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In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

UFC president Dana White

“Nobody wants to watch them on free TV. They’re pulling terrible ratings. If they want to get into the pay-per-view business, get ready to lose some money boys. Real money.”
- UFC president Dana White warned Bellator that the pay-per-view business is not friendly via

“Honestly, I feel like I’ve been re-born. My excitement, energy and aggression, it’s all back and bigger than ever. I feel like a kid again. The Rampage you’ll see Nov. 2 will be better than any Rampage you’ve ever seen.  Everybody knows Tito and I have a very long history. He’s a former teammate and friend, and it’s one of the reasons I stayed away from the UFC as long as I did.  But, I want to be very clear; any sort of friendship we once had doesn’t exist when that cage door shuts. I’ve got a ton to prove on November 2nd, and unfortunately for Tito he’s the guy I have to make an example of. He’s in my house now and Saturday, Nov. 2nd on PPV, it’s going to be a horrible night for Tito Ortiz.”
- Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson gave his thoughts on headlining the first-ever Bellator pay-per-view via Bellator press release.

“I’m back. Over the last few years, my passion for MMA was completely killed, dealing with UFC politics and with Dana. I didn’t have that drive to compete, my heart wasn’t in it. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m free. Bjorn and Bellator put together an opportunity that made me part of the promotion, part of the family.  I feel like I can breathe again and my old friend is going to be on the receiving end of all that happiness turned into an old school Tito Ortiz ground and pound beating. I’ve fought and beaten the very best in MMA history and on Nov. 2nd, Rampage will be the next huge win on my record. This is a new era for the People’s Champion.”
- UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz, now a Bellator competitor, chastised his former employer and spoke on his bout against “Rampage” via Bellator press release.

“It’s only the MMA diehards that want to see that fight. I have so many things going on. If she really wants to make that fight happen, I’m here.”
- Ronda Rousey talked to ESPN about the people that want to see her fight “Cyborg” Santos.

“He went out and bulled B.J. because he knew he could. He didn’t try to bully Ellenberger. Don’t come in and say my fight was great and technical and I belong in the top-10 and all this s—, and don’t go in there and try to perform. I don’t think he performed. I don’t think he did anything. He threw a few jabs and some front kicks.”
- At the UFC on Fox 8 post-fight press conference, White spoke on the lackluster bout between Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger.

“I hate answering questions about him. He’s just not relevant to me. There’s so many great fighters in the light-heavyweight division. He’s not even top five in his division. I’m not sure if he is.”
- Jon Jones admitted at the UFC World Tour that Daniel Cormier is not on his radar.

“Vitor drives me crazy man. Lorenzo can deal with Vitor, not me.”
- White spoke to OGlobo about the difficulties of matching Vitor Belfort with a suitable opponent.

“I’ve never made Jon Jones or Georges St-Pierre money, anyway. The thing I’ll miss the most is being a part of the greatest sport, the fastest-growing sport in the world. It’s so awesome to go out there and know I’m a part of the big show. The UFC really is the Super Bowl of mixed martial arts. It’s the biggest and best. It will be sad to not be a part of that anymore.”
- Aaron Riley talked to about his recent retirement

“I was sitting on the toilet and I heard screaming, ‘GSP! GSP are you there?! I was saying to myself, ‘Are you serious? Is he really calling me while I’m on the toilet right now?’ And I didn’t say a word. So I’m waiting and I’m like, ‘Shoot, I can’t believe he’s doing this to me.’ I’m a shy guy. I don’t like to be on the spot. So I wait. When I finished, I flushed and I even waited the next five minutes to make sure everybody that was in the [bathroom] when the guy called me … was gone, so it was different people because I don’t want to be put on the spot.”
- Georges St-Pierre, at the UFC World Tour, detailed a peculiar fan interaction.

“I don’t mind my goals being told aloud because then it makes me train that much harder.  My goal is to fight at 185 (pounds) and hopefully win a belt there.  That’s my real goal because, like I said, I walk around at 220.”
- Johny Hendricks admitted to MMA DieHards that he intends on vacating the welterweight division.

”When I used to box, I was like Anderson Silva.  They compared me to Pernell Whitaker.”
- Hip hop icon and former boxer Cormega talked to MMA Cypher about his unique boxing history.

