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In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

Ray Longo

“This guy had a highlight reel that would scare the crap out of anybody.  Now, knowing that he can knock this guy out – you’ve seen it in boxing a hundred times, guys don’t come back from that type of knockout.  On top of that, the guy is 40 or 39 or whatever he is.  I don’t see it,”
­- The talk of Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman won’t stop, as the UFC middleweight champ’s coach, Ray Longo, talked to Shameless MMA about their upcoming rematch at UFC 168.

“If you don’t know anything about what you’re talking about, you probably shouldn’t talk about it. That sounds like a really good idea. That’s why you’ve been getting smashed by fans and why I smashed you yesterday at ESPN. Because if you’re going to talk about something, you might want to do your homework and know what you’re talking about, or at least you might want to have at least seen the fight so somebody on that panel would have had half a brain to say, ‘You know what, I saw the fight. The guy was viciously knocked out. How could that be fixed?’”
- UFC president Dana White let Sports Illustrated have a piece of his mind after the publication’s podcast claimed Silva vs. Weidman was fixed.

“I’ll return to middleweight after beating Shogun. There’re two guys I want to get matched up with: Vitor Belfort, because he’s awesome and he’s on an incredible roll. And Wanderlei Silva, who I’ve heard is going back to middleweight. The landscape has completely changed. I’ve got a new contract and I’m returning to the weight class.”
- Chael Sonnen revealed on UFC Tonight that following his light heavyweight bout against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, he will return to the 185-pound weight class.

“You could say that I’ll be fighting for the UFC for the rest of my life. The contract is that big. You won’t see me fight anywhere else, unless the UFC goes under. I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.”
- Roy Nelson deltailed his new UFC contract to Bloody Elbow.

“At some point in time, I knew we were gonna dance again. I was gonna be able to get my hands on Anthony.  Turns out, I’m gonna get my hands on him a little sooner than I thought.”
- Benson  Henderson talked to Inside MMA about his rematch with Anthony Pettis, the last person to defeat “Smooth.”

“I’m sure he’s expecting a five-round fight.  He’s the champ, and he knows he needs to win five rounds to keep that belt. GSP does it the same way. These guys are intelligent fighters, and they know they have to win the rounds to keep their belt. I’m expecting him to do what he’s been doing. He’s going to come out, do just enough to win the rounds, and keep his belt. That’s his game plan, and that’s never my game plan. I’m always looking to finish.”
- Pettis talked to about Henderson’s typical game plan.

“I’m probably not going to be popular with the fighters with this one, but my biggest problem is guys playing it safe. I understand it from a coach’s standpoint and a manager’s standpoint. I understand why you’d want to play it safe and win the fight, win every fight. I get it. But do I want to watch a guy go beat a guy for four rounds and then ride him the fifth round not doing anything?”
- Chuck Liddell, who was basically allergic to boring fights, spoke to Inside MMA about combatants playing it safe.

“All those years, Dana said he’d never have women fight in the UFC, and I didn’t believe it. I’d tell people: ‘I’m going to fight in the UFC one day,’ and people would say ‘yeah, sure.’ You can call it destiny or fate or whatever you want to call it, but I always believed this day would come.”
- Julie Kedzie, who makes her UFC debut Saturday, admitted to Yahoo Sports that she always had faith she would compete in the Octagon.

“We’re paid fighters, so getting in to the UFC doesn’t mean you’re gonna have this cushy job. You get paid based on how your performance goes. I’ve been very fortunate where I have had some great fights and I’ve been rewarded with some bonuses. I couldn’t be happier with the pay structure. It all comes down to people wanting to see you fight.”
- Joe Lauzon gave his stance on fighter compensation via this interview.

“Well, fighter pay is really a strange situation, because there’s such a vast difference in the guys that are on the first three fights of a card and the guys on the last three fights of a card. The guys on the lower end are seeing what the main card guys are doing and thinking, ‘Well, I’m doing all the same stuff that they’re doing, sacrificing just as much.’ They’re spending just as much on their training camp, but they’re not getting the same kind of compensation.”
- Dan Hardy, on the other hand, does not agree with Lauzon and explained his views of fighter pay to Bloody Elbow.

