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MMA DieHards Radio: Shannon Knapp, Marc-Andre Drolet, Nick Hammar


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At 9 p.m. ET, on MMA DieHards Radio, hosts Jason Kelly (Twitter: @JayMMADieHards) and Joe Rizzo (@rearnakedchoke) welcomes Invicta president Shannon Knapp (@ShannonKnapp), King of the Cage’s Marc-Andre Drolet (@madaboutmma) and’s western Canada correspondent Nick Hammar (@NickMMADieHards).

MMA Cypher Radio: Cormega, Jared Rosholt, David Makdessi


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On tonight’s episode a trio of guests will bless us with their presence and truly blend MMA and hip hop in the MMA Cypher.

This week on MMA Cypher Radio on the MMA DieHards Radio Network, hosts Jason Kelly (Twitter: @JayMMA DieHards) and Corey Charron (@charronkotd) welcome back the lyrical monster known as Cormega and UFC heavyweight Jared Rosholt.

Cormega (@realcormega) is on the brink of releasing “Mega Philosophy,” an album he paired up with Large Professor for, and recently released the street teaser “Honorable,” which features Wu Tang’s own Raekwon.  We will also discuss Cormega’s trip to Africa last month, upcoming tour and some hip hop in general.

Rosholt (@JaredRosholt) made his UFC debut Saturday at “The Ultimate Fighter 18 Finale,” where he defeated Walter Harris via unanimous decision.  The Oklahoma State University standout wrestler made his Octagon debut and we will see if it was everything Rosholt expected.

Makdessi (@DavidMakdessi) has made his mark in MMA, sponsoring  dozens of UFC combatants.  He’s branched out in lacrosse and hockey with the brand, and is currently breaking into the hip hop scene by working with MMA Cypher’s own Charron.

MMA Cypher Radio can be heard on every Monday at 7 p.m. ET.

Fear the Fighter and Charron battle into hip hop

Fear the Fighter is about to rap the game up.

As MMA grows, the UFC in particular, the mainstream crowd attracts to different things.  Fear the Fighter (Twitter: @Fearthefighter), a brand prominent in MMA apparel, notices that trend and is staying up on the times.

Fear the Fighter t-shirts can be spotted on the majority of MMA fighters entering the Octagon these days, but the brand was originally intended to step outside of that realm.  David Makdessi (@DavidMakdessi), owner of the clothing label, has dabbled in lacrosse and is venturing into hockey, but they are stepping on unchartered ground with their newest acquisition and signee.

Makdessi was turned onto battle rap, specifically MMA Cypher host and world top ranked battler Corey Charron (@charronkotd), and realized there was a correlation between what Fear the Fighter represents and what battle rap symbolizes.  Charron, or anyone of his sort, was not something Makdessi mulled over until the opportunity was presented to him, but it didn’t take long for him to make sense of the deal.

“Initially what went through my head is that these guys are battlers, they’re fighters, they’re another division of FTF,” Makdessi told  “Basically these guys go in there and they fight.  They give their all just like a fighter does in the ring and they do what it takes to win.”

And as for Charron, the MC thinks the company resonates with people in all walks of life and is proud to be a part of this landmark deal.

“I think it’s a good fit,” Charron told  “It’s a different fit because it’s an MMA brand with all the fighters, but then again Fear the Fighter is a brand that speaks to many people.  They have their cancer awareness shirts and their stop the bullying shirts, plus the international bloodline, so I think Fear the Fighter is a brand that you don’t have to be a fan of MMA to wear.

“I knew who Fear the Fighter was before I started doing (MMA Cypher).  When you see a brand so many times you start to recognize who they are.  I know who they are and respect what they’re about, so to be the first musician signed to the brand is awesome.  And I think it is fitting because a lot of musicians are not real fighters, I mean in the sense that they don’t fight for what they want.  I fought through the B.E.T. thing and other stuff in my career to get what I want.”

Charron is a respected MC, embarking on a career that is already beginning to flourish.  Aside from globally ripping apart battle rappers with a slick tongue and witty rebuttals, the Ottawa native released his first mixtape (Bath Salts and Vinegar Chips) in 2013  Also, this year, Charron toured with numerous musicians in the industry, including Wu-tang, and is currently producing his first music video.

