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In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (Photo courtesy of 5th Round)

“Chael is a criminal, he is a criminal. He has been convicted of crimes and he doesn’t deserve to be inside the Octagon. When the time is right, I am going to break his face and every one of his teeth in his mouth. Playtime is over, the jokes are over. I am going to beat his ass out of the UFC. He is never going to want to fight again after I am done with him. It doesn’t matter if I am on bottom, side or top. Chael is going to get his ass kicked like never before. What I do inside the Octagon is going to change the image of the sport. I am going to make sure his legs are broke and arms are broke he will not be able to walk out by himself. I know he is listening; no more shit talking, it is on now. I’m going to make him pay and make him eat everything he said about myself and my country. I’m going to make sure he does not disrespect any other fighter. I’m going to beat him like his parents should have beat him to have manners. He can say whatever he wants, but I am not playing anymore. It will be the same like the first fight. He walked out the loser and this time he is going to walk out the loser. The only difference is that this time he is going to have to visit a plastic surgeon after the fight.”
- UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva spoke out of character on the UFC 148 conference call and unleashed a verbal assault on his upcoming opponent, Chael Sonnen.

“I got two words for him. He says he’s gonna break my face in? I got two words for him. Medium rare.”
- Sonnen responded to Silva on the UFC 148 conference call by repeating a comment he made in the past involving the Brazilian’s wife making the UFC middleweight No. 1 contender a medium rare steak.

“I’m happy with the main event. Wanderlei and Rich are both warriors and have been around a long time. Rich came back from an unbelievable beating and near finish to win the fight. I think Mario Yamasaki did a great job in not stopping the fight. Obviously, Rich was able to continue. I gotta go back to judging again. In the earlier fight, they had a 10-8 round in a fight that was a draw — and they don’t make the Wanderlei-Rich round a 10-8 round for Wanderlei? So inconsistent. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I want to see more fighters get involved in judging and reffing. It’s gonna be a problem for a little while here, until the athletic commissions start focusing on it.”
- UFC president Dana White commented on the inconsistent judging that took place at UFC 147 via the UFC on FUEL TV post-fight wrap-up show.

“UFC brought it up to me that he’s coming out of retirement that he wanted to fight me, so I was a little bit shocked and surprised but I was excited. I took it to the next step and made it a public challenge. I did it respectfully because I do respect B.J. and I’ve looked up to him as a fighter, but this is a business and I want to fight him before he is done. Like I said, he wanted to fight me in the first place. I think he said he wanted to get some kind of revenge on Tri-Star or something like that, I don’t know. I don’t care about his reasoning, but I’m glad he wanted to fight me.”
- Rory McDonald explained to that the UFC informed him that B.J. Penn requested to fight him prior to the Canadian calling out “The Prodigy” on The MMA Hour.

“For sure, I’m close (to a title shot) now. If the UFC asks, then I’m ready for sure but maybe one more fight, maybe on the Velasquez vs. dos Santos card. After that, if I win, maybe I will fight (the champion) in Brazil. I don’t know. I’m just here to fight. I’m just going to rest for one week. Then, I will go back to training again. I’m just going to wait for what the UFC says.”
- Fabricio Werdum spoke to Fox Sports about where he ranks in the UFC heavyweight division.

“This was my first fight back down to 185-pounds. I moved down to 185-pounds to possibly make a title run before I retire. But I’ve had a long layoff and all that kind of stuff. I was scheduled to fight Cung (Le) and ended up with Wanderlei in Brazil. I think this was a much more difficult challenge, especially after the long layoff that I had having not fought since February of last year with Forrest and then dropping the weight, also, from 205-pounds.”
- Rich Franklin talked on about his future plans in the 185-pound weight class.

“I still have four fights on my contract, but I’m going to take it one by one. Obviously I’m not getting any younger, but I don’t want to finish my career on the loss I had in December. Hopefully I’ll win the next one and we’ll see from there. Tito Ortiz would be good. He’s at that point in his career and I think it would be a good fight. I think a lot of fans would want to see that fight, so that would be good, but again, I don’t really want to pick and choose. I put it in the hands of the UFC … I think it’s still a possibility. In our case, it’s not just the will to fight but being able to as far as if he’s healthy, and if the timing is good, I think it’s very possible. You never know, things may change. I wouldn’t say that’s the beauty of MMA but it’s definitely the truth.”
- Vladimir Matyushenko admitted to FC Fighter that he desires a rematch with soon-to-be-retired Tito Ortiz.

“Yeah, I think this was it. Sam brings the best out of me, it was a good way to end the trilogy, and if I did come back, it would be at 145-pounds. I’m too small for 155-pounds. If the right fight came along, I would come back.”
- Spencer Fisher revealed on the UFC on FUEL TV post-show that even though he’s retired he would consider a comeback.

“In terms of being a sex symbol or something, I don’t know about that. I think I still have a lot to be in order to be a sex symbol. But if people have of that image me it’s fine, I’ll take it (laughs). There are a lot of athletes who are called sex symbols and they do very well, so. David Beckham is one of them. To be compared to a guy like him it makes me… I’m very happy, you know?”
- Georges St-Pierre spoke to Fighters Only about his sex appeal.

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

UFC commentator Joe Rogan

“I think they should fire judges that suck. I don’t understand how someone can keep their job over and over again while screwing up over and over. What do you call that exactly? Extreme incompetence. How does someone judge any sort of combat sport without at least a passing interest in the sport? If you pulled aside, and I don’t want to name any names, but if you pulled aside some of those judges from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, that has notoriously had horrific scoring, and started asking them about fighters that aren’t fighting in the UFC, would they know anything about them? Would they know anything about who the top judo guy is? Would they even know anything about Gilbert Melendez and how good he is? Do these guys know how you set up an armbar? If I sat them down and said, ‘Do an armbar on this guy’, would they be able to do that? I think you’ve got to know when a guy’s in trouble and when a guy’s not in trouble, and the only way to know that, is to have actually trained. I don’t think you can be a person who judges martial arts without being an expert in martial arts.”
- Joe Rogan talked to Bloody Elbow about the ongoing issue of horrendous MMA judging.

“To hear the first judge say, that he had won by only two points–and then to hear the other two judges go the other way–was just absurd. He clearly won the fight…I think he [Bradley] won one round because I think Pacquiao gave him a break in the 11th [round]…It was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen and I think it’s really bad for the sport…There was definitely some favoritism in this one. More incompetent at this stage of their careers. Two of the judges are over 70 years old. Age 65 is when people retire…there should be a cut-off. Maybe they’re just not seeing the fights like they used to.”
­- Manny Pacquiao’s trainer and boxing coach extraordinaire, Freddie Roach, spoke to Yahoo! Sports, and shared  a similar opinion to Rogan’s, but regarding the poor judging  in the sport of boxing.

“An injury free Tito Ortiz is very, very dangerous, and Ryan Bader was the last guy who got a close up of that one. When I’m injury-free I’m very dangerous. Me around 2000, when I was fast a strong and I was strong and my confidence was through the roof, I could beat anyone. I could have beat anyone in the world, man. Now, 15 years later, look at me, I’m still competing against top guys in the world — like I always have done — but the injuries have taken their toll. If I was the same game but without the surgeries, then I’d still be the champion! When I look back at my loss to (Randy) Couture, that’s when I had my first back problem. I was suffering right through that fight camp, and I suffered for seven years with that back problem.”
- Tito Ortiz stated to Fighters Only that hadn’t he endured an abundance of injuries throughout his career, he would still be a UFC champion.

“It’s amazing. I’ve been waiting for a while for this. Not only for the division to open up, but since it opened up, I’ve been waiting for the title fight. So I was super excited to see those guys fight again — One, because I knew it was gonna be an excellent fight, and two, ‘cuz I get an opponent. So I was pacing back and forth the whole time they were fighting. I’m not gonna lie, I was rooting for ‘DJ’ a little bit, just ‘cuz I like him — McCall’s a great guy too — but now it’s finally over, and I can’t wait to make history.”
- Joseph Benavidez was joined Inside MMA, and spoke on being part UFC history with Demetrious Johnson in the first-ever flyweight title match.

“They offered Glover to us. I talked with my team, and we decided that Glover would not be interesting now. Glover is a top fighter. I know him. I respect him, but he just got into the UFC. He needs to get more fights. I had nothing to gain with that fight. We told the UFC that, for now, this fight is not interesting for me. After that, the UFC offered Brandon Vera, but they never threatened to cut me, nor I to leave the UFC. I’ve never picked my opponents. I’ve fought against the best, and I wanna keep doing it and to get my chance for the title. For sure, Glover is a top fighter, but today, if I beat him, I would gain nothing. So we decided to refuse this fight, but in the future, this fight can happen.”
- Mauricio “Shogun” Rua explained his reasons for not accepting a bout against Glover Teixeira in this video.