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

UFC president Dana White.(photo: Hector Castro/

“All the pros, when you talk to all the fighters – every fighter out there that I’ve talked too that we’ve interviewed thinks Weidman is going to beat him [Silva]. Georges St. Pierre thinks he’s going to win so much that he didn’t even want to plan to fight Anderson.”
- UFC president Dana White talked at the UFC 161 pre-fight media scrum about UFC fighters picking Chris Weidman to defat Anderson Silva.

“Anybody can go out there and put on a fight. Chris Weidman is undefeated, he’s a tough guy and a fight is a fight, anything can happen. I believe in Anderson Silva. Anderson Silva is the best fighter on the planet. I think Anderson Silva is a bad fight for any fighter in any weight class. I’m not saying Anderson Silva is invincible.

Anderson Silva can be beat just like anyone else can get beat. But I think if Anderson Silva goes in there well trained and focused, I don’t think there’s a fighter on the planet that can beat him.”
- Ed Soares, manager of A. Silva, was on The MMA Hour and gave his thoughts about the champ facing Weidman.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. He’s got a hell of a chin, and can knock people out, and he ain’t going to be winning any (expletive) spelling bees any time soon. Okay? Not the smartest man you will ever meet.”
- White commented on Roy Nelson in the UFC161 post-fight media scrum.

“Having a lot of black friends, they would say that would be more of an Uncle Tom move.

“That’s what my friends were saying,” said Nelson. “And I was just like ‘wow!’ Hey it is what it is. You gotta do what you can do for the boss.”
- Nelson spoke to about Daniel Cormier tweeting that he wanted to beat “Big Country” for the UFC president.

“You know, I think it would be hard for Fitch to not underestimate me. I just don’t think there is a way that Jon Fitch can understand how much I have improved as a martial artist just by watching me. So I think he probably didn’t intentionally underestimate me, but, I’m sure that he thought, you know, that he was going to come in and win because he was healthy and training real well.”
- Josh Burkman, who choked Jon Fitch unconscious at WSOF 3, talked to MMA Mania about his bout with the former UFC welterweight No. 1 contender.

“You’re a (expletive) idiot to think that a rear naked-choke is the exact same as that front choke. And literally, when he goes limp, and he’s out, then he rolls him (expletive)  over, let’s his head (expletive)  flop to the thing, then stands up over him – he’s literally like this standing over him before Mazzagatti (expletive)  gets in the picture.”

“The Nevada State Athletic Commission is going to keep this guy around until he seriously hurts somebody. That guy is dangerous. He’s dangerous.”
- White talked in the UFC161 post-fight media scrum about Burkman’s submission of Fitch, and the officiating of Steve Mazzagatti.

“With all due respect to T.J. Grant, Milwaukee is my town, and the fight with Ben is the fight everyone has wanted for years.”
- Anthony Pettis explained to why he wants a UFC lightweight title shot against Benson Henderson ahead of T.J. Grant.

“Yeah, that definitely happened. I beat Lyoto already. Ultimately, it was Dana’s decision to match me up with Gustafsson and not Machida, but I did mention to Dana that I had already defeated Lyoto, and the UFC 140 pay-per-view numbers were pretty terrible. If you have a perfectly healthy, young contender who is on a rampage, why not keep new opponents, new excitement for the fans?”
- Jon Jones talked to about his next opponent, Alexander Gustafsson.

“Have you known Chael to tell the truth all the time? Or ever, for that matter? No, it’s absolutely not true, there is no truth to that whatsoever. It’s one thing for him to say what he says, but when it involves me in a little lie, I guess that’s when I have a problem with it. But I didn’t put a lot of stock into it because I think Chael’s proven that not everything that comes out of his mouth is the truth. Usually he texts me when he’s going to say something. I had no warning on that one.”
- Dan Henderson, in an interview with, denounced Chael Sonnen’s claim that the two mixed martial artists set Jones up before UFC 151.

“I think Lebron is a dork, I don’t understand this whole thing. You have to understand, it frustrates me to hear that these guys are world champions. Look he won one world championships and was in the Olympic Games. It’s so aggravating to hear somebody win an NBA title and be called a world champion when it’s only done in America. If you’re not a global event where everybody can participate, you didn’t win a world title, you won a national title.”
- Sonnen was a guest on the Jim Rome Show and compared world champ versus national.

