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Miguel Torres wants to fight everybody after win at UFC 139

Torres (L) eye-to-eye with Urijah faber (R) (Photo courtesy of

After a well-fought decision victory at Saturday’s UFC 139, Miguel Torres is wasting no time to get back in the Octagon against whoever he can.

Torres (Twitter: @MiguelTorresMMA) dictated every aspect of his bout against Nick Pace at UFC 139 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif.

The former WEC bantamweight champion was irritated that Pace came in six pounds over the required weight limit, and after displaying his disgust on Twitter, Torres punished the former Ring of Combat bantamweight champion.  For 15 minutes Torres battered Pace standing up, used the clinch to his advantage, and controlled the Tiger Schulmann teammate on the ground with his extraordinary guard.

“I dominated every round, and that was the thing, I didn’t come out with the knockout or submission, but I didn’t get hurt,” Torres told “I can get back to training right away.  I’m looking to get back in title contention so the main thing is to have safe fights and fight smart and come back and be ready to fight again.”

Torres’ three-round contest didn’t wear on him in the least.

As the owner of Torres Martial Arts Academy, he is aware students depend on him.  Actually, it’s not only his students, but also his fellow professional mixed martial artists, that rely on Torres for a quality training partner.  Just two days following UFC 139, Torres was back in the gym preparing his colleagues for their upcoming battles.

“I got a couple guys fighting in two or three weeks, so I’m training with them, and teaching jiu-jitsu and going back to the grind,” Torres said.  “I didn’t get hurt in my fight and I want to get back in there right away.”

Torres decided it was time for an overhaul with his coaching and training staff just over a year ago and is now under the direction of Firas Zahabi.

Zahabi is the owner of Tristar Gym in Montreal.  The facility houses such talents as UFC welterweight champion Georges St- Pierre, Rory MacDonald, Kenny Florian and a wealth of other top-tier MMA fighters.  The relocation to Tristar, coupled with Torres’ new training partners, gives a yin to his yang.

“Now that I’ve been (at Tristar) for a while and I got Tyrone Spong with me, Mike Van Arsdale and a couple guys from the Blackzillians that are coaching me and working with me, it’s given me a good balance,” Torres admitted.  “I think with every fight I have I’m going to get better and better.  I think the more time I have with my new training partners and new coaching staff, the better I’m going to get.”

Torres is anxious to showcase his improving game, but with no opponent particularly in mind.

As a former WEC champion, currently 2-1 in the UFC, Torres’ ultimate goal is to obtain UFC gold, but he doesn’t discriminate in foes.  Ideally, a matchup between the combatant who dethroned him, Brian Bowles, who just lost to Urijah Faber at UFC 139, would make sense.  Another desirable opponent is up-and-comer Michael McDonald.

However, Torres’ list of possible counterparts consists of more than top-five contenders in the UFC bantamweight division.

“I’ll fight whoever Joe Silva and Dana White say I should fight next,” Torres stated.  “I don’t call anyone out.  I let Firas Zahabi pick whoever they want me to fight.  I’m a fighter, I want to fight everybody.  I want to fight all of those guys.  There’s 15 guys on my list, so there’s 15 answers right now because I want to fight everybody.”

With an attitude like that it won’t take long for Torres to be back in the Octagon.

UFC 139: Fueled by the haters, Nick Pace gets a shot at Miguel Torres

Nick Pace (Hector Castro/ photo)

Haters beware: Nick Pace is a lover and a fighter who knows how to play the game.

Getting ready to make his third appearance in the Octagon, Pace (Twitter: @NickPaceMMA) – a member of the Tiger Schulmann’s Fight Team – is ready to prove he belongs in the stable.

Pace began his fight career in 2008, starting with five straight wins that led him to becoming the Ring of Combat bantamweight champion in 2010.

Competition quickly stepped up for the New Yorker as Demetrious Johnson welcomed Pace into the WEC with the first loss of his career.  Pace then joined the UFC and quickly made a name for himself by introducing a signature move, the Pace Choke.

This may have rubbed some the wrong way as Pace received recognition and praise so early in his career.  But having haters is just part of the motivational fuel to keep the fire burning.

“I love haters, it is motivation for me.” Pace told Joe Rizzo and Jeremy Fullerton while sitting in on Rear Naked Choke Radio on the MMADieHards Radio Network.  “People talk (smack), people try to hate on you, and people are jealous or little scared so they start hating and talking crap about you.

“Whatever, bring it on.”

At UFC 139 on Saturday at HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif., Pace will be stepping up to face his most challenging opponent to date, Miguel Torres.  Not being one to talk a lot of smack, Pace chooses to be wise and listen while all the “smart” people talk.

