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MMA Beatdown radio: Mike Goldberg, Thiago Alves


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UFC announcer Mike Goldberg and fighter Thiago Alves step into the MMA Beatdown.  Mike, Brian and Amy welcome the guests to the show right here on and the MMA DieHards Radio Network.

Goldberg is the long-time voice of the promotion and in many ways is the face of the UFC.  Alves already has his next fight, against Papy Abedi in London at UFC 138 on Nov. 5.

MMA Beatdown, hosted by Mike, Brian and Amy, can be heard live Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/5:30 PT (unless otherwise noted) right here on  If you cannot catch the live stream, shows are available RIGHT HERE on demand shortly after completion of the broadcast.

Jon Jones wasn’t the only crime-stopper at UFC 128: Meet Joe LoZito

Meet Joe LoZito.  LoZito appreciates the reception given to him by the MMA world following his amazing takedown of an alleged rampaging murder on a New York City subway car.  Joe Rizzo and caught up with LoZito after UFC 128.

Ricardo Almeida retires from Mixed Martial Arts competition

In Their Own Words: Jon Jones, Nick Diaz on Paul Daley and Fighting Words

Jon Jones (r) (photo courtesy of MMA Weekly)

“His life is going to change in so many ways starting right now.” – UFC President Dana White says new UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is in for a world of change.

“I thought about it, (that) was going to happen even before it happened.  This whole situation is awkward, but it is what it is.” – Rashad Evans has had it with Jones’ talk, it’s time to fight.

“We are teammates, and it sucks that we’re going to have to do this, but this is my dream.”- Jones is ready to defend his strap against training partner and challenger, Evans.

“I told him before the fight he could be a mix between Jordan and Muhammad Ali for our sport.” – Former WEC featherweight champ Urijah Faber thinks highly of  Jones.

“Anderson Silva has made it very clear to me that he does not want to fight at 205 pounds.” -  White, following UFC 128.

“I want to fight Anderson, beat him, and I believe I’ll become a new star in the UFC.” – Yushin Okami believes his UFC stardom has arrived.

“What I did to (Takanori) Gomi was just a taste of what I have in store for Anthony Pettis.” – Clay Guida sends a warning Pettis’ way.

“I’m not here to make friends.  I’m not here to win new fans.  This is strictly business for me.” – Brock Lesnar talks tough on the set of The Ultimate Fighter.

“I think Overeem is a really good fighter, he’s explosive, I definitely think he’s one of the best out there right now.” – UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez shares his thoughts on Alistair Overeem.

“Daley has great stand-up, but he likes to talk a lot of (smack) and I’m not really impressed with him as a mixed martial artist.” – Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz is not impressed by the performance of his upcoming challenger, Paul Daley.

“I made weight so all u f***** haterz can eat a mutha f***** d***. Never doubt ME!!!” – Anthony “Rumble” Johnson tweets to the “haterz” who doubted he could make 170 pounds.

“My ultimate goal in the UFC is to rain havoc on the rest of the division. Like a Chuck (Liddell) or Randy (Couture), GSP, Anderson (Silva), those guys that put a clear line between first and second.” – Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis expresses his desire to be among the best.

“”Ryan Bader, I’m coming to kick your ass” – Tito Ortiz is coming for Bader.

Jon Jones: Jumps to No.4 in Yahoo! Sports’ pound-for-pound rankings

“UFC Prelims” on Spike TV Draws 1.3 Million Viewers

Superfights: Why GSP and Bones should not fight Anderson Silva

Jon “Bones” Jones defeated Maurico “Shogun” Rua at UFC 128 to become the UFC light heavyweight champion, and before Jones had the tape cut off his hands people had already begun requesting that UFC president Dana White arrange a scrap between the newly crowned champ and possibly the best fighter to ever put on a pair of four-ounce gloves, Anderson Silva.

The talks of these “superfights” is getting out of hand. Every time somebody displays a jaw-dropping performance in the Octagon, fans scurry to their keyboards to suggest that the fighter should fight Anderson Silva.  It is gradually turning into a question of who is going to beat Silva, as opposed to creating matches that determine the best fighter in the world at a specific weight class.

Silva is constantly in the crosshairs of these discussions, but more recently UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has been bombarded with fans and media alike requesting he fight Silva.  St-Pierre has little interest in fighting the Brazilian, and for good reason.

GSP has a very important title fight at UFC 129 against Jake Shields, yet the media continuously hounds St-Pierre with questions about fighting Silva.  This potentially is a major distraction for the welterweight champ during his preparations for Shields.