“I always wanted to call a B.J. Penn fight.  There was a mystique with B.J. for a long time, then like everybody else, the game catches up to you. There was a time with B.J. Penn that he really had this mystique.  Going up in weight classes, fighting Lyoto Machida, Renzo Gracie, it was insane what he was doing.  This guy is interesting.  Throughout history I’ve always been attracted to the interesting story, rather than a guy who just wins fights and is not interesting.  I always liked the people behind the fighter, meaning their personality.  I’ve come across so many interesting characters and I think (B.J.) would have been one of them.”
- Stephen Quadros admitted to MMA DieHards that there is one fighter he wishes he could commentate for.

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

Retired UFC light heavyweight Forrest Griffin

“It’s been a good eight years, I guess.  Biggest thing I’ve learned… when Dana White says, retire, otherwise you will blow your knee out.”
- Forrest Griffin joked in his retirement speech that he should have took UFC president Dana White’s previous advice to hang up his gloves.

“I want B.J. Penn to retire. Dude, you’ve won belts in two different weight classes, you’re one of the greatest ever and you became a huge superstar. You have money, you have a beautiful family. But, it’s hard man, it’s hard to walk out of that arena that is packed with everyone screaming your name and you’re making tons of money. It’s hard to walk away from that — really hard to walk away from that.”
- White requested that B.J. Penn retire in a UFC 160 post-fight media scrum.

“It’s hard to say it. It’s like you can’t say it, even though it probably is true. I would love to put closure on my career with one last fight at (Madison Square) Garden, but at the same time, if that doesn’t happen, I definitely consider myself done. It’s hard to say the ‘R word.’ I might never say the ‘R word.’”
- Matt Serra talked to Newsday about the possibility that he has graced the Octagon for the last time.

“It was a shocker.  (Grant) just turned it on and is wrecking everybody, literally wrecking everybody.”
- White talked about T.J. Grant’s UFC 160 performance against Gray Maynard in a UFC 160 post-fight media scrum.

“I make money no matter who I fight. Do I want a shot at the belt? Yes, of course I do. Put it this way, I am Barry Sanders on the Detroit Lions. You love to watch me, but you’ll never see me play in the Super Bowl. It’s just one of those things. It’s about politics. It’s not about fighting.”
- Roy Nelson explained to Bleacher Report; the reason he thinks he will never fight for a UFC title.

“(They don’t) idolize us, but put us on a pedestal, and not just look to rip us apart. It makes you feel good about yourself. They definitely appreciate the fighters and the sport.”
- Phil Baroni said to MMA Junkie of the Singapore fans that will be attending his bout against Nobutatsu Suzuki on Friday at “ONE FC 9: Rise to Power.”

“I’m not an idiot.  I know Bellator is trying to get Mo as their champ.  I swear I’m gonna do everything in my power to (expletive) up their plans for that.  That has been my driving force.  I’m being overlooked and it pisses me off.”
- Seth Petruzelli, who meets Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal in a Bellator bout on June 19, told he is on to the promotion’ plans, and he intends on spoiling them.

“You know, it’s very complicated what to say about that.  A lot of guys, they like to drink, you know; I don’t drink, I like to smoke.  I don’t smoke anymore, because I really can’t [with my career], but I used to like a lot because it helps me to relax- it’s not like a drug like everybody say[s]. So actually, it’s legal in California, you know.  To be honest, I don’t think it’s fair, you know, because it doesn’t change your performance.”
- Thiago Silva talked to about marijuana being a banned substance throughout athletic commissions.

“I’m actually at a disadvantage. Before the surgery, I started on hormone replacement surgery, back in 2002, 2003. I have to. If I don’t take estrogen hormone replacement therapy, I can get osteoporosis.  So any of the women I’m competing against, my testosterone levels are drastically lower than theirs; it’s almost nothing.”
- Fallon Fox was a guest on Inside MMA, and spoke about her hormone treatment.

