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In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin. (Photo courtesy of MMAWeekly)

“Once you find out it’s against Roy Nelson, somebody that I dislike so much, I was on board. There was nobody I wanted to coach against more than that guy, and to kick his a– in not only coaching, but in the fight as well.

“I hate the guy. I dislike him. I hate him as a person. That’s just it. I’ll be vocal about it.”
- Shane Carwin gave Bleacher Report his opinion on Roy Nelson, his rival coach on “The Ultimate Fighter 16.”

“You just got remember that mine and Dana White’s relationship is like were a husband and wife. I do the man’s stuff around the house. I do the fighting, all the man’s stuff and he does all the woman stuff — all the yapping.”
- Nelson compared his relationship with UFC president Dana White to that of a marriage between husband and wife via mmafighting.

“You know, it’s this: I come from back in the old school, Carlson Gracie’s time. I know this new breed, they all like studying, how I need to study my opponent. But listen: the hardcore fans, they understand my mentality. It’s all about the sport. But it’s just a choice and when this came knocking on my door, I took the opportunity. That’s how I am. And now I’m enjoying the process, I’m enjoying the journey. I’m fighting the best guy in this weight division ever.”
- Vitor Belfort spoke to about the difference between old and new breed of MMA fighters.

“For all the people that think I’m cocky, if you really listen to what I say…if you talk to me about fighting, you may just hear something that’s a little arrogant. Because right now, I train so hard to not even get hit, let alone talk about losing a fight. So, I love this sport so much, I owe it to myself to think of myself in the highest regard.”
- Jon Jones admitted to mmajunkie that his brashness is just a byproduct of being a fighter.

“From what I understand, Stann isn’t training with Jackson anymore. Who the hell cares either way? Come on, guys. Just because Stann trained with some smug git from New Mexico who can quote the Ninja Turtles, doesn’t mean he’s got some mystical insight to beat me.”
- Michael Bisping told Yahoo! Sports that he doesn’t buy into the mystique of coach Greg Jackson.

“The Jon Jones piece of meat (expletive) thing. When I see him in (expletive) Toronto, that’s the first (expletive) thing we’re going to talk about. Piece of meat? Give me a (expletive) break.”
- White told mmafighting that he has a bone to pick with “Bones.”

“The thing that drives me crazy about Greg Jackson is Greg Jackson has this whole little thing where he’s the nicest guy in the world, the nicest guy you’ve ever met. Real quiet and humble. He’s a (expletive) hardcore businessman. That’s what that guy is. He plays the whole thing with Jon and Rashad (Evans) and (expletive) Jardine and all these guys ‘We’re all family, we’re all brothers. We’re a big family here and that’s what we are. We won’t fight each other because we’re family.’

“(Expletive) You’re not family. You train together. Yes they like each other. There’s a lot of nice guys in MMA. Keith Jardine is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Rashad is cool too. This sport is full of nice guys. (But Greg) plays this card with these guys.”
- White gave his thoughts on coach Jackson’s family oriented gym to mmafighting.

“I don’t want my family to see that, I don’t want them to hear Dana dropping F-Bombs. The guy who has made himself the star of MMA is the biggest douche bag and loudmouth on the planet and he’s bringing the entire industry down. If there’s no reason for us to be beating each other up than money then we should probably be doing something else. For me it was about surviving, helping people and sharing my knowledge. I don’t think Dana has that going for him, he’s not a martial artist!”
- Frank Shamrock talked to about White, his arch-nemesis.

She is a great grappler. The way she took out Sarah Kaufmann was amazing and so unexpected to me. But she does lack balls, she judoed at 154lbs, entered Strikeforce at 145lbs and when she had to fight Cris “Cyborg” she dropped to 135lbs. Using me as an example. Let me tell you this, I fought “Cyborg” (and will do so in the future again) and then was asked by Strikeforce to drop to 135lbs. Having said all this, career wise it was really smart of her and she deserves a master in PR. She doesn’t care how she gets there, as long as she gets there. And she’s successful at it, looking at the magazine covers like ESPN and changing Dana White’s mind.
- Marloes Coenen admitted to that Ronda Rousey is leading a successful career, yet she is a bit of a coward.

