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Burrell-Terry, Smith-Villante Added to Strikeforce ‘Rockhold vs. Jardine’

Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Jardine adds two more fights

Strikeforce Challengers 16: Fodor beats Terry

Strikeforce Challengers: Fodor has given a lot of himself, but now it’s time to take

Marine Corps veteran Caros Fodor fights not only for himself, but also for his country and the autistic children that are an important part of his life.

On Friday night, Strikeforce Challengers is going to have Fodor (10-3) battling some of his toughest competition yet in James Terry (11-2).  MMA Beatdown radio’s, Mike, Amy and Brian had the opportunity to sit and chat with the Samaritan fighter, getting to know about Fodor as a person during his interview on the MMA DieHards Radio Network.

Fighters have many different tales of how they came to enter cage, and Fodor displayed his strength in describing the affects and benefits of defending his country at war.

“I went into the military when I was 17 and got deployed to the war in 2003,” Fodor vividly described during the show.  “When I came home, I was drinking a lot and just kind of being a punk.  I got into a lot of street fights and it was those street fights that led me to MMA and AMC in Kirkland, Washington.”

There are accounts that depict the mental and physical stress that soldiers are put through to enter the military.  With Fodor’s natural ability, he is able to transfer that training and adapt it to his new career.

“The Marine Corps is pretty tough training, toughened me up, taught me a lot of discipline and self control,” Fodor said.  “It definitely applies over into MMA.  You are going to get as much out of the sport as you give into it.  The Marine Corps instilled all the real hard-core work ethics, so it worked out really well.”

It may not be known by many, but Fodor has another career, which is led from another passion: helping less fortunate children.

“My adoptive mother ran a foster home for autistic kids, so I’ve been around autistic and mentally challenged kids my entire life,” said Fodor.  “So it’s pretty natural for me and I followed my mother’s footsteps and got into the family business.”

Fodor explained in detail how much of his life he has devoted to helping these kids that need that help.

“I’ve been doing it for a long time and I’ve been working full-time at this foster home that I’m at for about six or seven years,” he said.  ”It is something that I’ve been doing and been around my entire life, so it was just pretty natural to just get into it.”

Working in a foster home as an assistant has helped Fodor mature as a person and develop skills to help him with life outside of his chosen sport.  But within that realm, Fodor has the assistance of Coach Matt “The Wizard” Hume and UFC fighter Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson to help him perfect his skills.

“It is a great thing for me to train with them; iron sharpens iron,” said Fodor.  “So being around those guys, learning from them and training with them has been absolutely great.  It makes me way better because I get to compete with guys that are world class and see where I place and to be able to learn from them to translate that into my opponents.”

Fodor rides a three-fight win streak heading into his fight against Terry, which takes place in Kent, Wash., giving him a hometown edge.  With this fight headlining the Strikeforce Challengers card, this winner of the match is almost certain to be secure an appearance on a main-card event in the near future.

“James Terry is a good guy and a pretty good striker,” explained Fodor.  “He’s also college wrestler, so he has the ability to hurt you on your feet and take you down to win a decision or ground and pound.  We are aware of that and have a good game plan for Terry.”

While in college, Terry displayed a natural talent for wrestling and made and easy natural progression in adapting those skills to MMA.  Considering these facts, one would assume that Fodor should have some concern for these attributes.

“I’m not really (concerned),” replied Fodor.  “I feel that I have a pretty good advantage submission-wise.”

Coming into this fight, it will be the first time that either fighter has had the chance to headline a Strikeforce event.  When asked if the opportunity was recognizable in front of him, Fodor was quick to acknowledge the importance of this fight.

“Absolutely, I think this fight is a stepping stone for both of us to one day (be) on the main card, then eventually a title shot,” hoped Fodor.  “So it is a big chance for both of us and I think we’re both aware of that.”

Fodor expounded with further detail on what he feels has to be done to enhance his career.

“I think that the next five fights are going to be the most important of my career,” was his assessment.  ”I feel really good and I plan on winning Friday, that’s for sure.”

To hear the interview in its entirety and listen to future shows, tune in to MMA Beatdown on the MMA DieHards Radio Network every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. ET/5:30 PT.

All fighters on weight for Strikeforce Challengers: Fodor vs. Terry

Caros Fodor vs. James Terry to headline Strikeforce Challengers 16

Terry-Fodor to headline Strikeforce Challengers 16

Strikeforce Challengers 15 Recap: Wilcox too much for Damm

Justin Wilcox connects with a headkick (Strikeforce)

April 1 marked the first event for Strikeforce since its recent acquisition by UFC parent company Zuffa.  The promotion held the fifteenth edition of its Challengers series from Stockton, CA and the event aired live on Showtime.  The event featured two noticeable changes from past Strikeforce events, as Zuffa put an end to undercard amateur fights and allowed elbow strikes on the ground (per the unified rules of combat).