“This is a joke and a feeble attempt to jump on the bandwagon and get a little publicity. It’s sad that someone would stoop so low. I know if someone elbowed Miesha I would say something about it right then, not when conveniently there’s a ton of media involved. Total lies and BS.”
- Brian Caraway took to Facebook to dismiss Cat Zingano’s claims that he elbowed her in the head prior to the TUF 18 coach’s match against Miesha Tate.

“I saw that John Dodson thought I was talking a lot of crap about him because I said he’s explosive, and I want to clear the air.  John Dodson is an amazing athlete, a great fighter; he has amazing technique and skill set.  When I was trying to get a point across I said that his greatest asset that I was worried about was his explosiveness.  That’s the only thing I was worried about.  I know he has great technique and all that other stuff, I’m not saying that’s all he has.  In my general category, when I go into fight him, that’s the only thing I worried about.  How he can explode on people and knock them out.  He took it the opposite way and thought I said, ‘He’s just explosive and that’s all he has.’  That’s the only thing I was worried about against him.  He’s a great fighter, has a great skill set, great athlete, amazing ambassador for the sport.  I just wanted to clear that up on the air.  I hope this gets back to him so he knows I wasn’t disrespecting him.”
- Demetrious Johnson, on MMA DieHards Radio, straightened out any bad blood between him and John Dodson.

Shane Carwin injured knee, out of TUF 16 Finale against Roy Nelson

Punch Drunk Radio: Pat Barry, Joey “Boom Boom” Rivera

Punch Drunk Radio



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Big topic around the water cooler the last week has been the presidential debate. And then, subsequently, Big Bird. Thanks for that, Mitt Romney. But there’s one thing that has left NO debate. None whatsoever. And that’s this: Punch Drunk Radio needs your write-in votes for Best MMA Show.


Tonight, Amy and guest co-host John Petit (Twitter: @Scream13) welcome to the show the UFC’s Pat Barry and Joey Rivera from Season 16 “The Utlimate Fighter.”


Barry (Twitter: @HypeOrDie) will bring his natural comedy chops to the show, no doubt. But he’ll also weigh in with his thoughts on fan disrespect as well as when we can expect to see him back in the octagon – he hasn’t fought since a first-round TKO loss to Lavar Johnson in May.


Rivera (Twitter: @JoeyBoomBoom) will join us to talk about Season 16 of “The Ultimate Fighter” and his role in the cast. He’ll also take us through what life is like in the TUF house.


Tune in to Punch Drunk Radio every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET for exclusive fighter interviews, special guests, breaking news, contests, event recaps and much more – only on the MMA DieHards Radio Network. If you can’t be here live, you can catch the archive on demand right HERE following the broadcast or at iTunes.

The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale adds Khabilov-Pichel, Duran-Viana, Bedford-Vinicius

Dave Bautista will face Vince Lucero in MMA debut

Twitter MMA: Best of the Week for Sept. 24 – Oct. 1

chael sonnen ‏@sonnench

“Deserve?” I don’t wait, I take. You’re not the BEST, you’re just NEXT.@jonnybones #fixurarmurgonnaneedit

chael sonnen ‏@sonnench

Hey Jon, What do you think will cost more? Your hospital tab or the settlement you made with the two broads from the backseat?@jonnybones

chael sonnen ‏@sonnench

You made them disappear but I’m not going anywhere Johnny!!

Roy Nelson ‏@roynelsonmma

I begging you @danawhite and @lorenzofertitta put me in since you need someone. I will fight and I promise people will watch

Daniel CormierVerified ‏@dc_mma

@kraigss@dc_mma Roy Nelson has been pleading to be the replacement…what do you think about him? @roynelsonmma” ok

Roy NelsonVerified ‏@roynelsonmma

@RGBJacob @dc_mma @kraigss @ShaneCarwin But that ok it called training

Shane CarwinVerified‏@ShaneCarwin

@roynelsonmma @RGBJacob @dc_mma@kraigss since you like “less training” use that time to brush up on your grammar.#education is good4U

Daniel Cormier ‏@dc_mma

.@danawhite offer the fight to @HypeOrDie he’s from Louisiana like me. He will take the fight. Let’s do it!