“I think if it was done right and it was done correctly, you could have people watching that fight that have never seen a single MMA fight before. Lots of them. I think it could be the biggest MMA fight of all-time.”
- Rousey told mmafighting that she thinks a fight against Cris “Cyborg” Santos could potentially be the biggest match in WMMA history.

“I want to get back in the mix, so I’ve got to go out and handle Vermola, and then hopefully (UFC matchmaker) Joe (Silva) will put me up against a little bigger name.”
- Following a lengthy hiatus from the Octagon, Chris Leben spoke to mmajunkie about his goals now that he has returned.

“It’s impossible to tell. There’s no system for picking number one contenders. There’s no order, there’s no lineup, there’s no point system. It’s just whoever they feel they’re going to make the most money off of. That’s who gets the title shot. It kind of sucks, because in other sports there’s kind of a clear path; you do this, this and this, and you get this. That’s just not the way combat sports work I guess. It doesn’t work that way with boxing or the UFC. It comes down to showmanship. I have to be a better showman to get a title shot. I don’t have to be a better fighter I just have to be a better showman.”
- Jon Fitch told mmamania he believes showmanship will assist in him getting back to a title shot.

“The biggest (expletive) problem is we got too many rich guys. Too many guys that are rich as (expletive). Money is the biggest detriment to the fight business. Back in the old days when we were just getting going, dudes had to pay the (expletive) rent.

“Once the money starts to pile up. You get some of these guys who have a few million in the bank, getting punched in the face every day isn’t too (expletive) cool. But when guys are (expletive) hungry and they want that (expletive) money and want to get out there and get more of it and more of it and more of it.

“Back in the old days, the guys were always in shape. When you’re hungry and you want to get to that level, that’s how these guys train. Then once you make a few dollars, I’m on vacation. I got to track guys down. He’s in the (expletive) jungle of Brazil. … It’s just not as easy as it used to be.”
- White told mmafighting that some fighters are choosy of which bouts they accept due to already being financially set.

“I apologize to my fans for not being able to fight at UFC Rio, which is something I really wanted to do. It was an amazing feeling to defend my belt here and it would be even better to do it again now against a guy like Frankie Edgar. I tried it all, did my best to be there in the Octagon but it was just no good enough. I hope UFC keeps him as my opponent and postpone our meeting because I really want to fight him.”
- Jose Aldo told Tatame, even though, he had to pull out of the UFC 153 main event, “Scarface” still wish to fight Frankie Edgar.

“Silva called to say ‘Hey Boss, I’ll fight at 205 and save the show in Las Vegas on 8 days’ notice but it was a few hours too late. So when this happened, I called him up and he stepped up and said ‘Absolutely, I’ll fight. I only have 3 weeks to make 185 and can’t do that right now. But I will fight at 205. And I thought, how can I find someone at 205 willing to fight him when we couldn’t find at 205 willing to fight Jon Jones on a month’s notice.

“Then I get a call from Stephan Bonnar and he is pumped. He says that Silva is the perfect style for him and he wants this fight more than anything. Does this fight make sense? Of course it doesn’t. But the bottom line is that Anderson and Bonnar stepped up.”
- White explained to Jim Rome how the UFC 153 main event between Anderson Silva and Stephan Bonnar came about.

Twitter MMA: Best of the Week for Sept. 9 – Sept. 16

Dana White ‏@danawhite

Rampage is hurt and out of UFC 153 RIO. SUCKS!!!!!!