For GSP to increase an entire weight division in order to please people who have no bearing on his life is downright stupid.  St-Pierre has a very successful career in the 170-pound division, along with prosperous endorsements, such as Gatorade and Under Armour.  He risks losing those money-makers if a fight with Silva did not go his way, not to mention the fact that the French-Canadian likely would relinquish his welterweight belt just for the chance.

St-Pierre is an outstanding fighter, but size plays a huge factor in a meeting between the two champs.  Silva’s body frame is larger compared to St-Pierre’s, and if GSP packs too much muscle on that frame to enable his chances at making 185 pounds, he could possibly slow down, lose his timing, and even increase chances of more rapidly fatiguing.

There is solid reasoning behind weight divisions in MMA.  Fighters compete most fairly against opponents their own size.  Not everyone has the same physique.  St-Pierre is an intelligent person who does not figure to jeopardize all he has worked for by taking a fight against Silva and potentially an unnecessary loss merely to satisfy fans.

Do not blame him one bit for that.

Now that “Bones” Jones has cemented himself as a UFC champion, fans, media and fighters have all began hurling the suggestion of Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva toward Dana White via Twitter, Facebook, and every other outlet.  While size figures to be a non-issue in that matchup, Silva said long ago that he will no longer fight at light heavyweight.  Moreso, who has Jones beaten, aside from Rua, that warrants him a shot against arguably the best fighter ever?

Jones has not even been the champ for 72 hours, and though conquering “Shogun” was a great start to the Bones Era, let’s not forget how quickly the Era of Machida ended.  Providing “Bones” can get past his first test, former training partner and friend Rashad Evans, there is still an abundance of light heavyweight fighters to overcome before the inexperienced champ cleans out the division.  Aside from the challengers that hover around the top of the division such as Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Forrest Griffin, there are also fighters like Matt Hamill and the rising Phil Davis who are approaching title contention.

If Randy Couture defeats Lyoto Machida, that could place him among the top contenders in the division, and if Machida wins that fight plus a few more, that could lead to a fight between him and Jones.

What If?

If Silva vs. Jones did materialize, the matter of it being a title shot or not would come into play.

If it was for the light heavyweight title, Silva might have to surrender his middleweight belt.  Should Silva beat Jones at 205 pounds for the title, it could leave a lot of loose ends in both weight classes: A vacant middleweight title, plus a light heavyweight champion with little to prove a few years before retirement, plus Jones needing to work his way back up the ladder equals less competitive, less interesting fights.

Why Risk It?

There is also the humiliation factor.

Silva has been known to embarrass otherwise worthy opponents.  He made Griffin, Rich Franklin and Vitor Belfort look like amateurs inside the Octagon.  Silva is the single fighter for whom you cannot fully prepare.  Jones was able to prep for Rua’s vicious leg kicks and excellent jiu-jitsu.  Belfort, on the other hand, never trained a day on stopping a front kick to the jaw.  Also, Jones’ striking is effective and creative, but not too many can get their hands on Silva, and when they try they get punished for it.

Wrestling is the one advantage Jones undeniably holds over Silva, but I would hope “The Spider” learned a valuable lesson from his fight with Chael Sonnen.  That being said, a fighter as young and inexperienced as Jones that has not experienced true defeat might suffer a severe confidence setback and slow the progress of his career if he is on the wrong end of an Anderson Silva highlight.

Trying to pressure people into these “superfights” when weight is significantly different or when a fighter is just beginning their journey of greatness is senseless and it only causes needless distractions for fighters like Jones and St-Pierre.  “Superfights” should be more like a scrap between Nick Diaz and St-Pierre or Couture and Fedor Emelianenko, not irrelevant fights that interfere with what the fighter is currently achieving.  If we want to make nonsense fights, let’s see Alistair Overeem against Dominick Cruz.  That would look like a bear mauling a kitten, and it doesn’t make sense, does it?

Jones is probably still finding his UFC champion status surreal.  For now, let’s allow Silva to be one of the best fighters ever and Jones to continue becoming one of them.

Dana White: Jon Jones into Top 3 Pound-for-Pound, Fitch-Koscheck could happen

UFC president Dana White tells Joe Rizzo of that he now considers Jones one of the top three fighters, pound-for-pound, and with Jones and teammate Rashad Evans set to square off, the door could be open for a Jon Fitch vs. Josh Koscheck match.

After making Shalorus another victim, Jim Miller is ready for whatever the UFC gives him

UFC lightweight Jim Miller tells Conner Cordova of that Kamal Shalorus’ looping strikes left him open for punches down the pipe at UFC 128.

Despite breaking nose in training, Benavidez still able to grind out UFC 128 victory

After his UFC 128 win, Joseph Benavidez took a moment to talk to Maggie Krol of

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