Pat Barry ‏@HypeOrDie


Dana White ‏@danawhite
not true, we cut king mo and his manager came back to us and asked If WE wanted to match and we said no. Reb is wrong

Dana White ‏@danawhite
the right is in the contract but when u cut a guy u dont fuck with him when he is trying to make a living. Bad s— it’s dirty as u can get in the fight biz to do that to a guy

Dana White ‏@danawhite
I don’t have an opinion one way or the other. Has been a quiet guy doing his thing. I have no problems with (Rebney). Bellator ended up not matching the best offer Nam received, so this is one where it all ends well.

Josh Koscheck ‏@JoshKoscheck

My 1st hard day! I am ready 2 fight,1week notice. I’ll fight anyone 185 or 170. Sick of this sitting around shit. Lets go. Who wants some?

Ben Askren @Benaskren

Accidentally ripped this off trying to open the hatch. Guess my grip is as good as everyone says.

MMA Roasted ‏@MMARoasted

The UFC just announced that Stefan Struve is actually 3 members of Team Alpha Male standing on one another. #UFC

Dan Hardy ‏@danhardymma

My post-victory Lego set. #30YearOldChild

Dan Hardy ‏@danhardymma

Hmmm… This one may take a while. None of the bags are numbered either.

Dan Hardy ‏@danhardymma

Ten hours well spent. #LegoMarathon

MMA Roasted ‏@MMARoasted

Steven Seagal just took credit for Duane Ludwig’s knee injury. #UFC

Kyle Kingsbury ‏@Kingsbu

“Good stoppage” Although I wanted a 3rd round, MRI just confirmed multiple fractures above the eye and nose.@ufc

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

UFC light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar

“If I could find a weakness or work him over on the ground, that’s great. But if I can’t and I’m forced to fight one of those blood-and-gut fights – I know he’s really accurate with his strikes. I know that. I’m going to get hit. I just need to keep pushing forward. That’s what I do.”
- Stephan Bonnar told that he is going to fight like the typical “American Psycho” when he faces Anderson Silva at UFC 152.

“It would be an interesting karate duel but I don’t know at what weight we would do it. If it is at 185lbs, I will go for it.”
- Lyoto Machida admitted to Fighters Only that he would be willing to meet UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in a middleweight showdown.

“It’s tough seeing the fighters going out when you know you can’t go in there. I don’t know if the competitor ever leaves you. It’s tough dialing it down. … There are times I’ve had to turn down the intensity and just be a normal human being on fight night.”
- Kenny Florian explained to, how difficult  it is to watch MMA and not want to compete, since he has retired.

“This is the first time I’ve ever said this to anybody and I don’t think anybody knows except for my wife because she was there when I went through this.  I was contemplating going to the military.  In the very beginning of my career I was working full-time and also training, but at the same time there was no assurance that you’ll be taking care of for the rest of your life.  I was contemplating going to the army because I felt if you went to the army you would have full benefits and be taken care of.  That’s what you could say that was the low point of my career, but one of my coaches was like, ‘You know, if you go to the army you won’t have the time to fight or train or do anything you want.  Wherever they tell you to go, you’re going to go and you can’t say no other ifs, ands or buts.’  So, I would say that was the lowest point of my life, when I was contemplating giving up mixed martial arts.  I was getting ready to say screw it, because I had to take care of my family.”
- Demetrious Johnson admitted to MMA DieHards that he nearly quit MMA and joined the army instead.

“I’ll still be training at Tristar. But I have to do things my way. At the end of the day, I’m the one getting in the cage and taking the risk and I’m the one making the final call.”
- Rory MacDonald told Fuel TV that it’s time he does things his way.

“I’ll be honest, it’s not just because I lost $65,000 dollars. It’s not because I’m not going to see that. Looking at the moves as a technician, judging as a technician, as a professional, as a grappler, my move was ten times more difficult, and you know, way more impressive than his move. Maybe that’s how people judge. Maybe they judge how big the fight is, maybe they judge the fighter as well. Who knows?”
- Vinny Magalhaes told mmafightcorner that his submission at UFC 152 was more impressive and deserving of “Submission of the Night” than Jones’, the fighter who did win it.

“Bellator has gotten bigger, and the Spike TV alliance and the Viacom acquisition have opened up a lot of doors with us. With the demise of the WECs and Afflictions, and with all the troubles that Strikeforce is having, there are less and less alternatives.

