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Darce Side Radio: Mike Straka, John Alessio, Lloyd Woodard

On this week’s episode of Darce Side Radio, host Michael Stets breaks down the latest MMA news and fight results.

Also, Bellator Season 6 lightweight semifinalist Lloyd Woodard, UFC lightweight and MMA veteran John Alessio, and MMA Uncensored Live host Mike Straka were gracious enough to join Stets in this week’s episode of Darce Side Radio.

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After doubting himself, Mike Straka’s dreams come true with MMA Uncensored Live

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A pioneer of MMA media, Mike Straka will leave nothing uncovered on Spike TV’s newest show entitled MMA Uncensored Live.

Straka (Twitter: @MikeStraka) is without a doubt an icon in MMA media.  He began his career with CBS and shortly after moved on to Fox news.  In 2001 Straka created Fox Fight Game and continued his role as vice president and executive producer for FOX News Digital until 2010 when he left for HDNet.

Straka hosted Fighting Words on HDNet, but Mark Cuban – owner of HDNet – pulled the plug on the show after 37 episodes. Straka started to second guess his choice to leave Fox, believing the people surrounding him that he made a mistake.

“I followed my passion, I followed my dream and I thought maybe I dream to big,” Straka admitted to Hector Castro and Mike Steczkowski on Darce Side Radio on the MMA DieHards Radio Network.  “Maybe I’m not that special; maybe I’m not that good.  There was a time when I was ready to go make pizza, it was bad.  Then I got a call and everything just happened at once.”

Straka received a phone call from Spike TV and they made him an offer he didn’t quite believe in the beginning. Spike TV presented Straka with the opportunity to co-host MMA Uncensored Live, but the New Jersey native was wary of the deal.  To his delight, Straka said three days after he signed the contract for the show there was a billboard in Time Square with his face plastered on it to advertise the show.

The ad proved to Straka that Spike TV not only believes in him, but more importantly the show.

“My experience with television is pretty extensive and I’ve seen shows that networks believe in and shows that networks put in as a place holder,” Straka explained. “MMA Uncensored Live is not a place holder.  I know this, not because it’s my show, but because I know television.  When I see Kevin Kay, John Slusser and Chris Martello, who are actually the highest ranked people at Spike TV, in the control at 11 o’clock on Thursday night, you know damn well they care about this show.  I have a billboard in Time Square, it’s not about me, but it’s about Spike TV saying we want this show to succeed.”

MMA Uncensored Live kicked off last week and they featured an exclusive interview with Nick Diaz and a special piece on the demise of Pride FC.  Straka informed MMA DieHards in the near future they will have a candid look at War Machine’s life behind bars, a preview of upcoming events and more one on one interviews.

With the UFC leaving Spike TV for Fox, one has to wonder if MMA Uncensored Live will live up to their motto of being unbiased and give every MMA promotion equal representation.

“We’re totally unbiased and we mean it when we say no b.s., no bias,” Straka said.  “We’re going to do everything MMA.  I’m going to promote a muay thai fight that’s going to be at MSG (Take On – Muay Thai at the Mecca).  We promote Black Rob and Renzo Gracie’s academy.  Nobody knows who Black Rob is or the Ultimate Absolute, but we promoted it.  That’s what we’re about, more importantly what I’m about. I’m about the sport of MMA, grappling, muay thai, boxing, Ring of Combat.

“You name it and we’re going to cover it.”

Darce Side Radio: Mike Straka and Pat Miletich

Mike Straka (Left) and Pat Miletich (Right) join Darce Side Radio.


Michael Stets and Hector Castro  breakdown UFC 144 with ‘MMA Uncensored LIVE’ co-host Mike Straka as well as breakdown StrikeForce: Tate vs Rousey with SF commentator Pat Miletich tonight.

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