“It was one thing fighting Tim Kennedy before but now that he’s put out all these videos, I can’t lose to Katy Perry. I can’t lose to the Black Swan. I’ll be disgraced forever. Trust me; it’s a little more incentive to train my ass off even harder. Yeah, I can’t lose to the guy.”
- Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold referred to Tim Kennedy as a pop star on, after a series of comedic videos made by the challenger.

“This is the biggest fight of my career. I’m going to be the big underdog. I always am the underdog. Everyone writes me off. Here’s this guy, he looks overweight, he’s got a stomach; that’s fine with me. I’m confident in myself. This upcoming fight is a huge fight for me. To be going against a guy fifth in the world and going to Brazil to fight him in his hometown, this could really kick my career into high gear.”
­- UFC heavyweight Mike Russow said on he realizes how a win over Fabricio Werdum at UFC 147 will catapult his rank amongst the division.

“He’s still untested. I think everything they are saying is true. He’s very good. I think he comes from a very good team. He’s got a lot of very good people. They are going to have him ready. They are going to have him prepared but yes – like you said this is going to be a big fight this isn’t a small fight so there is going to be a lot on the line. All those different stressors and all those different things is definitely going to play into the cardiovascular system. … Without giving away too much, I definitely want to be the aggressor.”
- B.J. Penn was a guest on Just Scrap Radio, and talked about the test he has for Rory McDonald when the two welterweights meet at UFC 152.

­”The UFC had expressed interest in seeing Penn and I fight. At the time I had no idea that BJ was considering coming out of retirement. So I thought I would jump at the chance to fight him. I believe that this sport is performance based. If BJ and I go out there and put on a boring fight no one will want to see me fight the other top guys currently in the spotlight. On the flip side I can put on an exciting, technical fight and walk away victorious then it puts me in the mix and in the top five of the welterweight division.”
- McDonald told MMA Frenzy that defeating “The Prodigy” will elevate him to top five status in the UFC welterweight division.

“I would like him to do a test — a blood test. I think we both need to do that. I want a clean fight and he needs to prove he is not under any kind of substances. When you have a fight with two ‘clean’ fighters, you will know after the fight who is the real champion. A guy who uses doping is a fake fighter. I think he doesn’t deserve a title shot right now. … Overeem needs to have another fight before having a title shot.”
- UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos gave his opinion on Alistair Overeem’s deservingness of a title show when the Dutchman returns from suspension via ESPN.

“Make it a boxing match. I’ll find a way to win. Make it a kickboxing match. I’ll find a way to win. I’m not gonna play a dance-off with him, but if he wants to make it a combative man’s sport, I’ll do it. Make it a jiu-jitsu match, make it a wrestling match, make it an MMA fight. It doesn’t matter. He doesn’t have anything that I, as an athlete, won’t conquer. I’m a competitor. I will find a way to win, like I always do. ”
- Chael Sonnen stated he could beat Anderson Silva at any combative sport in a recent interview on

“He fights with his mouth. He’s not a top guy. He creates that style and looks for guys to give attention to him. But face to face, he’s like a kid. He’ll cry like a baby, man. I don’t know what kind of man can say something bad about you then say, ‘Hey Wanderlei, let’s shake hands.’ F** you man. You talked some bad things. I’m old school. You’re talking some bulls*** about me, don’t shake my hand. This guy lost respect from me. Not one fighter respects him. I don’t like his style and I hope Anderson Silva kicks his ass. I think Anderson will be knockout Chael in the third round.”
- Wanderlei Silva talked about Brazil’s nemesis, Sonnen, on The Fight Show with Mauro Ranallo.

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

Recently retired UFC fighter Kenny Florian

“I’m just so thankful to the UFC and everyone here for everything they have done. Fighting found me and I’m a much better person because of it. I’m happy…. I’ve dealt with injuries in the past, but back in November I was training and hurt my back. It just hasn’t quite been the same … I re-injured it a few weeks back. So, it’s been tough. I haven’t been able to train. And I’m the type of person who never wants to do anything half-ass. If I’m going to train for a fight, I want to be able to do it 100 percent. [The decision] has been several months [in the making]. It’s been very, very hard. It’s been tough.”
- Kenny Florian touched on his recent retirement at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 15 Finale weigh-in event.

“For me it would have to be the fight after his first (UFC) loss.  He came back with more heart, more technique, more fire in his belly.  I think that’s really hard to find because once people lose they usually have a string of losses.  After every loss he’s always came back for a win.  It says a lot about his heart.

“Also, his finishes too.  He has a ton of finishes.  There’s a lot of great fighters out there that just can’t finish fights.  Whenever Kenny goes out there he does everything he can and doesn’t leave it in the judges’ hands.”
- Keith Florian talked to MMA DieHards about his best memories of his brother, Kenny, competing in MMA.

“I can’t think of (a reason to return). I am pretty happy and comfortable with the decision I made. I am enjoying perusing the acting roles I am getting,”
- Randy Couture said on UFC Tonight he has no reason to return to MMA, he enjoys making movies.

“Jon Jones is really good. He’s really good. It’s different, for sure. If he comes up to the heavyweight division, it’s gonna be tough for us, for sure. I really like him, but if he comes up to the heavyweight division, and he gets the chance to fight for the title, we’re gonna fight.”
­- UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos was a guest Spike TV’s “MMA Uncensored Live,and talked about a superfight between himself and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. 

“I think anytime you get to fight a guy that held the UFC title, it’s a big deal. If Tim Sylvia’s the guy that they put across the cage from me, then that’s the guy I will fight on that day, but it doesn’t really matter to me. I said that I would like to actually continue my progression, but there aren’t many guys that are a step up from Josh Barnett. I don’t know. I just would like to keep progressing in my career and fighting guys that are better than the last guy. I don’t know who that’s going to be. It doesn’t really matter. I’ll give Showtime their fight and see where I stand in the UFC division when I’m done.”
- Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner Daniel Cormier talked to Sherdog’s “Beatdown” radio about the possibility if fighting former UFC heavyweight champion Tin Sylvia next.

“Chris brings the fight, I bring the fight too. He’s got great jiu-jitsu, he’s got great wrestling; I have the same thing. I think you’re going to see a fight where it’s going to be everywhere. I think it’s going to be on the cage, it’s going to be on the ground, it’s going to be on our feet, but at the same time, you’re going to be seeing some fireworks from me and see some bombs fly from me. I know he’s going to try to do the same thing so you’re going to see a high paced fight. It’s going to be an entertaining fight, so don’t blink.”
- Mark Munoz said to expect an entertaining bout when he meets Chris Weidman at UFC on FUEL TV 4.

“I want to erase the last fight I did against Tom Lawlor in the UFC management’s head. That was a pretty bad fight, I take the blame for that. I feel like I’m reborn in the UFC, have to come back and show I deserve to be there. I improved much more my game, especially my wrestling, now I’m ready to be back and show the world my new skills. I’m not going to bring back the old Cote, I’m going to bring back a new Cote. You’re going to see a lot of improvement, but still a lot of power in my hands, and a solid chin.”
- Patrick Cote told how he feels returning to the UFC after being released following his loss to Tom Lawlor.

“Come on over to Strikeforce, (Eddie Alvarez), let’s do the Melendez fight. That would be fantastic. I think that he’s a guy who is extremely talented that we would love to have in Strikeforce to fight Gilbert. It would be great. … If he is a free agent and he is really free of any contractual relations, make the call. Eddie, come on down, let’s put the Melendez fight together.”
- Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker invited Eddie Alvarez to come fight Gilbert Melendez via

“Me and B.J. have a good relationship. It’s business, and, you know what? I like to have big fights. I think that B.J. is the type of fighter that would be a big fight for me. The UFC asked to try and stir up something. You know, I do my job well, and I went on to my Twitter account, and just kinda said, ‘Hey, B.J. Let’s do this fight.’”
- During a guest appearance on Spike TV’s “MMA Uncensored Live,UFC welterweight Josh Koscheck explained his reason for calling out B.J. Penn.

“I mean, right after my last fight I had no interest in fighting, but I am kind of warming up to the idea. Everywhere I go people are telling me to get back into the ring and I think it is working a little. No timetable, it isn’t going to be anytime in the next few months, that’s for sure. The thing about the UFC is that the landscape is constantly changing. I guess whatever makes sense. I don’t want any freebie fights. I would like to put together a fight that makes sense for everyone; for the fighters, the fans and the organization — a big fight.”
- Penn told UFC Tonight he might be returning to the cage sooner than expected.

“I informed UFC Matchmaker (Joe Silva) that I would like to fight in Early Fall 2012. I would like to be able to fight every three or four months. The UFC should look into adding some padding in the gloves because I plan on crushing my opponents.”
- Shane Carwin explained via his blog that he plans on crushing his foes when he returns to the Octagon.

