that allowed MMA fighters to spend some time visiting Wounded Warriors and the Soldier & Family Assistance Center at Fort Belvoir, Va.

Check out the video featuring the military personnel and UFC fighters Jon Jones, Jim Miller and Chris Weidman, and TUF 14 contestants Louis Gaudinot and Dustin Pague:

TUF Life Radio: TJ Dillashaw, Louis Gaudinot

Louis Gaudinot

TUF Life Radio on and the MMADieHards Radio Network airs on as Matt Leung and TUF 14 contestant Louis Gaudinot talk about the latest episode with TJ Dillashaw.

If you cannot catch the episode live, it is available on demand RIGHT HERE shortly after completion of the live broadcast.

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