“Now there are only two. There’s still a huge number of world-class fighters around the world who are looking for a place with huge television alliances to ply their trade.”
- Bjorn Rebney told USA Today that Bellator and the UFC are the best options for a professional mixed martial artist nowadays.

“I have a lot of new skills I’ve picked up this year and haven’t used yet.  I could put Sadollah on his back and choke him out if I want to. Then again, the left hook might take over the day and put him to bed instead.”
- Dan Hardy told MMA DieHards he intended to use a number of newly acquired techniques to defeat Amir Sadollah.

“I think everyone in all due respect just needs to calm down Chris Weidman just because he’s undefeated. He’s undefeated because he’s beaten a bunch of bums. He’s only had about seven fights. I’ve had nearly 30 fights. I’ve been in the UFC when he was still in school probably. So I got nothing against Chris Weidman, but I don’t see him as the Great White Hope that’s going to come in and destroy Anderson Silva. He’s just another middle of the road UFC fighter as far as I’m concerned.”
- Michael Bisping talked to mmafightcorner about the UFC rising star, Chris Weidman.

“It f—ing makes me sick. Listen, you don’t want big opportunities, I hear you. I get it, then. All I can say is, I guess he doesn’t want big opportunities. I get it. Duly noted.

“He wants to fight a guy who weighs 205, but doesn’t want to fight the guy who’s the real heavyweight, the legitimate guy who’s ranked. And Mitrione’s not getting any younger.”
- Dana White confirmed with that Matt Mitrione neglected to fight Daniel Cormier, and apparently the UFC president is not happy with “Meathead’s” choice.

“I don’t respect that guy. I don’t like him. I just think he’s disrespectful. He’ll talk all kinds of sh*t behind your back and stuff, but then when he’s at my face, all he wanted to do was talk about the UFC contracts to me. I’m like, ‘Who are you, man? Get out of my face.’ I’m just not up for that type of bullsh*t. I hate people that when you turn around, they’re stabbing you in the back, and when you’re back at their face, they’re trying to be your best friend. That doesn’t work for me. There’s nobody else I want to fight more. I can’t wait to fight this guy. I’m excited that he’ll be the first guy I get to punch when I get back to action.

“Listen, Roy is a talented fighter. Could he be a lot better? I think he could if he would actually be serious about it, and have coaches he would listen to, and things like that. I’m pretty sure he’s uncoachable. He just likes to hear himself talk and tell everybody how great he is.”
- Shane Carwin was a guest on TapouT Radio, and “The Ultimate Fighter 16” coach shared his opinion on the opposing coach, Roy Nelson.

“I don’t really understand how you fly out to Africa, look out on the savannah, look at those animals and go ‘You know, I want to kill that.’ I can’t make sense of that in my head. For someone who’s a self-proclaimed good-guy Christian, it just doesn’t calculate. He’s getting his morals mixed up somewhere. He really needs to have a look at himself and question what he’s doing.

“Hunting for food, that’s one thing, but going out and shooting…I mean on that blog he was out there for what, two weeks? And he shot fifty animals. I don’t think he’s going to eat that, let’s be honest. He’s not my kind of person.”
- Hardy gave his thoughts on Matt Hughes’s hunting photos via Fighters Only.

Shane Carwin’s manager: ‘(Roy Nelson) fight still on’

UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin. (Photo courtesy of MMAWeekly)

Shane Carwin (Twitter: @ShaneCarwin) will not be attending his autograph signing session in the UK due to an injury suffered in training, however, he will still be able to compete against Roy Nelson at “The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale.” contacted Jason Genet, manager to Carwin, to get some details regarding the injury.

“(Shane) hurt his knee in wrestling practice, no major tears,” Genet told MMA DieHards.  “The issue with the UK was the possibility of blood clots forming from the long travel, (but) the fight is still on”

Genet noted it was possibly blood clots, and not the injury itself that prevented Carwin from traveling. As of yesterday he was intending to go, but the swelling has not come down enough.

Carwin is coaching opposite of Nelson in this season’s TUF.  The two coaches are not seeing eye-to-eye on the show and their heavyweight bout is one of the most anticipated of 2012.

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