“I like doing it, I like the job, but unfortunately it’s a job.  There’s some people that love it, and you need those guys in the department. There’s some people that eat, sleep and breathe firefighting. Well, I eat, sleep and breathe fighting. I use my firefighting money to pay bills.”
- Eddie Wineland talked to MMA DieHards about his dual occupations as a UFC fighter and a firefighter.

“Just got back to Brazil, was in the air, and only now found out about the uproar my comments on MMAJunkie Radio created, so I would like to clarify: I have seen way worse cuts than the one Cain inflicted on Bigfoot. The problem with this particular cut was not the size or anything, but the profuse bleeding into Bigfoot’s eyes. This is not an excuse, it is a fact. I am not here saying that wasn’t for the cut , Bigfoot would have won, nor I am making an excuse. What I am saying, again, is a fact. Had not been the cut, the fight most probably would have gone on, who knows what the outcome might have been, maybe Cain would have won anyways, maybe not. I also think that elbows on the ground should not be allowed. For the most part, they cause cuts, which are different then Kos, Tkos or Subs. They also tend to make a bloody mess, sometimes from relatively minor damage, and this does not help MMA as it tends to alienate many people to the sport. I didn’t mean in no way to diminish Cain’s victory, or make an excuse for Bigfoot’s defeat, but simply state a fact that myself, and anyone else who watched the fight, witnessed.”
- Alex Davis, manager of Antonio “Big Foot” Silva, voiced his opinion on elbows via The Underground.

“My goal is to fight for the title — that’s where I want to go. Johny has got some great wins, too, and if I have to fight him to get that shot then that’s what we’ll do, but of course I’d like to get the fight with Carlos Condit or Georges St. Pierre … or the winner of that fight. I’m going to need to take a little time off, heal up and go back to Denmark for a little summer vacation. I’m looking forward to that, but I definitely want to fight for the title. That’s what I want…. I would love fight Carlos, you know? But, of course, he wants to fight ‘GSP’ and unify those belts. I don’t blame him. I can completely understand that. If I was in his situation, I would probably want to get that unification bout as well. It all depends on when ‘GSP’ is going to be ready to fight again — if he’s going to be out a long time, then I think [Carlos] should defend it, but if ‘GSP’ is going to be ready by the end of the year like most people are saying, then I can see him wanting to wait for that.”
- Martin Kampmann said at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 15 Finale post-fight press conference who he would like to fight next, but understands the complications in getting those bouts.

“My dad showed me hard work. My dad was the type of guy that showed up to work whether he was sick, whether something was wrong with him, no matter what the circumstances were, he showed up to work, put in his full effort and came home. The one thing he taught me was hard work, how to carry myself as a man, and how to be humble. I’m really blessed. I owe all this to my dad. I don’t even know where to begin, he’s just an amazing man. If I could say anything to him, I’d thank him”
- “The Ultimate Fighter 15” winner Mike Chiesa spoke on his deceased father on

“He picks stuff up really fast. And the stuff that we worked on, I can guarantee you if he has the chance to use it in the fight, he will do it. If it’s a submission, if it’s a guard pass, whatever, I guarantee you he can do it. If he gets the chance, he can catch Anderson with something… A lot of people hype Anderson’s jiu-jitsu game because he got his black belt from the Nogueiras. But not every black belt is a high-level black belt. You just happened to have got a black belt under that guy. It’s not like he has great sweeps. It’s not like he has great submissions. How many submissions has he gotten [in the UFC]? He submitted Henderson. He submitted Chael; that’s two guys. And he submitted Travis Lutter. So that’s three guys. He’s even got a couple submission losses. They may be eight years ago, but they’re still losses. So I feel like this whole thing about Anderson being a black belt doesn’t make much of a difference in the fight.”
- Fellow Brazilian, Vinny Magalhaes, told that Anderson Silva’s black-belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu is something that doesn’t impress him.

“I feel I’m in a pathetic situation here, having to answer to this well-known fighter who has lied about me and about some facts of our lives. Anderson, you know how I deal with this kind of situation. You’ve been saying that Vitor Belfort has no balls. I can say the very same thing to you. Anderson, mark my words, you have no balls! I can tell that just by looking in your eyes. Every time I look at you, you chicken out. You’re such a wussy! This lie has really hurt me. I must confess that you’ve got talent, but as I said before, you are nothing but a piece of shit.”
- Jose “Pele” Landi-Jons gave his opinion on A. Silva in this video.

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

<p>UFC president Dana White.(photo: Hector Castro/</p>

“It’s not that I have this plan that I’m out in seven years. I know what the seven-year plan is with the FOX deal and I think my place in this sport and in this organization, I’ve always known what I wanted to do and I absolutely know that we’re gonna do it in the next seven years. I know where this thing’s gonna go and where it’s gonna be and I think that in seven years the sport, the athletes that are competing in this sport, building all the weight classes, doing all the things that need to be done, we’re gonna get this stuff done in the next seven years. The one goal that we did set out to do was to get this thing in every country. We’re gonna be there in seven years. I’m not saying I’m retiring the day this FOX deal is up, or anything like that, but it is what’s kinda on my mind.”
- Dana White hinted in an interview with that he may step away from the sport in seven years.

“I think [King Mo opened] a lot of doors for a lot of different fighters, and it actually opens up a lot of fighter’s eyes that there’s other ways to make a living, that you can actually do both sports. It’s like it’s okay to be a Deion Sanders playing football and baseball, or like a Bo Jackson playing football and baseball. It’s good that athletes can do that. After I beat Pee Wee, I might just have to call out Brock Lesnar. I might just have to go to WWE because I might just have to call him out, go to WWE, and whoop his ass.”
- Roy Nelson talked to MMA Weekly about financial possibilities outside the cage and potentially pursuing a match against Brock Lesnar.

“Honestly, I don’t think he should have. He could make the case for it. He gave me a rematch. He had to give Gray (Maynard) the rematch, because they had a draw. I’d like to see Benson Henderson fight Nate Diaz. Fight someone else.”
- B.J. Penn was a guest on MMA Uncensored and he gave his opinion on Frankie Egdar’s consecutive rematches.

“I train with him every day, we spar three times a week, so I know what he has and I know how much better he’s gotten just over a couple of months. He’s still new to this sport and he’s always getting better. We won’t take [a fight against each other]. There’s no point. We’re training partners, he’s my coach. How’s that gonna be if I fight my coach? If it’s for the title, we’ll talk about it when that time comes, but we’re just fighting other guys right now. We’re not gonna fight each other.”
­- Cain Velasquez explained to that he will not fight Daniel Cormier, well maybe for a title.

“I think if there is a plus one and Zuffa’s going to send someone over it is going to have to be someone that is very good you know? Maybe Carwin, as he’s coming back. He’s a guy with a lot of name value and I don’t necessarily know if that’s a step up (from Josh Barnett) but that is somebody with name value. Or, if one of the guys loses from the card this weekend. But then it really limits because if Frank Mir loses I’m pretty sure he is not going to want to come to Strikeforce to fight me where if he loses he has everything to lose. When Cain beats Bigfoot Silva, what are they going to do, send him (Silva) back to Strikeforce to fight me again? Nothing really adds up right now, I don’t know, I don’t know how to guess what they are going to do. There just is not that many step ups out there better than Josh Barnett. Especially that Josh Barnett. That Josh Barnett was 248 pounds, was in shape, was going hard, we had every intention on getting it down Saturday night, but that dude Saturday night came to fight. There are not too many guys that are a step up from that Josh Barnett that showed up on Saturday.”
- Cormier explained on The MMA Hour that he wants a high profile fight after defeating Josh Barnett in the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix.

“For my own promotion to kind of diss me like that, it’s like, wow. It just puts the icing on the cake. I wasn’t very happy about it. I kind of knew that they were going to do or say something, whatever they had to do to promote the fight. But to throw me under the bus like that, the way most people have said, it just wasn’t very nice, and it wasn’t very professional in my eyes. I won. I beat them both. And to not get any sort of recognition, to be pretty much spit on, it was like, wow. I could not believe that. They just keep slapping me in the face, and I’m like, ‘How many more times are you guys going to do this to me?’ At this point I’m just like, I’m going to fight whoever they’re going to have me fight, and hopefully, we’ll see if they treat me any better. But I’ve got a sour taste in my mouth from it and I don’t like it at all.”
­- Zoila Gurgel voiced her displeasure with Bellator on The MMA Hour, after the promotion billed their recent bout between Megumi Fujii and Jessica Aguilar as the No. 1 and No. 2 115-pound female combatants in the sport.

“I know his weakness. You can’t step back, he’s a coward, you know? Really go for it. I’m not telling any lies. Everyone knows.”
- Anderson Silva was a guest coach on TUF Brazil and he told Wanderlei Silva what he thinks of Vitor Belfort.