Justin Wilcox destroys Rodrigo Damm

The main event of Strikeforce Challengers 15 featured a lightweight showdown between Justin Wilcox and Rodrigo Damm.  The American Kickboxing trained Wilcox entered the bout on a five fight win streak, while the Brazilian Damm had lost 3 of 4.

Despite a slow start, Wilcox connected with a number of headkicks to wobble Damm.  A right cross dropped Damm and Wilcox began to unload on the Brazilian.  Damm is bleeding badly from the onslaught.  Somehow, Damm survives the beating and lasts until the bell.  A clear round for Wilcox that will likely garner a 10-8 score from the judges.

The doctor’s stopped the bout as Damm has cuts under both eyes and above one eye.  Wilcox earned a TKO victory at 5:00 of the opening round.

Caros Fodor overwhelms David Douglas

Lightweights Caros Fodor and David Douglas met in the night’s co-main event.

In the opening frame, Douglas pushed the action, securing a number of takedowns, but it was Fodor that would deliver the most damage of the round.  Attacking from the guard, Fodor dropped a number of elbows and a diving right hand that earned him side control.  Fodor attempted a kimura, but Douglas managed to survive as the round came to a close.

The middle round started with a takedown attempt from Douglas, but Fodor countered with a guillotine attempts from the top.  Douglas escaped, but from the feet, he again ended up in a tight guillotine.  Fodor used the choke attempt to sweep and dropped more elbows from the mount.  Despite taking the back, Fodor was unable to finish and ended the round in side control.

In the last round, Fodor proved to be the fresher fighter, and punished Douglas with knees for a solid two minutes of the final frame.

Jason McCoy stopped the bout 2:12 into the third round, declaring the winner Caros Fodor.

Lorenz Larkin remains unbeaten

Heavyweights Scott Lighty and Lorenz Larkin clashed in a standup war.  The undefeated Larkin stepped in as a last minute replacement for Japanese judoka Satoshi Ishii against the former K-1 striker Lighty.

The opening round saw Larkin open with flashy kicks, but it was his counter attack that would land the most significant damage of the opening round.  Lighty would land a few shots of his own, but a push kick from Larkin forced Lighty against the cage where he was punished by Larkin.

In the second round, Larkin attempted to bring the fight to the ground, but Lighty shrugged it off.  Larkin showed signs off fatigue as the round progressed, but a counter left clearly rocked Lighty and a left uppercut put him out for good.

Lorenz Larkin remains undefeated as Dan Stell stops the bout at 3:15 of the second round.

James Terry finishes Josh Thornburg

In their Strikeforce Challengers 15 bout, James Terry made sure that late replacement Josh Thornburg would not play spoiler.

The pair traded combos early in the fight, but the Cung Le trained Terry showed that his arsenal of kicks and punches was too much for Thornburg.  Punishing Thornburg with leg kicks throughout the first round, it was a huge right hand that ended the night for Thornburg at the 4:38 of round.

Damian Douglas vs. Wayne Phillips

In the opening bout of the televised portion of Strikeforce Challengers 15, welterweights Damian Douglas and Wayne Phillips battled.

The opening round saw Douglas start strong, taking the fight to mat and nearly securing a rear-naked choke.  Phillips, meanwhile, remained active from the bottom and as the round progressed, began to take momentum.  Douglas appeared to gas and Phillips took full advantage, locking in a choke of his own but the bell saved Douglas.

In the middle stanza, Phillips opened with a takedown, but Douglas went for a guillotine that Phillips survived.  Referee Josh Rosenthal stood the pair up after slow work on the ground.  On the feet, Phillips proved to be the fresher fighter, landing a serious of big punches and knees that really took their toll on Douglas.  A big shot as the round came to close resulted in Douglas’ mouthpiece flying to the canvas.

The final round saw both fighters struggle with their cardio.  Douglas struggled to push forward, but successfully landed a nice combination that slowed Phillips.  An arm-weary Douglas showed heart and used his counterpunching to keep Phillips at bay.  Phillips would finish with a final flurry that rocked Douglas.

The judges scored the bout 28-29, 30-27, 29-28 for the winner by split decision, Damian Douglas.

Preliminary Card Results

Anthony Avila defeated Rafael Rios by unanimous decision (30-27 on all scorecards).

Bobby Escalante defeated Raul Sandoval by submission (armbar). Round 1, 4:10.

Tristan Arenal defeated Tommy Peterson by submission (armbar). Round 1, 1:58.

Ronald Carillo defeated Adam Antolin by submission (rear-naked choke). Round 1, 1:48.

James Terry finishes Josh Thornburg

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