“I’ve always been physically ready.  Every fight, I’ve always been in shape.  I’ve always been there.  Just for me it’s a mental thing because I can be a head case and that really has been what’s gotten me down in the past, but I took personal steps in my personal life, new relationships, new whatever it may be to just change for the better. I really am just happier and in a much better place than I can really ever remember, which is nice.”
- Ian McCall admitted to MMA Weekly that his life changes will be the key to his UFC success.

“I lost my focus and made a technical mistake. It was one of the things that I left – the philosophy of the martial art –and it cost me the belt. I always fought with this felling of keeping the martial art philosophy and keeping the control of the situation – trying to be as calm as possible for me to keep the balance of the octagon, which is very hard to do.”
- Anderson Silva explained to Mundo da Luta how he feels after his first UFC loss.

“Dana White has killed the sport that you and i love. The refusal to build stars. The reward for standing and wanging. THE UNIFIED RULES, have all killed the sport of mixed martial arts. I come to you humbly, as a student and teacher of the mixed martial arts. A man that has never tapped out, or been knocked out in mixed martial arts competition and ask that you do not support a corporate monarchy that favors a mark in the Win column, over showcasing the ART of MMA.”
- Jason “Mayhem” Miller took to The UG to address the UFC president.


In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

UFC president Dana White.(photo: Hector Castro/

“All the pros, when you talk to all the fighters – every fighter out there that I’ve talked too that we’ve interviewed thinks Weidman is going to beat him [Silva]. Georges St. Pierre thinks he’s going to win so much that he didn’t even want to plan to fight Anderson.”
- UFC president Dana White talked at the UFC 161 pre-fight media scrum about UFC fighters picking Chris Weidman to defat Anderson Silva.

“Anybody can go out there and put on a fight. Chris Weidman is undefeated, he’s a tough guy and a fight is a fight, anything can happen. I believe in Anderson Silva. Anderson Silva is the best fighter on the planet. I think Anderson Silva is a bad fight for any fighter in any weight class. I’m not saying Anderson Silva is invincible.

Anderson Silva can be beat just like anyone else can get beat. But I think if Anderson Silva goes in there well trained and focused, I don’t think there’s a fighter on the planet that can beat him.”
- Ed Soares, manager of A. Silva, was on The MMA Hour and gave his thoughts about the champ facing Weidman.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. He’s got a hell of a chin, and can knock people out, and he ain’t going to be winning any (expletive) spelling bees any time soon. Okay? Not the smartest man you will ever meet.”
- White commented on Roy Nelson in the UFC161 post-fight media scrum.

“Having a lot of black friends, they would say that would be more of an Uncle Tom move.

“That’s what my friends were saying,” said Nelson. “And I was just like ‘wow!’ Hey it is what it is. You gotta do what you can do for the boss.”
- Nelson spoke to about Daniel Cormier tweeting that he wanted to beat “Big Country” for the UFC president.

“You know, I think it would be hard for Fitch to not underestimate me. I just don’t think there is a way that Jon Fitch can understand how much I have improved as a martial artist just by watching me. So I think he probably didn’t intentionally underestimate me, but, I’m sure that he thought, you know, that he was going to come in and win because he was healthy and training real well.”
- Josh Burkman, who choked Jon Fitch unconscious at WSOF 3, talked to MMA Mania about his bout with the former UFC welterweight No. 1 contender.

“You’re a (expletive) idiot to think that a rear naked-choke is the exact same as that front choke. And literally, when he goes limp, and he’s out, then he rolls him (expletive)  over, let’s his head (expletive)  flop to the thing, then stands up over him – he’s literally like this standing over him before Mazzagatti (expletive)  gets in the picture.”

“The Nevada State Athletic Commission is going to keep this guy around until he seriously hurts somebody. That guy is dangerous. He’s dangerous.”
- White talked in the UFC161 post-fight media scrum about Burkman’s submission of Fitch, and the officiating of Steve Mazzagatti.

“With all due respect to T.J. Grant, Milwaukee is my town, and the fight with Ben is the fight everyone has wanted for years.”
- Anthony Pettis explained to why he wants a UFC lightweight title shot against Benson Henderson ahead of T.J. Grant.

“Yeah, that definitely happened. I beat Lyoto already. Ultimately, it was Dana’s decision to match me up with Gustafsson and not Machida, but I did mention to Dana that I had already defeated Lyoto, and the UFC 140 pay-per-view numbers were pretty terrible. If you have a perfectly healthy, young contender who is on a rampage, why not keep new opponents, new excitement for the fans?”
- Jon Jones talked to about his next opponent, Alexander Gustafsson.