“We just finished the hearing. I greatly respect the commission, I respect their decision. They come across as gentlemen and gentlewomen, very respectful, very understanding of the situation. Trying to understand the situation. Basically, we’re going to be out for nine months, but I consider myself a clever guy. I’m going to get stronger from this, I’m going to keep on training, and I’ll be back in nine months. I’m still going to get that belt.”
- Alistair Overeem stated on The Reem that his nine month suspension will not halt his conquest for the belt.

“It depends on Jon, basically, what Jon wants to do. Number one, incidents like this; it basically turns into support system. A guy like me, when I was living my life making millions of dollars, I didn’t have a support system. I had a bad support system so I received bad support. So, in an incident like this, we don’t know. No one really knows Jon Jones, we just know he’s a splendid fighter. We’ve never seen a UFC fighter like that. Wow, i just wish the best happens out of this situation. Just like so many people love him, there’s very few people out there in a position to put him in a bad place. We’re gonna find out from this situation if Jon Jones is gonna make us continue to love him for his great fighting and the way he carries himself, as a great individual and humanitarian, or is he gonna let the bright lights and dark shadows invade his life and be one of those rising meteors, he just flies through the air and lights the world up and then he dies down in the moment. I hope not, because we all respect Jon and Jon appears to be a very nice guy and respectable guy. I just hope the best for him because I’ve been through those situations before. I’m pretty dark in my life. I come from a dark place. Wow, I just hope the best for Mr. Jon. Take care champ.”
- Mike Tyson shed light on Jon Jones’ current situation via Heyman Hustle.

“I’m not involved in all the legal stuff that’s going on with Jones but yeah, he flew out a few nights ago and sat down with me and Lorenzo and talked. I like Jon Jones. He’s a good guy, he’s a young kid. He made a mistake that night and we’ll see what happens. … I think we’ve supported Jon. He’s a young kid and he’s going to need a lot of guidance. The kid is incredibly talented, he’s starting to make tons of money and he’s getting really famous. Those are all the recipes for disaster.”
- Following the UFC 146 post-fight press conference, White talked about Jones’ recent arrest for DUI.

“I once had a lady who had chest pain so we put on a monitor and found she was possibly having a heart attack.  And then, right when the other two guys leave, she goes down like boom right there on the floor when I’m all by myself.

“I jumped in for CPR and put the paddles on her and I brought her back.  It was the most intense three minutes of my life. I don’t think anything in the MMA world can compare to that. I was like, ‘holy crap.’”
- Stipe Miocic talked to MMA DieHards about one of his incredible experiences as a firefighter.

“I’m really confident in my stand-up right now. I think I’ve got a lot better in the last year and, with my height and reach, feel as though I can live with most of the top strikers in MMA. I really want to show that as well. However, it doesn’t take a genius to work out what I plan to do to Lavar on Saturday night. If you look at our strengths, I have far more upside to my game if I take him to the ground and exploit his major weakness. If I take him down in this fight, the fight is done, and he knows that. There’s nothing he can do to argue or stop it. Lavar isn’t stupid – he knows he doesn’t stand a chance against me on the ground. Ultimately, you’ve got to fight smart in this sport. I’ve very confident that this fight will end via submission or knockout. And I can do either.”
- Stefan Struve blogged on that his jiu-jitsu is stronger than Lavar Johnson’s, and then he proved it at UFC 146.

“I’m excited to be on an all-heavyweight card.  I met Lavar (Johnson) the other day, nice guy. That’s the nice thing about being on a heavyweight card; everybody is nice because they don’t cut weight. The lightweights are always grumpy.”
- Dave Herman told MMA DieHards about some of the benefits of competing on a card with colleagues that don’t cut weight.

“That’s what’s next. Not only did (Velasquez) look good (against Antonio Silva), he looked lean. Well, he was undefeated. He was an undefeated champion, he wins a fight, and he gets another shot at Junior.”
- White said on FUEL TV that Velasquez will rematch dos Santos for the UFC heavyweight belt.

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

UFC Lightweight Champion Jon Jones (Photo courtesy of

“Man I haven’t added anyone new to my Facebook page in like three years and right now I’m so glad that I haven’t. It has literally been sickening to have so many people try to kick me while I’m down. At the same time, I totally understand, I gave them the leeway to. I screwed up, big time. Just needed to say thank you to all you guys for being amazing friends/supporters.”
- Jon Jones addressed his recent DUI arrest and the harassment he’s received via his Facebook page.

“He likes to talk a lot, and I don’t agree with that. Yeah, as a fighter, he is a pretty good fighter. He got pretty good jiu-jitsu skills and he is a good striker too, but he likes to talk, and that is not so good to me to hear when he says something stupid. When he fought “Big Nog” my mentor, he said a lot of things, and now, he says he is going to smash my joints in the fight. I saw in the PRIMETIME too, he said that. But, you know, I don’t care about that because I know he likes to promote the fight. But, sometimes it isn’t too good to hear. (But)It’s never personal for me, it’s my job, I don’t know him personally and he doesn’t know me personally. It’s very professional; I just want to win the fight. I don’t want to hurt him or get hurt. I just want to beat him in the fight. I don’t care who the UFC wants me to fight. Now, it’s Frank Mir and I’m looking for a war in the cage with him.”
- Junior dos Santos was a guest on The MMA Hour, and he spoke on his upcoming opponent, Frank Mir, at UFC 146.

“I fight like the first round was a 10-10 round. I should have went out and got it. It’s my fault I left it in the judges’ hands. The third was a close round too. I thought I won that one, and then the fourth and the fifth. But, you know, whatever.”
- At the Strikeforce: “Barnett vs. Cormier” post-fight press conference, Josh Thomson explained why he thought he defeated Gilbert Melendez.

“What had happened was a complete misunderstanding, a complete misapplication of the rules by me. We’re in the fifth and final round, he locks on a submission and I acknowledge he has it tight by slapping my hand on his leg. I tapped. So what I thought is you go to the cards. I win four rounds, he wins that round. Apparently, if you tap, it ends the entire contest, which I was not ever made privy to. I gotta plead ignorance on this, Jim. Had anybody told me that tapping would cost me the entire bout, and not just the round, I wouldn’t have done it.”
- Chael Sonnen explained to Jim Rome why he lost to Anderson Silva.

“Everybody knows Eddie’s contract is almost up and people want to see him in the UFC,” Chandler said. “Who knows what he’s going to do, but I think if there is anybody that deserves slack or “special treatment” it’s Eddie. If (Bellator CEO) Bjorn (Rebney) was going to bend the rules and give somebody an immediate rematch it’s Eddie. I just hope he makes the right decision for himself.”
- Michael Chandler told MMA DieHards he would not be upset if Eddie Alvarez was granted an immediate rematch.

“It seems as if I can’t have anything come to me easily. It always takes a lot of extra hard work. Throughout my entire life, things have always been that way. I’ve always had to work two or three times harder than everybody else just to be half as good. It’s just one of those things that have shaped the attitude I have. I just keep pushing forward. I think I coined that term ‘grinding.’ I started using it to describe my style, and it’s something I know is mine. If people think that I’m not beating people up in there, all they have to do is look at my opponent’s face after the fight. If I’m not doing work in there, then how did their face get so f***ed up?”
- Jon Fitch talked to HeavyMMA about his style of fighting.

“I’ve been near the Octagon cornering Frankie (Edgar) and Tom DeBlass since I retired but this time around, sitting so close to the Octagon in the judges’ seats, you think about getting back in there and fighting again. It was hard, but I look back at everything I did and it was a learning experience for me. I am grateful for making a lot of friends that I still get to see because I’m still involved. The UFC treats me like gold and I feel good about it. It’s time to move on and do other things.”
- Ricardo Almeida talked to MMA DieHards about judging the UFC on Fox 3, which was his first UFC event to score.

“I’ve been able to do some workouts, certainly nowhere close to the level and consistency that I was before, but this is where I kind of start to poke and prod and see exactly what I’m capable of doing and how my body hold up. So, these next couple of months are going to be important and are really probably going to be the deciding factor whether I come back or not. It’s extremely hard, you know. It has been my life for the last seven on eight years. This is all I’ve done, I have dedicated my life and my body to this sport, literally. And it’s all I really wanted to do. I really can’t tell you how many things I’ve sacrificed to be where I’m at. Whether it’s, you know, missed holidays and lost relationships because not only did I have to train, but I wanted to train. This was my life, this is all I wanted to do and it’s been an interesting transition doing this (broadcasting) and being away from that sport that I love and miss so much. Yeah, it’s hard. I think anytime you put so much into something and you’re away from that thing for a little bit, it’s strange, you know.”
- Kenny Florian detailed his injury, which could be career ending, to Fight Hub TV.