Dana White ‏@danawhite

Now Aldo is out with foot injury. Main and co main in the same day!! Another amazing day at the UFC. We have some work to do

Stephan Bonnar ‏@StephanBonnar

Holy crap! Haven’t been on twitter in a couple days & i see this crazy rumor that I’m fighting @spideranderson in Brazil fav place

Stephan Bonnar ‏@StephanBonnar

What!!! I’m only a 13 to 1 underdog vs Anderson? I must be better than I thought

Anderson Silva ‏@SpiderAnderson

#SpiderFriday Starting training to #UFC Rio III

Rodrigo Nogueira @ Minotauromma

I thank all of you who gallows asked me to be part of the UFC Rio card 3.Now we’re in. What do you think? Thanks @ danawhite

Dana White ‏@danawhite

Much respect to Anderson, Nog, Bonnar, etc thank u for stepn up for UFC 153!!!! Brazil will be FUN. Here we come RIO :)

Quinton Jackson ‏@Rampage4real

Dr. Colker fixing me up as only he can. Back with him and taking his MYO-X. Now I know I’m gonna be pure pow 

glover teixeira ‏@gloverteixeira

I am upset about rampage, I am in shape I’m healthy. And I pray to God so I don’t get any injury, I’ll fight whoever

Fabio Maldonado @ MaldonadoMMA

glover teixeira,you much respect,but we will fight,i have same style of rampage q would fight with you,we are going to do in the ufc fight that the bitetti combat did not

Bisping @bisping

@ufc urijah favour,Joseph benavidez and the rest of the munchkin crew talk s— cos theyre stuck in the body’s of pre pubescent boys

and I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with smug faced little shit any time.

Urijah Faber @UrijahFaber

Thought we were buddies @bisping I know u can dish it out but can’t take it back @ufc ur like a spoiled 3rd grader. Grow up.

Joseph Benavidez ‏@JoeJitsu

Wow didn’t think a big, tough, secure guy like @bisping would get all butt hurt at my blog. Pretty funny.

Demetrious Johnson ‏@MightyMouseUFC

gotta love @joerogan riffs on the flyweight division “basically tiny man that can F&%k you up” Awesome!! #teammighty

Walel Watson ‏@135Gazelle

Im sittin here gettin my pedicure and I’m the only dude so these ladies at the shop throw on college football lol!

Pat Miletich ‏@patmiletich

Enjoyed my weekly TSA episode of “strangers groping strangers” this morning at the Houston airport.

Ben Askren ‏@Benaskren

@patmiletich do you refuse to go through the X ray machines? Some of those TSA people have no shame

Pat Miletich ‏@patmiletich

@Benaskren No, but I do wink at the female TSA agents that look at the security X-RAY of me. They always smile.

Eric Kelly ‏@EricKelly

I respect him but confused why @ColeKonradMMA retired MMA to become a wallstreet nerd! #getyourerickellyon

Cole Konrad ‏@ColeKonradMMA

@EricKelly you get it. My job is to provide for my family. And I needed to make the right decision for them. But it was a blast.

Aaron Simpson ‏@aaronsimpson

Big congrats to @Dadeez87 for his win tonight! Nice to get the first one under his belt. @Powermmafitness @magllc

Ryan Bader ‏@ryanbader

Congrats @Dadeez87 on your win buddy! nice job @RayRgs79@Powermmafitness

Luke Rockhold to defend Strikeforce middleweight belt against Lorenz Larkin

Undefeated Olympic medalist Sara McMann signs with Strikeforce

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (Photo courtesy of 5th Round)

“Regardless of who wins, even if St. Pierre loses, a fight with me can happen. A fight like this is above anything else. St. Pierre is one of the greatest of the UFC. Right now, a fight with Condit is meaningless.”
- Anderson Silva told SporTV that he wants to fight Georges St. Pierre, whether the Canadian defeats Carlos Condit, or not

“A source from very close to him said Jon Jones was willing to pay the fighters, he felt so bad about the card being cancelled, he was willing to pay the fighters on that card their fees. But after all these attacks on him by other fighters, he chose not to do that. He feels really bad about this situation and did not expect the entire card to be cancelled.”
- It was revealed on MMA Live that Jon Jones intended to pay the combatants that lost pay from the cancellation of UFC 151.