Makdessi, a father of three, is aware that in today’s world, you have to be in tune with all aspects of marketability.  To limit a company to one demographic is an injustice to a business, therefore, Makdessi keeps and open mind when scouting new markets.

“(Charron’s) into hip hop, and nowadays there’s a crossover with everything,” Makdessi said.  “It’s with boxing and everything.  You see (Floyd) Mayweather has Justin Bieber around, and all these other guys around.  When you have that you get your message out and attract more people.”

Charron concurs with Makdessi.  The Canadian MC said he sees how the two business models blend, and the resemblance between competition in King of the Dot (KOTD) and the UFC are mirror images when broken down.

“Battle rap and MMA are two different subcultures, but I definitely think they have a similar core fan base,” Charron said.  “MMA is more popular, but I think a lot of MMA fans could enjoy battle rap because it’s a verbal combat.  It’s kind of verbal MMA.  You come into the match with a game plan, you study your opponent, you know their weaknesses and their strengths.  They’re both strategic sports that involve thinking, planning and straight, ruthless skill.”

After observing what Fear the Fighter has done it terms of helping MMA fighters, Charron is eagerly anticipating leading the way with the brand into the hip hop community.  Makdessi, likewise, is anxious to break into the battle rap scene and he has some immediate plans for Charron.

“Right now we’re just going to see how it goes and hopefully it goes well,” Makdessi said.  “He has his fans out there so obviously I want him to have his own line that can connect to his fans.  That’s something I am going to make sure he can have.”

That’s a wrap, folks.

MMA Cypher: Sam Stout, Mitch Gagnon, Chad Elliot, Kyle Post, Chris Lee Byrne


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MMA Cypher welcomes a panel of guests that can lend a hand and throw one too.

Hosts Jason Kelly (Twitter: @JayMMADieHards) and Corey Charron (@charronkotd) are joined by Chad Elliot (@ftftrainingacademy), Kyle Post (@_postman), Chris Lee Byrne (@ChrisLeeByrne), UFC bantamweight Mitch Gagnon (@MitchGagnonUFC) and UFC veteran Sam Stout (@SammyJstout).

Elliot, Post and Lee Bryne organized a fundraiser on Nov. 23 that helped a member of the Fear the Fighter training academy in Kitchener, Ontario, and brought the martial arts community of S. Ontario closer together.  Kelly was there to take in the entire event, so we’ll recap the day’s events from a first-hand perspective.

Stout, a 16-fight UFC veteran, returns to the Octagon on Dec. 14 at UFC on Fox 9 and faces Cody McKenzie.

Gagnon is on a two-fight win streak in the Octagon, and looks to extend that run when he meets Alex Caraces on Dec. 6 at UFN 33.

“Rampage,” Bellator tournament involed in Beltran’s giant goal

Joey Beltran (R) vs. "Rampage" Jackson (L) at Bellator 108. (Photo courtesy of Sherdog)

Joey Beltran is looking for a big check.

Beltran (Twitter: @mexicutioner760), a combatant known for sheer grit and toughness, recently lost against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at Bellator 108 in New Jersey.

The main event of the card, which took place at Revel Casino in Atlantic City, featured Beltran and Jackson slugging it out in what appeared to be a fairly even fight.  Nearing the end of Round 1, “Rampage” connected with a punch on Beltran’s chin that momentarily dropped him.  Beltran said he heard the 10-second warning bell to alert the fighters that the round is coming to a halt, fought off the former Pride FC fan-favorite’s onslaught and stood up as the frame ended to head to his corner for Round 2.

That’s when things went awry.

“Some idiots on Twitter said I looked confused,” Beltran told Jason Kelly and Corey Charron on MMA Cypher Radio on the MMA DieHards Radio Network.  “Yeah, I was (expletive) confused because I thought the round was over.  I thought (referee Dan) Miragliotta was just splitting us up because of the bell.  That’s why I started freaking out.  When I saw the doctors coming in I was like, ‘No, no, no.  What the (expletive)?’

“Up to that point I thought I was doing a really good job.  The game plan was to fight him all the way in or all the way out and I think it would’ve been a really good fight if that (expletive) idiot wouldn’t have stopped it.  All I’m saying is that it’s the main event of a big show and I’m a veteran who has shown time and time again in countless fights that I can take a serious amount of damage and keep coming, also it’s the main event.  Let me get put to sleep.  Let me earn my pay.”