“I don’t have an answer to that. There was a judge who scored it 30-27. There’s no logic in it. I’m really sad. I won it and that’s it. Everybody saw it, even the judges. The three judges who gave it to him know deep down I won. In my opinion it’s not a mistake, is called having a bad character, mainly the one who scored 30-27… They want to f… me up, they didn’t want to give me the win once again. He hit me with an elbow really hard, he has heavy hands. It’s been a while since I was last hit that hard. He took me down, got the mount, but that was it. I won the second and third rounds. I’m punched, get kneed on the face and nothing happens, but then I throw a couple of punches on his face and he gets all dizzy and can walk. It’s complicated. I don’t wanna be a tough guy who pleases the fans who watch. I wanna become a champion.”
- Fabio Maldonado told Tatame he got shafted out of a decision win against Igor Pokrajac on the main card of UFC on FUEL TV 3.

“I went there I failed a drug test for supplements I purchased over the counter.  I went there took it as a man – did it.  Why you so offended?  I spoke my mind, Twitter, Facebook – it’s there for us and I feel like they were trying to twist my words.  Granted I shouldn’t have called her a bitch but I call everybody a bitch in twitter.  This ain’t the 80’s where bitch was just meant for women, this is the 2000’s now people say bitch for men, women, transgender, whatever you want to be – you can be a bitch.  They tried to twist my words like this is some 1980’s NWA rap song – like, I called her a bitch and a hoe and try to make it seem like that’s what I meant.  That’s not what I meant and they fired me on the spot and released me.”
- Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal joined Just Scrap Radio and explained the treatment he received from Zuffa leading up to his release from Strikeforce.

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (Photo courtesy of 5th Round)

“When I started practicing martial arts, Chael Sonnen, doesn’t start practicing in martial arts, he is a wrestler. So he doesn’t know what martial arts is. It’s respect. Respect for a country, respect for the people and respect toward human beings. Many times, people ask me, ‘But isn’t he promoting the fight?’ Yeah, okay, but there are many different ways to do that. He did not respect our country, he disrespected my family and above all, he disrespected all the UFC audience and some people don’t realize that. They find it great what he is doing. In my opinion, I think the best fight of the century would be myself and my clone, that’s something I think will never happen. That doesn’t mean I am the best, that means I would like to be beaten by someone, many other things may happen, much like Sonnen here. He beat me for five rounds, but he didn’t do the most important thing which was to win. So, I am going to continue to do my job, I am going to practice really hard and I am going to try and bring this victory to Brazil.”
- Anderson Silva explained at the UFC 148 pre-fight press conference that Chael Sonnen lacks respect due to a lack of being a true martial artist.

“I don’t’ know man, this guy says the craziest things, he is surrounded by such yes men and it’s unbelievable that he actually thinks like that. He talks about his legacy, he is so close to the trees that he can’t see the forest. Come to America and ask people what they think of him. I mean this guy is the real deal, wow, he became the number one contender when he beat up the great Chris Leben, he then defended his belt against the great Patrick Cote and the amazing Thales Leites, what a star this guy is. What about the fact that I called him out for six years, ‘He disrespected my family.’ Yes, I did and what did you do about it? You didn’t do a damn thing and you’re not going to do anything on July 7th. Get your excuses ready now Anderson. I told everybody the first time I fought him that our skills are not even close, I will destroy him and I am going to tell you again now, our skills are not even close. So, go to your Ed Soares school of excuse making and get them handy because you are going to need them on July 7th.”
- Sonnen commented on his bout against Silva at the UFC 148 pre-fight press conference in typical ‘Gangster from Oregon’ fashion.

“I have nothing to say to him.  I won’t give him that kinda audience. I don’t care about what he says, I’m not interested. If he wants to say those things looking me in the eye, come here. But that way, saying things when we’re distant, he’s an ass face. Only p—–s say things at your back”.
- Wanderlei Silva talked to Tatame about Sonnen.

“I wasn’t very optimistic about his chances. I didn’t think things were gonna turn out very well for him, as expected. Nine months? That’s not as bad as I thought it was gonna be. I thought he’d get a year, easily a year. Here’s the rules: If he was on anti-inflammatory meds and whatever the deal was, you’re supposed to disclose that to the commission before you get any drug tests. Whatever medicine you’re on, you’re supposed to tell them before you test, not after you test. I’m not a fan. I’m not a fan at all. You’re not going to hear me defending Alistair Overeem on your radio show. We’ll see what happens. He claimed he was on anti-inflammatories which he should have told them before he tested. I know he lied to me. I don’t like it. If they’ll sit in front of you and lie to your face, I don’t know, not the type of guys I wanna do business with.”
- Dana White was a guest of The Jim Rome Show and he explained his anger with Alistair Overeem for failing a drug test.

“There is such fine line with all of the anti-aging stuff that’s out there now. TRT is generally something a guy does in their 40’s and 50’s when their natural production of testosterone drops off. There are other natural ways to boost your own body’s production without replacing it and it’s safer as well, but it still should be under the care of a physician. It’s a very fine and a very personal thing and there is no easy answer. An athlete is using his body to earn a living and entertain the fans, they want to get the most out of themselves, but sometimes they go too far with it.”
- Star of The Expendables 2 and UFC hall of fame member Randy Couture gave his opinion on TRT in MMA to MMA Frenzy.

“I want to see the best fighters; I want to see who is the strongest the best! Guys should be able to do whatever it takes to be the strongest. Getting choked and kicked in the head is really bad for you, worse than pot, TRT, or steroids. I don’t care who’s the cleanest, I wanna’ see the strongest, the fastest and the most gnarly fighters. I don’t want to see who is the best at passing drug test. Overeem isn’t the only guy taking sh*t, he just got caught. I wanna’ see the baddest mother f*ckers going at it. That’s why PRIDE was the best — I wanna see a 205 (ripped) Wanderlei Silva kill dudes.”
- Phil Baroni takes a different stance than Couture when it comes to TRT, as he explained to Fight Sport Asia.

“I really don’t hate Fedor. His management made the biggest f*ck-up in the history of all sports. We flew down there and tried to make Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor and it was for big, big money. They f*ckin’ laughed at it and I told them, and he’ll lie if you ask him this, I told him and he knows I f*ckin’ told him — not Fedor, Vadummy — I told Vadummy, ‘You’re one punch away from being worth zero.’ He didn’t take it. They thought they were too cool and too slick and too f*ckin’ funny. Like I said, they’re not laughing now.”
- White told MMA Interviews he’s laughing at Fedor Emelianenko’s management staff now.

“We’re getting ready to leave Bahrain, and I get detained at the airport. Jardine and Franklin get on the flight, and they take me in the room. They’re asking me all these questions, and they’re furious. One guy’s comin’ in the room and pointin’ at me, all furious, like that. And, what I think is that, I had on the ‘Young Assassin’ shirt, with Melvin Guillard, and there’s a guy with a turban with his brains spillin’ out. I don’t think they liked that too much.”
- Stephan Bonnar detailed his eventful visit to Bahrain, while the TUF 1 finalist was a guest on Inside MMA.

“It’s been said that I might be getting a title shot, but I honestly don’t care at this point. I’m fed up talking about it. I just wanna get in and fight on the 5th. After that, we can talk about it. I try not to (look past Diaz). Nate is a tough fight, and that’s where my focus lies. The title picture got so bottle-necked, with the rematches, and everybody lost. In my opinion, if you have under five UFC fights, let alone wins, you shouldn’t be considered for a title shot yet.”
- Jim Miller told MMA Uncensored his frustrations with the rematches tying up the UFC lightweight belt.

“It was a bittersweet night. I’m glad Jon won, but I’m just sad about the whole situation. It’s nice to just kind of move on and be done with the whole thing. …. I went up after the fight and shook [Rashad Evans'] hand, and we kind of patted each other on the shoulder. That’s kind of where we’re at right now. There’s no animosity or hard feelings on my end at all. We’ll see where it goes from here.”
- Greg Jackson described his current relationship with Rashad Evans on the Savage Dog Show.

“I want to be UFC middleweight champion, and I want to fight Anderson Silva to do it.  I have such respect for him as a fighter. It would be an honor and a dream come true to test my skills against his.”
- Recent UFC signee Hector Lombard told mmajunkie he wants the UFC 185-pound title, but he wants to get it by defeating longtime champion, Silva.

“I had to pay them back my signing bonus, but at this point in my career, I would rather do that than sit on the shelf.”
- Jay Hieron explained to NBCSports that he had to pay Bellator to get out of his contract.

“Eddie has been an amazing and important, productive part of Bellator since day one,” Rebney said.  “He was one of the first guys I ever signed and one of the first guys I ever went out on a limb for and paid a signing bonus for.  He has been worth every penny we’ve paid him.  He’s been a class act and a great ambassador for not only Bellator, but the sport of MMA.”
- Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney told MMA DieHards his pleasure of having Eddie Alvarez in his promotion.