“Every guy who has lost to a champion twice in that weight division basically has to reinvent themselves and most likely change weight divisions. For us, the way I look at it, that’s a big step. For the UFC potentially, it’s just another event. It’s just UFC 151 or 152 or whatever it is, but for Lyoto it’s a much bigger decision in his life. I know that in Lyoto’s heart and in his mind, he believes he can still be the light heavyweight champion of the world. So if he’s going to take this chance, and he’s going to take this opportunity to fight against Jon Jones, he wants to make sure he puts his best foot forward and be 100-percent. Because if he loses, it’s not just like he’s losing another fight. He really has to sit back and reinvent himself and figure out what am I going to do.”
- Ed Soares, manager of Lyoto Machida, explained the “Dragon’s” reasoning for not accepting a championship bout against Jones to MMA Weekly.

“Right now no one wants to fight Jon Jones, but shit I’ll do it, I’ll fight Jon Jones. Guys are turning down the fight; you have to go to an old school fighter like Vitor Belfort to step up to the plate. That’s no knock on Machida or “Shogun,” but if those guys want to coach on The Ultimate Fighter and move off to the side and let me fight Jones, I’ll do it. If no one wants the title shot then give it to Daniel”
- Daniel Cormier told that he’d scrap “Bones” if no one else would.

“It’s difficult, because Jon Jones has a larger-than-normal wingspan and he’s still very young. He’s still in the phase where he’s playing during the fight, really, but he doesn’t have the responsibility of a champion. He fights with delight, jokingly, striking like I did back in 1930, when I started. Vitor has a great chance to defeat him. The biggest factor for Vitor is to use his explosiveness and his jiu-jitsu, where he is very good. But I think when one of them makes a mistake, the other will end up striking. As a Brazilian, I’ll be rooting for the Brazilian, even though I have a very good friendship with Jon Jones. Whenever I’m with him, I ask him to conduct his career in a different way, because he is very young and is always asking me something. But I’ll be rooting for Brazil, yes. May the best man win, but I’m rooting for Brazil.”
- A. Silva admitted to Bem, Amigos that he will be rooting for his countryman, Vitor Belfort, when the “Phenom” meets Jones at UFC 152.

“No, I think, like I said, everybody’s emotions kind of got the better of them, not just Dana, but a lot of people. Fighters, too. I think that’s reasonable. Listen, Dana is very, very good at what he does. He is the best in the world. You need that fire. The same thing that makes him emotional also gives him the fire too, you know; to knock on these executives doors when people are turning him down time after time. From fighting to get us legalized here and there, you need that fire. Kind of the flip side of that fire can be when things don’t go your way, you get mad. But, I don’t hold that against him for myself. You have to have that passion and you have to have that fire. It can go out of control or it can flash a little bit. But, if he didn’t have that fire, we might not be where we are today because it gets discouraging, you know, time after time. Remember, the UFC wasn’t always like this. It took someone to really get in there and fight and fight and (not) get discouraged and get up again and fight and fight to get it to where we are. That’s why I’ll never say a bad thing about Dana. Sometimes that stuff comes out as a negative and if I have to bear the brunt of it, that’s what I have to do. No, not at all, (ill will towards Dana), for the reasons I stated before. He is a passionate fiery guy and I am not the type of guy to takes that kind of stuff personal.”
- Greg Jackson was a guest on The MMA Hour and he talked about Dana White’s reaction to the trainer’s student, Jones, neglecting to fight Chael Sonnen at UFC 152.