Keeping his ears to the ground, Pace has heard that he doesn’t belong in the cage with a fighter such as Torres.

“Miguel Torres, he’s a great fighter and he’s been in the organization for so long he’s made a huge name for himself,” said Pace.  “I heard on a website that he was actually insulted that he is going to have to get in the cage with me.  You know what man, he’s a hater and he can think what he wants.  I know that I’ve been training really hard for this fight, I got that spark, I want it and I want it bad.  We’ll see what happens.”

With both Pace and Torres losing their last venture to the Octagon, a win for Pace would boost him up the divisional ladder, while a win for Torres will at least hold his parking space in the rankings.

Pace suffered a close decision loss to Ivan Menjivar in his last outing at UFC 133 in August.  With only two defeats on his record, Pace has never been finished.

“There are no excuses to any kind of loss,” Pace admitted.  “I fight hard and from every loss you learn more than from a win, so I’m going to take it as something very good came out of that fight.  I have a lot of things that I’m going to fix up – a lot I already did – and just move on from it.  You can’t dwell on all that old, bad stuff.  You just got to move on and get better.”

Many fighters have mastered the techniques of weight-cutting, some to the point of experimentation in different weight classes.  With the new 125-pound division soon to be introduced to the UFC, many bantamweights are considering a drop.

“Hell no,” said Pace when asked.  “I would never be able to drop down to 125 pounds, no way.  One-thirty-five is a good weight for me, I feel good and I feel strong there, so I’ll be staying at 135.”

The bantamweight division has a maturing addition with Pace looking to keep his home under the shelter of the UFC banner.  Using that maturity to keep his head in the game, Pace does not play around when it comes to out-of-the-cage animosity.

“I don’t think that it is necessary at all,” Pace said.  “But if it happens, it happens.  I not looking for any kind of problems, I don’t have beef with the kid, so it’s just a fight.  I’m sure when it’s done we’re going to hug and it’s going to be all right.  I’m not going to pursue problems, we’re professional.”

Come Saturday, Pace will face all his haters once more.  Time to see once again how he plays the game.

Rear Naked Choke Radio: TOPPS box break with Nick Pace in studio, Bart Palasewski


Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Rear Naked Choke Radio comes atcha live from LA Boxing in Paramus, N.J. as Joe Rizzo and Jeremy Fullerton bring you something very special.

UFC bantamweight Nick Pace joins the guys in studio for a box break of the brand-new Topps UFC Finest, and UFC 137 knockout of the night winner Bart Palaszewski talks about his great win over Tyson Griffin.

If you’re a collector or just interested in some of the coolest UFC products around, check out the box break. Nick, Jeremy and Joe open the box and packets to give you a close-up view of what is inside, so make sure you watch the video stream!

Pace (Twitter: @NickPaceMMA) is in the final portion of his camp ahead of his fight Nov. 19 in San Jose, Calif., against former WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres at UFC 139.  He also invented the Pace Choke.  Watch how Nick reacts in the box break when a card of his opponent is revealed.

Palaszewski (Twitter: @Bartimus7) knocked out Griffin at 2:45 of the first round in what not only was his debut in the UFC, but also as a featherweight.  In addition to taking home the $75,000 knockout of the night bonus, Bartimus also grabbed another $8,500 (25 percent) of his opponent’s show money since Griffin was over the featherweight limit at weigh-ins.  With that extra cash, he is forced to buy his daughter something.  Listen to find out!

Joe and Jeremy also take a look at UFC 138 against the odds and make their picks.

Rear Naked Choke Radio streams live from LA Boxing in Paramus, N.J. on Wednesdays at 6:45 p.m. ET (unless otherwise noted) and is part of the MMADieHards Radio Network.  If you cannot catch the live stream, it is available on demand RIGHT HERE shortly after completion of the broadcast.  We’re also available on iTunes and TalkShoe.

Miguel Torres and Nick Pace are going to San Jose

VIDEO: UFC 133′s Nick Pace is itching to ‘stand and bang” in the Octagon

Nick Pace breaks down his UFC 133 matchup with Ivan Menjivar. (Photo: Hector Castro/

Tiger Schulmann fighter Nick Pace (Twitter: @NickPaceMMA) sits down with to discuss his upcoming bout at UFC 133 against Ivan Menjivar.

Ivan Menjivar vs. Nick Pace set for UFC 133.

Michael McDonald to meet Nick Pace at UFC 133

Newcomer Edwin Figueroa to Replace Nick Pace at UFC Fight Night 24

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