“Rampage” agreed to give Beltran a rematch, and “The Mexicutioner” is up for it.  Besides, Beltran is sure if Jackson stays at light heavyweight the two mixed martial artists are bound to meet again.

Beltran is not privy to what Bellator is doing with Jackson next.  Since “Rampage” is such a big draw for the company they may have plans that don’t involve the former UFC heavyweight for Jackson’s next bout.  However, he does know what is going on with his own career, and he’s anxious to start working on it.

“I hope to fight in February for Bellator,” Beltran said.  “Depending on when they’re doing the light heavyweight tournament, my manager has to let me know if they’re doing it in the first or second half of 2014, I’m ready to get busy right away.”

Beltran said he is taking the positives from his match with Jackson, that being the fact that he was making a fight competitive against a former UFC champion until the match was prematurely stopped.  And even though Beltran hasn’t had things go his way as of late – 0-3-1 in the last four outings of his 25-fight career-, “The Mexicutioner” is optimistic and striving to turn things around in a big way next year.

“I’d love to be undefeated, but at the end of the day I’m fighting some of the best guys in the world and I’m doing alright,” Beltran said.  “I got to keep on pushing, keep on training and keep getting better.  I’m excited for this 205(-pound) tournament, I really do think I’m going to do some damage.  Win some money.  I want one of those giant cardboard checks with my picture on it, that’s the next goal for me.”

UFC 167 happened, now what?

UFC 167 was a night of questionable futures and judging.

UFC 167 took place Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, and the event was headlined with a UFC welterweight championship bout between title holder Georges St-Pierre and No. 1 contender Johny Hendricks.

St-Pierre won a highly controversial decision.  Following the event, UFC president Dana White referred to the judges, Tony Weeks and Sal D’Amato,  as “incompetent” for rewarding St-Pierre with a split-decision victory, and the Nevada State Athletic Commission as “atrocious” for continuously incorrectly scoring MMA bouts.

Whether the judges screwed up the results or not, that’s a topic that is always up for debate, the victory was recorded as a win for St-Pierre and, according to, he broke and extended UFC records.

St-Pierre won his 19th UFC bout, the most of any fighter in organizational history.  He extended his UFC winning streak to 12, the longest active streak of any fighter currently on the roster.  St-Pierre’s 12-fight UFC winning streak is the second longest of any fighter in UFC history. with Anderson Silva being in the No. 1 spot.  The victory was also St-Pierre’s ninth straight welterweight title defense, the most in the division’s history.  St-Pierre passed B.J. Penn for the most total fight time in UFC history with 5:28:12 spent inside the octagon during Round 1.  St-Pierre has won seven consecutive fights by decision for a total of 175 minutes of fighting without a stoppage.  St-Pierre fought to a decision for the 12th time in his UFC career, the second most of any fighter in history behind Jon Fitch and Sam Stout (13). His 12 decision victories are a UFC record, and St-Pierre has never lost a fight decided by the judges.  St-Pierre completed three takedowns in the fight, giving him a total of 87 in his UFC career, an all-time company record.  St-Pierre added to his tally for most total strikes landed in UFC history and has now landed a total of 2,523.  St-Pierre added to his tally for most significant strikes landed in UFC history and has now landed a total of 1,254.  St-Pierre absorbed 85 significant strikes in the fight, the most he has ever absorbed in a UFC bout.

Still, though, the controversial decision will go on to mar the significance of St-Pierre’s night in which many people believe Hendricks won.

Simple solution to an outcome like that is an instantaneous rematch, right?

Well, not when St-Pierre announced in a post-fight interview that he is taking a “step back from MMA.”  It appeared as if “Rush” was trying to express that he was retiring, but couldn’t commit to saying it, so no one really knows if he will fight again or not.

Regardless, Hendricks is left in limbo, as is the rest of the welterweight division until things with GSP become clear as to what his intentions are.  Also, to raise more questions on the near future of the UFC 170-pound weight class, the division was shook up earlier in the evening.

Leave up to Robbie Lawler to throw a monkey wrench up in any organization’s plans.

Prior to UFC 167, there was plenty of talk about St-Pierre’s teammate, Rory MacDonald, defeating Lawler and the two Tristar combatants facing one another.  However, Lawler, a 32-fight veteran at 29 years old, dominated in two of their three-round bout and elevated one rung on the divisional ladder.