“When you have a card that is only carried by one match, given the attrition rate in MMA, the injuries in training, they kind of set themselves up for the fall. They need to hold themselves accountable. It’s become a bit of a habit, of late, by the leaders, to blame others for their problems, instead of letting people hold them accountable … I think Jon Jones had nothing to gain in that fight. Sonnen, moving to a different weight division, having not fought there for quite a long time, and competing at 185, hasn’t earned the right in the first place.I think Jon Jones was well within his rights, and I back Jackson on the decision that he made and the advice that he gave Jones to pull out of the fight. It doesn’t do the UFC any good to chop the legs out from, possibly their biggest star because he doesn’t take a last minute replacement fight. There was nothing to gain for his career. I think its organizational suicide to do that to your biggest star.”
- Pat Miletich told Bloody Elbow that he thinks vilifying Jones was a mistake on the UFC’s part.

“I love the fact that I’m getting to fight Demetrious Johnson. We’re the two best guys in the world. I’ve always been impressed by him as a fighter and he’s always someone I looked at and was like, ‘that would be an awesome fight, me versus this guy.’ I know where I’m better than him and I know where he has the advantages. You have to go into a fight like that. He’s a speedy fighter, a very active fighter. As far as power goes, you definitely got to respect it but that’s not something I’m going to worry about. I’m going into the fight knowing I’m the powerful striker here. He’s going to be on the defensive. Of course I’d like to test his chin out. Everyone that I go in there, that’s the goal, to hurt them with every punch I throw. Whether it be in the body or in the face, I’m looking to hurt them with every punch. I’m going to be going for it the whole time and when you put pressure on him, that’s when you see people break. Thankfully, that’s what I’m good at, putting pressure on people. … My goal was to come in and be champion and now it’s so close, I can taste it. So there’s no way I’m going to let him take it away from me.”
- Joseph Benavidez talked about his UFC 152 flyweight championship match against Demetrious Johnson via

“The UFC made me very happy giving me this fight right now. It is a pleasure to fight with Edgar inside my country. I think this is going to be the fight of the year. It is a great opportunity to show everyone I’m the best. I will be looking to finish the fight at all times.”
- Jose Aldo talked to Bleacher Report about his upcoming superfight against Frankie Edgar.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, the fight I want to have again is Dan Henderson. That’s the one that haunts me. I go to my Twitter every day and there’s people, ‘Hey Bisping, check this out!’ And I click on it and it’s a picture of me getting knocked out. You can have that. It’s what drives me, it’s why I’m here today. If I could get the opportunity to fight him, I would relish that opportunity and if I was offered it on eight days’ notice, I would take it.”
- Michael Bisping clarified a rematch with Dan Henderson is a bout he desires in an interview with Jon Anik.

“The UFC title has always been in my sights. I’m not doing this for any other reason. I’m in this to be a champion, I’m not here to waste time. I’m not here to just say I’m a UFC fighter and wear a cool tee shirt. I want to be a world champion, period. In order to become a world champion, I’ve got to beat Michael Bisping, period. I’ve got to beat him and make a statement. I’m going to finish him.”
- Brian Stann stated he wants to be the champ via

“I think it’s good to control your own destiny. I just throw a name out there. He’s had three fights in the UFC and two Knockouts of the Nights. His sole loss is to Struve. I think people are scared of him. I think it’d be a good fight. Lavar hits hard. For me, yeah people say I have a weak chin, so this would solidify my place. But I fight at heavyweight. Everyone hits hard.”
- Brendan Schaub joined UFC Tonight and discussed his upcoming bout against Lavar Johnson.

“There’s no such thing as holding back. I want to finish as soon as possible. The only time I did it was because he was a friend of mine. It was against Thales Leites. We went until the last round because he’s a friend of mine and I respect him”
- A. Silva admitted to Tatame that he didn’t have his usual killer instinct when he fought Thales Leites.