“They are so far away, but the thing is, I don’t care about them.  I really don’t.  I see so many holes in their game, I see a ton.  I think it’s confusing, what they do.  I’m an expert in martial arts, I could tell them what they could fix, but they’re too arrogant and they don’t know (enough) about my sport that they could understand and fix it.  I don’t need to talk about them, but I just know what they do is confusing for fans.”
- MFC owner Mark Pavelich told MMA DieHards what he thinks about Bellator.

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

UFC Hall of Fame member Chuck Liddell. (Photo courtesy of Zimbio)

“The opening line is five, six-to-one? I think it’s ridiculous. Jones is facing a different style of fighter than he’s fought recently. Jones is used to controlling where the fight is, if it’s on the feet or on the ground. He’s gonna have a real hard time with this one. It’s gonna be a good test for him. I like both guys but it’s definitely not a five-to-one fight. It’s gonna be fun to watch.”
- Chuck Liddell gave his thoughts about Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans to Fight Hub TV.

“Anderson think it through,
There’s still a few months before they lock the cage door behind me and you.
Last time they raised your hand,
But it was plain to see
That I took a lot more out of you than you took out of me.
I broke the mirror and I blew away the smoke.
It was me who tapped,
But it was you who broke”
- Chael Sonnen unveiled his poem for Anderson Silva at the UFC 145 Q&A.

“I think Chael will out-wrestle Anderson and beat him this time, and then I’ll get the rematch with Chael considering how close our fight was. If I had Chael over five rounds, I’d definitely beat him. In that last fight, I’d have stopped him in the fourth for sure. He was spent after trying to submit me in that third round. Towards the end of that round I was raining down shots on him.”
- Michael Bisping told Your MMA what he thinks will happen when Sonnen meets Silva, and when the Brit gets a rematch against the UFC middleweight No. 1 contender.

“I think random drug testing is good. I’ve always been part of a sport where we were always randomly drug tested and that’s good. I’m clean, I don’t take anything and I’m happy to do those kinds of tests. I want to fight against somebody who is clean. If somebody isn’t, that’s definitely a big advantage for them. I want it to be on the same playing field. I’m hoping everyone is clean. With Overeem’s situation, I think the UFC or commission will find something to do and definitely take care of the situation, so I’ll just leave it in their hands.”
- Cain Velasquez told he just wants a PED-free opponent.

“Actually, no one in MMA was surprised. I guess it’s impossible to get that big naturally. No one expected it (random drug test), I guess that’s what happened. I don’t know when he stops taking it, I don’t know how these things happen and how he doesn’t not to get caught, but it was a surprise (test)”.
- Fabricio Werdum admitted to that he, nor any of his colleagues are shocked at Alistair Overeem’s testosterone levels.

“Me and Georges are still tight. It’s always been that way he always lived in Montreal, he’s always traveled around. I think people are probing for weaknesses now, anything they can get, but that’s business as usual for Georges. He’s a great guy. Two of my champions are fighting each other and I just step out of it. Let the other coaches get a lot of credit so we have all these protocols now after this situation. Now I step out and those guys will have a lot of fun and I’ll be eating a cheeseburger somewhere. Everything’s cool, Georges is great and we’re the same tight team we’ve always been. I’m not gonna help either of them against each other.”
- Coach Greg Jackson confessed to that he will partake in either corner when UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre meets Carlos Condit, two of Jackson’s students.

“There is one thing that is an absolute fact, and no matter how often Greg Jackson pumps that family [expletive], Greg Jackson is a [expletive] businessman. The more top guys he brings in, the more money he makes. There’s nothing wrong with Greg Jackson, but he’s a [expletive] businessman. Some of these fighters, who ought to know better but don’t listen to that [expletive] and don’t take it for the crock of [expletive] that it is. These guys need to make the decision where they train based on where they think they’ll get the best work and develop the best, and not on this [expletive] crazy idea that you’re becoming a part of a family. Greg Jackson [expletive] told Rashad this wouldn’t happen, that they’re family and all that other [expletive], but look what is going on now. Look and see who is at Jackson’s and who is not. Train where you think it’s going to be best for you and if that’s Jackson’s, that’s fine. Just don’t buy into this family [expletive] because there’s nothing to it. This is the fight business, not the friend business.”
- White explained via Yahoo’s Cagewriter that coach Jackson is a business man and that the trainer should not take all the flak from Jones and Evans having a fallout.

“We had a flurry of people contacting us through e-mail, Twitter … Rashad throwing a complete fit … and then Dana having to call him to calm him down. If (people) thought it was just satire, we wouldn’t have had that reaction. Dana had to talk to Rashad on the phone for 30 minutes to calm him down, to tell him, ‘Are you crazy? There’s no way I would ever bet on a fight or bet against you.’ It didn’t read like a joke at all. If you look at the article, when you first read that, it sounds like that they were in a room with Dana, talking to him, and he says, ‘Oh, and he kind of made a mistake and said something, and said ‘Don’t print that.’ We’re currently evaluating whether [their retraction] is sufficient or not. Like I said, there’s been a massive amount of fallout in the wake of them putting out something that is completely reckless in the way that they did. I don’t understand how anybody could defend what they did. It’s a very serious allegation. You’ve got to understand, Rashad’s entire team — his entire camp — was in his ear telling him they read this online and that Dana bet half a million dollars against him. This was a real issue. This isn’t just some kind of slap on the back, funny little joke. This was reckless reporting on their part.”
- UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta spoke to USA Today about the allegations made by a website that White makes financial wagers on UFC bouts.

“When I watch my first fights I used to flail. Everything’s flail-y, and I realize the power of flexing your abdominal when you try to strike and things like that. I definitely feel as though I’m hitting harder, and I’m excited. I wobbled Rampage (Jackson) a little bit when I hit him, and I wobbled Lyoto (Machida) when I hit him, and I think out of all those guys, Rashad has the weakest chin. I think he has the weakest chin of anyone I’ve fought since 2010, and I think I’m going to exploit that.”
- Jones said at the UFC pre-fight press conference his previous opponent’s had a more solid chin than Evans.

“I think a fighter like Dan Henderson or even Chael Sonnen who is a very big 185-pounder and used to compete as a light heavyweight with strong wrestling. They have to take him out of his comfort zone and take away his reach advantage. There is no longer in the division and maybe not in the sport as far as Jones reach. His takedown defense is good and he has very good wrestling. He has very unorthodox striking which makes him very dangerous. I think you have to use the fence, use your wrestling and force him to fight your fight. Either one of those guys can do that.”
- Randy Couture predicted to Five Ounces of Pain who he thinks could beat Jones.

“I want to be champion one day, but I’m still very young.  One thing I lack in the top of this division is experience. I need more fights, to stay regular and fight three times a year.”
- Rory MacDonald admitted in a UFC 145 post-fight interview what he lacks and wants.

“I get to eat some pizza, some ice cream; it’s going to be a party tonight! But, no alcohol.”
- Michael McDonald detailed his victory party in a UFC 145 post-fight interview after defeating Miguel Torres.  

“[My performance] sucked. I didn’t get the job done…. I allowed his range to kind of throw me off a little bit. I hurt my foot in the second round, so it kind of messed up my mobility a little bit…. It’s something I’ve got to go back and work on…. I thought I could catch him off [grabbing the hands]. I couldn’t and I should have stopped reaching for his hands. His elbows [laughs]. He kept catching me with those elbows. It’s a lesson learned…. I still don’t like him. He fought a good fight, I have respect for him as a fighter. I had respect for him as a fighter before, but I still … nah. I’ll tell you what: We’re going to fight again.”
- Evans admitted in a UFC 145 post-fight interview that he still doesn’t like Jones.

“If (a teammate) can beat me, they can beat me. It is what it is. They deserve to fight me then. I’m not going to hold back some guy that’s in my camp if he wants to fight me. That’s not my thing. It’s just a personal choice and a personal opinion, but I think eventually, hey you guys are going at it, then go out and have two beers together afterwards. Go out there and prove who’s best that day, and go out and be friends again.”
- Liddell was a guest The MMA Hour, and he gave his best advice for teammates fighting one another.

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. (Photo courtesy of

“Greg, he said, basically, Rashad is always welcome back. You know, Rashad will always be like a brother to me. You know, he spoke so highly of Rashad. On numerous occasions, he really did everything he could to keep some type of rapport. On the other hand, you have Rashad, who’s bashing the program and the history.”
- Jon Jones explained on UFC Insider that Rashad Evans could’ve avoided the separation from Greg Jackson’s team.