MacDonald, who was expected to be a belt contender in a short time, is completely out of the title picture.  Throughout Lawler’s career he has been that fighter who derails the promotion’s up-and-coming talent en route to securing his own title shot.  And he does it without talking to hype fight, but establishing his rank with exceptional performance in combat.

Chael Sonnen, though, is a mixed marital artist who does live off the hype talk.  And that is something he failed to do leading up to his UFC 167 co-main event against Rashad Evans.

Evans defeated Sonnen via TKO in Round 1 of their light heavyweight affair, but unlike a typical bout featuring the former UFC middleweight No. 1 contender, the match flew under the radar.  A reason for that could be that it was revealed by White weeks before their fight that Sonnen will be coaching opposite Wanderlei Silva on “The Ultimate Fighter Brazil” and meet “The Axe Murderer” at a later date.

Everyone, Sonnen included, has been focused on the ongoing feud between him and Silva.  And given that Sonnen is Evans’ colleague on Fox Sports 1, it wasn’t a total shock that “Suga” didn’t receive the tongue thrashing “Chael P.” is capable of.  Nonetheless, Sonnen was pummeled in the opening frame, didn’t stay in the spotlight by utilizing is slick wit and is now coming off a loss as he heads into his coaching stint against Silva.  It takes some meaning away from the match when the American and Brazilian do square off.

Former Strikeforce welterweight Tyron Woodley caused a “TUF 1″ alumni to visit the same thoughts St-Pierre is entertaining.

Woodley blasted Josh Koscheck with a accurately placed right hand to the chin in the first round of their UFC 167 meeting that ended the fight.  Woodley is back in the win column after losing a split decision to Jake Shields at UFC 161 in June, but has numerous competitors between him and a title shot.  He isn’t ranked in the UFC top 10 welterweights, however, the win over Koscheck could help him crack the list.

Koscheck, on the other hand, is on a three-fight losing streak, with the most recent two ending in TKO/KO.  The four-time NCAA Division I All-American wrestler reportedly texted White alluding to the fact the he might hang his gloves up.  Considering he is far removed from a title match and consecutive knockouts are a good way ensure brain trauma, it isn’t the worst idea if Koscheck does retire.

Ali Bagautinov, who is just beginning his UFC career, racked up his 10th straight victory in the opening fight of the UFC `167 main card.

Bagautinov outlasted Tim Elliot, winning a unanimous decision and halting the American’s two-fight win streak.  Elliot’s awkward style and high pace was something Bagautinov evidently had never dealt with.  Elliot was able to take advantage of the Russian’s lesser cardio in Round 3, but Bagautinov already had the victory locked in by winning the first two frames with a higher volume of strikes.

Donald Cerrone, who submitted Evan Dunham via triangle choke in Round 1 on the preliminary card, earned the submission of the night bonus.  Woodley won knockout of the night, and St-Pierre and Hendricks picked up fight of the night honors.  All winners received $50,000.

The event drew an attendance of 14,856 and a live gate of $5.7 million.

Something the event did offer is a variety of quandaries.  Such as what happens with the welterweight division?  And, what is to be done about judging in MMA?

Video: UFC 167: Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks highlights

Georges St-Pierre (L) fighting Johny Hendricks (R) at UFC 167. (Photo courtesy of

Ali Bagautinov defeated Johny Hendricks via decision, and defended his UFC welterweight belt at UFC 167, which was the main event of the evening and took place at UFC 167 on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  Check out highlights from the bout here.

Video: UFC 167: Rashad Evans vs. Chael Sonnen highlights

Rashad Evans defeated Chael Sonnen via TKO in the co-main event at UFC 167, which took place at UFC 167 on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  Check out highlights from the bout here.

Video: UFC 167: Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald highlights

UFC welterweight Robbie Lawler

Robbie Lawler defeated Rory MacDonald via spit decision at UFC 167, which took place at UFC 167 on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  Check out highlights form the bout here.

Video: UFC 167: Ali Bagautinov vs. Timothy Elliott highlights

Ali Bagautinov defeated Timothy Elliott via decision at UFC 167, which took place at UFC 167 on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  Check out highlights form the bout here.

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