“First of all, I would like to say Anderson has never been or went to Nova Uniao. I have never seen him around, we were never friends, only professional colleagues. No doubt, he is a great fighter. If he says he was easy on me because he considers me to be his ‘friend,’ I don’t agree. The fight was not finished because neither of us could do it. People criticized me a lot after the fight with Anderson, I really should have done more and gone for it, but the guys who came after me did not do things much different. The ones who tried to stand-up with him got exposed and were knocked out, and the one who used the game plan of taking him down was defeated on the judges’ decision, like me. I think it’s funny a champion that always talks about respecting each other and martial arts would say something like that. I am a fighter, and I respect everyone. I know what a fighter goes through to get there. We all have good and bad moments in our career. It’s just a big rollercoaster with ups and downs. But, we have got to stay humble and stay quiet about subjects that do not add anything. There is no superman, we are all human beings.”
- Leites disagreed with Silva in an interview with Tatame.

“A lot of people thought I was gay … We would wear a dress [he would allow his sister to dress him up with girl's clothes and play with dolls], put on her shoes. And because I am very vain about my appearance, and have a high voice, a lot of people were sure I was gay.”
- “Spider” Silva talked to Tatame about being considered a homosexual during his youth.

Cat Zingano signs with Strikeforce, meets Amanda Nunes in Sacramento

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

UFC president Dana White.(photo: Hector Castro/

“This is probably one of my all-time lows as being President of the UFC over the last 11 years. For the first time in 11 years we’re going to cancel an event. This Saturday’s fight at Mandalay Bay is being cancelled. Dan Henderson has a partial tear in his MCL and couldn’t continue. He tried to train. He tried to continue to work out. He saw doctors and there was nothing we could do to save that fight. One of the things that you guys have heard me brag about a million times, how UFC doesn’t have to cancel events, we can always find a replacement. For somebody to fight Jon Jones on eight days’ notice is tough to do, but to be totally honest with you guys, one guy did. Not only when we called him did he say, ‘I’ll take the fight,’ he said, ‘I’ll fly to Las Vegas tonight and fight him,” and that was Chael Sonnen. Chael Sonnen accepted the fight with Jon Jones, wanted the fight bad. As of 8-9 o’clock last night, we had a fight. We here at the UFC started working, creating different commercials, PR started to crank up. I was going to do this call and obviously it was going to be a different call this morning but the one thing that I never thought in a million years would happen, happened. Jon Jones said, ‘I’m not fighting Chael Sonnen with eight days’ notice.” Again, something that’s never happened in UFC history. A guy who’s a world champion and considered one of the pound-for-pound best turns down a fight. That has never happened either. So right now what’s happening is this fight is cancelled. It’ll be Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida on Saturday September 22nd on the Toronto, Canada card at UFC 152.”
- Dana White broke the news that UFC 151 is cancelled on a media conference call.

“When I decided to go after the light heavyweight championship, I knew that I’d win it like I always do. I just didn’t know it would be by forfeit. But I do stand before you today the light heavyweight champion. I’m in the same position today as I was yesterday. The fight’s going to happen sooner or later. It’s not like I’m not going to beat this guy up. It’s just a matter of when. My biggest concern isn’t with the fight or myself at all. My biggest concern is with Dan Henderson and his health. I have a personal relationship with him. I know his kids and how much he loves playing with them, so I just hate to see the guy’s health in any kind of jeopardy.”
- Chael Sonnen commented on his new championship via Bleacher Report, following Jon Jones’ decision to not fight The Gangster from West Lynn.

“Sadly and unfortunately, I partially tore a ligament in my knee in training. As a result I’ve had to make one of the toughest decisions that I have ever had to make…for the first time in my career I am forced to pull out of a fight, my fight with Jon Jones at UFC 151. Luckily, surgery is not needed at this time and I will be completely devoted to rehabing my knee as quickly as possible. I feel that I owe it to my fans and all the people supporting me to fight at my full potential in order to give myself a chance to win the UFC title. I appreciate the loyal support that I have felt from my fans. I want to thank all of my coaches and team of guys for the great support with my training camp. Most importantly, I appreciate their honesty when I needed them the most to make this very difficult decision. I also want to thank Dana and Lorenzo for being so understanding and supportive. I will continue to pursue the UFC belt with all of my heart!”
- Dan Henderson took to his Facebook account and commented on the injury that prevented him from competing at UFC 151.