“The history? I made that history! What are you talking about? I’m the one who helped make that history! You’re the one who came into it. You came into it! Don’t talk about the history, when you have no roots in the history! Don’t talk about — I helped make Greg Jackson! I helped make him the reason why you even wanted to come there and train. So, don’t talk to me about the history of the team, bro! Don’t talk to me about the history of the program because, motherf*cker, I made that program!”
- Evans responded to Jones’ complaint of “Suga” bashing the history of Jackson’s MMA on UFC Insider.

“They can keep rallying. It ain’t going to happen.”
- At the UFC in Fuel 2 post-fight press conference, Dana White crushed any chance of Mark Hunt fighting for a title at UFC 146.

“I have had a goal of being sponsored by Nike for many, many years. Part of my strategy is to not be a billboard with Tapout and Musclepharm and stuff like that. I want to have a relationship with companies. Less is more for me. The UFC itself sponsored me. They think I’m a good company guy. They ask me to do anything and I do it. I never tell them no. I don’t think most champs are like that. That’s why the UFC decided to sponsor me. If any mainstream companies sponsor me after this one, they’ll let me go and that’s awesome.”
- Jones explained on the UFC 146 conference call, how his UFC sponsorship came about.

“The people around Jon at Jackson’s are my friends but I wouldn’t compromise their integrity by asking about him. I wouldn’t do that to them. That’s not what a friend does.”
- Evans admitted on the UFC 146 conference call that he is not contacting friends from his former camp to get information on Jones.

“Bottom line is I have to make myself better.  If I make myself as good as I want to be then there is nothing anybody can do to me.  They could bring a baseball bat and they’re not going to beat me.  If I improve, nobody is beating me, no matter what.”
- Ben Askren told MMA DieHards how good he good of a mixed martial artist he wants to become.

“He could be number one. It’s very possible. Barnett, not having him in the UFC is a huge disservice to MMA fans. He was great back then (in his first stint with the UFC). He beat Randy (Couture), back in the day. He’s just very seasoned. One of the most seasoned guys in the heavyweight division. When you look at quality of opponents, there’s really no one that’s fought the type of guys that he’s fought, that’s at the top right now. You know, there’s very talented guys, like dos Santos and Overeem, but when it comes to fighting the best MMA fighters and fighting the best heavyweight guys in the world, Josh, he’s right up there with everyone, with all the elites. So, I think it’s imperative that get in the UFC. I hope him and Dana become buddies. They just need one night of drinking together.”
- Joe Rogan praised Josh Barnett on Inside MMA.

“At the moment, I don’t have any plans to fight. I have nothing scheduled; I’m just taking it easy, kind of enjoying life. So as of right now, I’m not entering the Octagon anytime soon. I’ve thought about (retiring) a lot over the years. I’ve been with the company for almost 11 years, probably 11 years now. It’s definitely come up in my head before. The fight (against Nick Diaz) was a tough fight but I don’t think it was just that fight. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and thinking about getting away from this sport. But I know everybody’s constantly trying to pull me back in.  We’ll see. No one knows what the future holds.”
- B.J. Penn stated on UFC Tonight that he is adamant on staying retired.

“Whether it’s a decision or not, I have exciting fights.  All 15 minutes or all 25 minutes we are both pushing the pace and I’m trying to get the win.  That’s all I’m focusing on; all I’ve ever focused on is trying to get the win however it comes.  Submission, guillotine-choke, knockout, TKO, UD, or anything, I just like to get that win.  In my eyes it doesn’t matter how I get that win, as long as I walk out of the cage with a W.“
- Daniel Straus admitted to MMA DieHards that he just wants the victory, no matter how it comes.

“You know I don’t know much about it at all. I have been fighting for 15 years and there have been trainers that tried to push that on me and I’ve said that if I have to do that kind of stuff, I am done with the sport, I won’t compete anymore because I want to be a natural athlete. And I have – for fifteen years I’ve competed and taken my drug tests, random drug tests, and passed everything because I am a true athlete. A lot of these guys are taking these supplements to make themselves more impressive or whatever, to become the fighters they want to be. That’s their choice – my recommendation is don’t do it. If it’s against the law or against the sport, don’t do it and if you do have to do it, don’t fight anymore. That’s just my take on it… I will leave it there; I won’t go into it any further.”
- Tito Ortiz talked to Fighter’s Only about athletes using performance enhancing drugs (PED’s).

“As a clean fighter, the whole issue of performance enhancing drugs (PED) in MMA really pisses me off. This sport is about honor, technique and discipline. When did it become about who uses the better PED’s and who can pass the test better than the other guy? PED’s allow you to train harder, longer and recover faster. It absolutely gives a user a competitive advantage. This isn’t baseball, where you’re just hitting a ball. This is fighting. You’re hitting other people in the face. As a fighter, if you use PED’s, how does it feel good knowing that you won using them? The fans should be upset too. How many fights are the fans gonna miss out on due to pre and post-fight testing? Don’t do it, dummies. Random testing needs to be the remedy. This is gonna be the only way to crack down on cheaters in the long-term.”
­- Kenny Florian, co-host of UFC Tonight,  explained on the show his frustration of fighters using PED’s.

“I have 375 fighters in every country all over the world. The battle that I have to get these guys to get their f—— bout agreements back and show up for press is f—— unbelievable. The fact that I have to make personal phone calls to tell guys to talk to the f——- press, now I’m going to start making personal phone calls to go show up for random drug tests?

“The general public and the media need to grasp some f——- concept of reality. The reality of us doing all the f—— things that we’re doing when we already have the gold standard in drug testing, and then f—— try to chase 375 guys all over the world to randomly test them, too? It’s impossible. You look at all the other organizations, … you look at all the other companies that have tried to do what we do, nobody can f——- do it. You know why? Because this job is insane.”
- At the UFC in Fuel 2 post-fight press conference White explained the difficulties of keeping MMA clean of PED’s.

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

UFC president Dana White.(photo: Hector Castro/

“I am beyond pissed about this. I’m so (expletive) mad right now I can’t even begin … How (expletive) stupid do you have to be? Seriously dumb. Anybody who’s using (performance-enhancing drugs) right now is an absolute (expletive) moron. It’s beyond – what’s the word I’m looking for – it’s beyond belief. It’s beyond comprehension. You’re an absolute moron, a brain-dead absolute (expletive) dummy. It goes beyond a guy have any common sense whatsoever.”
- Dana White was a guest on a Canadian radio show when he reacted to Alistair Overeem’s failed drug test.

“This is the fight of my life. I’ve waited all my career for this fight. I’ve waited for (14) years for this fight. He is one of the guys I really, really want to fight before I (retire). This fight is the fight of my dreams. I’ve been fighting since I was 13 years old. I’ve fought for 21 years of my life. But, I still feel really good. I feel really motivated. You need to respect the body. We’re not 22, 23 years old. I’m 35. I’m not looking 35, but I’m 35. But I’m not too old, I’m not too young. Maybe I can make my last fight in Japan. Maybe, I don’t know. But we’re going to check with the boss when they’re going to have their next show there. I want to make my last fight in Japan.”
- Wanderlei Silva was a guest on The MMA Hour, and he admitted how important his bout against Vitor Belfort is.

“If we go toe-to-toe in this fight, I believe I have the advantage. I feel I have more power than anyone in the middleweight division, and I’m happy to prove that in any fight. I think we haven’t seen Alessio Sakara particularly go toe-to-toe, in several fights. I think he’s tried that. It hasn’t necessarily been successful for him. I think we’re gonna see more of a mobile and moving, elusive, fast Alessio Sakara. That’s what I plan on seeing.”
- In an interview on UFC Tonight, Brian Stann confessed what he expects to see from Alessio Sakara when the two combatants square off at UFC Sweden.

“The fans are fantastic. Fantastic fans. But the thing is, Dana White’s just ruined the sport. I got to thinking about it today and you know, he ruined it for me… It’s a crime. You see some of these guys only getting two or three or six thousand dollars and you’ve got Dana bragging about having 30 Ferraris. Come on. You have a sponsor and he charges a sponsor what, a hundred and fifty grand to have your stuff on the fighter? That’s money he’s stealing from the fighter. Then he goes and he pays them two or three thousand dollars. That’s crazy.”
- Don Frye accused White of shortchanging UFC fighters when “The Predator” was on Sherdog’s Savage Dog Show.

“I stopped drinking; I haven’t had a drink for a year and a half.  That’s a big benefit to training.  You got to think of your body as a high-performance machine.  You don’t have a Ferrari and put recycled oil in it, or 89 pump gas.  You want to put the best in it, you want to maintenance it right, you want to get the oil changed, you want to take it to the right mechanic and get it so it performs right every single time.  You can just turn the key and it starts.

“Same thing with your body, you don’t want to have this high-performance machine and fill it with alcohol and bad food, and then come back and try to rev that engine.  You can’t because you have all that bad stuff in you.”
- Damacio Page related his body to an exotic automobile, while a guest on MMA DieHards’ Darce Side Radio.