“I heard that Dan Henderson was hurt.  I said, ‘Wow, I’m not getting the shot at 185, let me get Jon Jones, he’s freaking awesome.”
- Chris Weidman told that he also offered to scrap Jones.

“I was asked if it was smart to take a fight on three days’ notice and I don’t think it’s smart to do that. Three days to fight a guy that caliber is not a smart thing to do. I’m not trying to ruin the sport or cancel an event. I don’t know about that stuff, but thought it wasn’t a wise course of action. It’s a serious fight with serious ramifications. I didn’t mean to cancel an event and was asked to give an opinion and I gave it. I didn’t know they had it all riding on one fight. It’s one of those things…as a trainer. I’ll give you my opinion. I’m not a yes man…I do what’s best for my guy. I’m surprised by the veracity of his response but that’s my opinion. In this case (of the short notice fight), it’s a world title fight in the best sport in the world on three days’ notice. This isn’t backyard brawling…it’s a professional sport. I think Chael is brilliant. He circumvented an entire division…went right from Anderson (Silva) to Jon. It’s brilliant…he’s got nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m always impressed by him.”
- Greg Jackson talked to The MMA Show about advising Jones not to take the match against Sonnen.

“Greg Jackson is a f*cking sport killer.”
- White talked about Jones’ head training on the UFC 151 conference call.

“Other than him (Sonnen) being a southpaw, they’re the exact same guy, they come out of the same camp and they’ve been training together their entire career. The difference between Chael Sonnen is Chael Sonnen is a wrestler, he doesn’t even hit as hard as Dan Henderson does. The only thing that is changing is his stance, he’s a southpaw. Other than that, he doesn’t even hit as hard as Dan Henderson. He’s 185-pounder. Dan Henderson has knocked out the who’s-who in mixed martial arts over his entire career. This guy is dangerous.”
- White told ESPN that Henderson and Sonnen are similar and, if anything, “Hendo” is a more dangerous opponent for “Bones.”

“I can’t imagine anyone in the UFC or any fighter turning down that fight.  He’s the freaking Michael Jordan of MMA right now.  He’s sponsored by Nike, he’s sponsored by the UFC, he’s driving the Bentley.  With that kind of clout or whatever, you know you have to pay your own bills.  It’s not like he was asked to come home from his honeymoon and take a fight.  It’s not like that at all.

“You are well-prepared, this guy is not well-prepared and you won’t fight him?  To me it’s just silly.”
- Charlie Brenneman talked to MMA DieHards about Jones’ decision to not fight at UFC 151.

“I feel horrible.  I trained hard for this fight, but I’m most hurt for the people who were flying out that booked hotels and flights that can’t get their money back.  This is the second time I’ve screwed over my supporters.  I was going to fight at (UFC) 148.  My people booked then the UFC sent me to Virginia. They were assed out.  Sure they went to (UFC) 148, they had no choice.  Now (UFC) 151 cancelled?  If I was a fan of mine I probably would be skeptical on buying tickets to my fights and that sucks because I’m trying to build a fan base. That said, I still want to fight Mizugaki.”
- Jeff Hougland told MMA DieHards that he feels for everyone affected by the cancellation of UFC 151.

“We bust our asses and every time I go in a fight I am looking to do what I dream of doing.  What I dream of doing is having the best performance I have ever had.  Now I don’t have that opportunity.

“How many people get to go out and get their money, get their sponsor money and then possibly make another significant amount of money based on your performance?  You don’t get to do that often in life and this is losing one of those few opportunities I had.  It’s gone.”
- Brenneman explained to MMA DieHards, the disappointments of not getting to compete following the cancellation of UFC 151.

“Unfortunately a lot of sponsors do screw fighters over for their pay.  That’s, as they say, some people pay for other’s mistakes.   By doing this I don’t want fighters to be afraid of Fear The Fighter.  At the end of the day we will come through and everybody will be happy.”
- Fear the Fighter president David Makdessi talked to MMA DieHards about paying would-be competitors on the UFC 151 card that they sponsored, even though the fighters did not compete.

“I got no problem fighting Chael but why would I want to fight a motherfucker that’s going to take me down and hump me? Why would I want to fight that guy. Honestly, Chael sucks. I’ll say it to his motherfucking face. Chael sucks. I like fighters. I like people who go out there and fight. Look at him, he goes out there and just tries to take you down and lay on you. Dude can’t bust a fucking grape, he fucking punch soft. Look what he did to Silva the first time. He beat him up four rounds and he didn’t even have a mark on his face.”
- Quinton “Rampage” Jackson talked about Sonnen on an MMA Elite video.

“I don’t see a title shot even happening. Anderson Silva’s at a point where he needs to be fighting Jon Jones, he needs to be fighting GSP. If I’m Anderson Silva’s manager, that’s what I’m telling him to do. Don’t mess around with Alan Belcher or Chris Weidman there. I ain’t even worried about that.”
- Alan Belcher talked about the likelihood of fighting Weidman, as opposed to A. Silva via the “Talent’s” video blog.

“What I can tell you is what I’ve been doing on my preparation. I guess he’s trying to take me down anyway he can and, since I prefer to stand-up, I’ll try to keep actions up and go for the knockout again. I’m very well prepared, training a lot of ground game too and who knows? If he takes me down maybe I can submit him. After all, I train Jiu-Jitsu a lot and, as a Brazilian, someday I’ll submit someone.”
- Knockout artist and UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos told Tatame that one day he show off his ground skills, and that day may be when he meets Cain Velasquez.

That fight that I just fought, I kind of took it too early. I was fighting a number of injuries. I don’t want to make any excuses, but he caught me with an elbow as I was just finding my groove. … You know Hector Lombard has been talking a lot about me. So I don’t mind fighting him. I know he’s upset about what I said about him. I didn’t want to disrespect him at all. That’s just how I felt before I was asked those questions. I didn’t want to disrespect him. He’s a very good fighter, but if he wants to go, we can go.
- Mark Munoz told that he would accept a bout against Hector Lombard.

“The haters can say what they want, but I’ll put myself out there and say this: Daniel will be Frank Mir’s last fight. Me and Daniel used to place bets on who could retire more people. Right now, I’m up one, because I believe I retired Mark Kerr. Daniel will tie it up after this fight with Frank Mir.”
- Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal told Bloody Elbow that Daniel Cormier will be the demise of Frank Mir.

“I don’t owe her anything and I think it’s wrong to reward someone like that with a title fight and with all of the considerations they want after they disgrace the sport and their country like that. If, while she was doping, she could get down to 145, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that if she’s not doping, she could be lighter. When have you ever heard of somebody taking a bunch of steroids and then stopping and maintaining the same muscle mass? It’s a flawed argument. She’s come into fights overweight and comes into fights on steroids. She obviously has no respect for the people she is fighting. She’s never had a fair fight once in her life and I’m going to put my foot down once and for all and give her a fair fight. I can see why she is scared to death with it and completely against it. I’m the strongest competitor that she’s ever going to come across. She’s not going to have any of those advantages.”
- Cris “Cyborg” Santos spoke on her arch nemesis, Ronda Rousey, to ESPN.

“I think I’m definitely making my mark to get back into title contention,” St. Preux said of his most recent victory. “I can see myself in the running for the top three or the top five. All I want is that belt whether it’s in Strikeforce or the UFC. That’s definitely my No. 1 mindset to get that 205 lb. belt.”
- Ovince St. Preux talked to MMA DieHards about his position in the Strikeforce light heavyweight division.

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