“The way that Showtime wants to do it is when that fight finally happens, whoever wins it, they wanna do another fight on Showtime, so that guy would probably come to the UFC. We’ll see what happens, you know? Josh and I have been playing nice with each other for a little while, since he got into the UFC. It’s more than just, ‘Does he win? Does he do this?’ You gotta be able to come to terms with the guy and be able to deal with him. If he wins the fight, I can’t see why he wouldn’t come here, unless we weren’t able to make a deal with him.”
- White spoke to HDNet about the possibility of Josh Barnett returning to the famed Octagon.

“I was reluctant to [go to 205] at first but eventually did and we recently talked to them about moving back down to 185. I am not a big 205′er and my success in the weight class has been mixed. I think 185 is my true home so they were interested. They said ‘hey there are some good match-ups at 185 and they’ll be good for you,’ so we’ll move in that direction. They presented me with Cung, I was kind of surprised by that but here we are. [Another title run] is my Cinderella story. That’s absolutely exactly what I would want to do if I could end my career with a run at that title for 185 and getting the title for 185. What better story could you write then that? I don’t want to put their carriage before the horse, right now I’m worried about Cung Le and we’ll take care of that first.”
- Rich Franklin told MMA Sucka that he is content returning to his natural weight class.

“When we went to India over a year ago I felt the market held enormous potential for the UFC. India has a long history of martial arts and traditional wrestling like Kushti. Indian athletes have also demonstrated world-class levels in combat sports as evidenced by the country’s 2008 Olympic medalists in wrestling and boxing.”
- Lorenzo Fertitta commented through press release on the UFC’s reasoning to venture into India.

“With striking, Duke can do it all and that’s why I went to him.  He has fought professionally in kickboxing, Muay Thai and boxing, so he is just a jack of all trades when it comes to striking.  Some days when we go in to the gym you never know what you’re going to get and that is a great thing because he is so well versed in everything that it really completes your game.”
- Ben Askren talked to MMA DieHards about Duke Roufus

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen

“I stomped you before and I will stomp you again. You are a nuisance to me and to everybody else. You ducked me for six years. You ducked me for two years after that. There’s nothing I can do more than pick a fight. You put every stipulation on this thing that you could think of and I answered them all, including coming to Brazil like that’s some kind of a big deal. What’s the difference? It’s a plane ride somewhere. I’m not fighting you in Brazil, I’m not fighting you in Chicago, I’m not fighting you in Florida; I’m fighting you in the Octagon. And when you get in there and I get in there, I’m going to stomp you this time same as I did last time. You can complain about your rib. I’m sure your rib did hurt; your rib is inside of a coward. That’s the problem your rib’s got, it’s got the same problem your hands and feet have — they’re attached to you, dummy. I’m going to be attached to you, too, for 25 minutes or until you give up.”
- Chael Sonnen ripped Anderson Silva in this promo video.

“If I was able to put another title run together and the UFC wanted to do another fight with Anderson, I would be willing to do another fight with Anderson. And I believe — and this is just because of the champion mentality in my head — but I believe that given another shot, I could win that fight.”
- Rich Franklin told MMA Canada he likes his chances in a third bout with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

“I think he’s an entertaining fighter, I enjoyed his fight (against Carlos Condit). Personally, I thought he won it as well. It’s a shame some people are gonna look down on him because of that (failed) drug test. I would love to fight him; I’m a huge fan of his. He’s a very entertaining guy and he comes to fight. Nobody really does that anymore and I respect that. By all means I would trade some punches with him.”
- Dan Hardy admitted to Fight Hub TV that he would enjoy a bout against Nick Diaz.

“Frankie gave two rematches. It’s criminal not to give him a rematch after a decision, because, as a champ, he gave two rematches. I think it’s something that has to be done sometimes. There’s just no alternative. It does create a little bit of a logjam, I guess you could say, from the top, but, if you’re a challenger, the idea is you have to keep winning. It doesn’t matter. You have to keep on winning. So, if there’s a logjam…guess what? You gotta fight. You gotta win. Oh well. That’s the way life goes.”
- Ben Henderson was a guest on UFC Ultimate Insider, and he discussed granting Frankie Edgar a rematch following their UFC 144 title bout.

“I’m a realist. I knew I wasn’t going to go through my career undefeated. That’s how this sport is. People lose. Even the best guys lose. I knew as soon as it was over, I had to pick myself back up and keep going forward. I do have some extra motivation now, for sure, but I wish that for that night things had gone differently and that the fans had gotten the fight they came to see. Ultimately, I let myself down. I don’t ever want that to happen, and not for Fox or anything else. I want to go out there and win. Stuff happens. I get that, but I definitely wasn’t happy with my performance. What it comes down to it, I don’t want to be in that position again.”
- Cain Velasquez talked to Yahoo! Sports about the only blemish on his record.

“For me, the question is how is Dos Santos going to deal with the kicks and the knees and the elbows? Since he’s been in the UFC, I’ve never seen him have to deal with that. It’s stuff that he’s going to have to deal with from Alistair Overeem. He’s fought a pretty one-dimensional fight, he’s fought very Chuck Liddell-like in that he’s great at defending the takedown, he drops bombs, he throws heavy punches, but he’s never dealt with anybody who’s going to throw kicks and knees and work in the clinch the way that Alistair Overeem does. I’m real curious to see how Junior Dos Santos is planning on dealing with that.”
- Dana White compared Junior dos Santos to Chuck Liddell in an interview with MMA Weekly.

“I think he’s a tremendous athlete, I think his boxing is incredible. He’s Brazilian so his ground game is also gonna be top notch. I truly believe that I am the one to beat him. I truly believe I have superior striking, so I can’t wait to get it on.”
- Overeem talked to about his upcoming opponent, dos Santos.

“I think he was more surprised. There’s that almost denial that he feels because there is a high confidence level that he is about to get out. As his brain is trying to figure out an answer on what to do to get out of this, he is in a panic, I am still applying the move. I’m not sitting there waiting for him to figure out what to do. And so, you know, his brain never really accepted defeat. He was looking for a way as to what to do until the end. As far as what I would do, I say, that, if it’s a limb thing, I definitely would, once I know I feel something starting to pop, I think I would slap out to, tap out and say screw it. I don’t want to have a broken bone and shred something and alter the way I walk or maybe the way I brush my teeth the rest of my life. On chokes, I’ve been known to be a dick in the gym and pass out and to go very close.”
- Frank Mir admitted to Sherdog that he is not too proud to tap.

“I don’t know how that guy makes 205. He has enough trouble gettin’ down to 250. I would be shocked … or maybe he just shaves and gets down to 205, I don’t know. I don’t know how he’s gonna do it. I’m done. I’m done with it. I’ve encouraged him to shave his face and cut his hair, too, but he doesn’t wanna to listen to that, either, so whatever. If he really could get to 205, he’d be a force at 205. He’d be a scary dude. He’s got great wrestling, awesome submissions, great chin, a ton of heart, and has knockout power. I mean, who knows what Roy Nelson could achieve if he applied himself. You gotta want to do it. You’ve got to want to get in there and take it serious. Seriously diet, seriously train, and then you’re going to have to cut some weight the day of the fight. As long as I’ve known Roy Nelson, as long as he’s been in this business, he’s been big. And it’s not like when you get these guys at 185 and they wrestled their entire high school and maybe college careers and they’re used to cutting weight. They know what it takes. I don’t think that’s gonna be easy for a guy who’s been big his whole life.”
- White talked to MMA:30 about Roy “Big Country” Nelson making the light heavyweight division.

“I’m on my own chopping block. If I lose to him, I’m quitting! I don’t even deserve to be in there! There’s not an easy fight. In the UFC, there’s no easy fight. He doesn’t deserve to be in there with me, and I’ll prove it. I’ll prove it in under a round, because, we see…I tend to get tired in the second round (laughs). We’re both in a similar spot in our career I guess. We’re both on the chopping block. That’s fine. I’m really happy with that.”
- Jason “Mayhem” Miller was a guest on MMA Uncensored Live, and he spoke about the importance of his upcoming bout against C.B. Dollaway.

“As most of you will be aware, I said something insensitive on Twitter and duly suffered the consequences. I was initially told I would no longer be able to fight in the UFC and that my time with the world’s top mixed martial arts organization was over. As you can expect, this hurt a great deal and resulted in a huge amount of regret on my part. Looking back, what happened was a mistake, and one I desperately wish I could erase. I said something stupid, I was very insensitive, and I paid the price. Thankfully, at least I’m now aware of just how powerful my words can be and, as a result, will never approach social media in such a carefree manner again.”
- Via his blog on mmafighting, Miguel Torres expressed his regret for a Twitter rant that found him released from the UFC for a short period of time.

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