“Have you known Chael to tell the truth all the time? Or ever, for that matter? No, it’s absolutely not true, there is no truth to that whatsoever. It’s one thing for him to say what he says, but when it involves me in a little lie, I guess that’s when I have a problem with it. But I didn’t put a lot of stock into it because I think Chael’s proven that not everything that comes out of his mouth is the truth. Usually he texts me when he’s going to say something. I had no warning on that one.”
- Dan Henderson, in an interview with, denounced Chael Sonnen’s claim that the two mixed martial artists set Jones up before UFC 151.

“I think Lebron is a dork, I don’t understand this whole thing. You have to understand, it frustrates me to hear that these guys are world champions. Look he won one world championships and was in the Olympic Games. It’s so aggravating to hear somebody win an NBA title and be called a world champion when it’s only done in America. If you’re not a global event where everybody can participate, you didn’t win a world title, you won a national title.”
- Sonnen was a guest on the Jim Rome Show and compared world champ versus national.

“I always wanted to call a B.J. Penn fight.  There was a mystique with B.J. for a long time, then like everybody else, the game catches up to you. There was a time with B.J. Penn that he really had this mystique.  Going up in weight classes, fighting Lyoto Machida, Renzo Gracie, it was insane what he was doing.  This guy is interesting.  Throughout history I’ve always been attracted to the interesting story, rather than a guy who just wins fights and is not interesting.  I always liked the people behind the fighter, meaning their personality.  I’ve come across so many interesting characters and I think (B.J.) would have been one of them.”
- Stephen Quadros admitted to MMA DieHards that there is one fighter he wishes he could commentate for.

Twitter MMA: Best of the Week for Sept. 24 – Oct. 1

chael sonnen ‏@sonnench

“Deserve?” I don’t wait, I take. You’re not the BEST, you’re just NEXT.@jonnybones #fixurarmurgonnaneedit

chael sonnen ‏@sonnench

Hey Jon, What do you think will cost more? Your hospital tab or the settlement you made with the two broads from the backseat?@jonnybones

chael sonnen ‏@sonnench

You made them disappear but I’m not going anywhere Johnny!!

Roy Nelson ‏@roynelsonmma

I begging you @danawhite and @lorenzofertitta put me in since you need someone. I will fight and I promise people will watch

Daniel CormierVerified ‏@dc_mma

@kraigss@dc_mma Roy Nelson has been pleading to be the replacement…what do you think about him? @roynelsonmma” ok

Roy NelsonVerified ‏@roynelsonmma

@RGBJacob @dc_mma @kraigss @ShaneCarwin But that ok it called training

Shane CarwinVerified‏@ShaneCarwin

@roynelsonmma @RGBJacob @dc_mma@kraigss since you like “less training” use that time to brush up on your grammar.#education is good4U

Daniel Cormier ‏@dc_mma

.@danawhite offer the fight to @HypeOrDie he’s from Louisiana like me. He will take the fight. Let’s do it!

Pat Barry ‏@HypeOrDie


Dana White ‏@danawhite
not true, we cut king mo and his manager came back to us and asked If WE wanted to match and we said no. Reb is wrong

Dana White ‏@danawhite
the right is in the contract but when u cut a guy u dont fuck with him when he is trying to make a living. Bad s— it’s dirty as u can get in the fight biz to do that to a guy

Dana White ‏@danawhite
I don’t have an opinion one way or the other. Has been a quiet guy doing his thing. I have no problems with (Rebney). Bellator ended up not matching the best offer Nam received, so this is one where it all ends well.

Josh Koscheck ‏@JoshKoscheck

My 1st hard day! I am ready 2 fight,1week notice. I’ll fight anyone 185 or 170. Sick of this sitting around shit. Lets go. Who wants some?

Ben Askren @Benaskren

Accidentally ripped this off trying to open the hatch. Guess my grip is as good as everyone says.

MMA Roasted ‏@MMARoasted

The UFC just announced that Stefan Struve is actually 3 members of Team Alpha Male standing on one another. #UFC

Dan Hardy ‏@danhardymma

My post-victory Lego set. #30YearOldChild

Dan Hardy ‏@danhardymma

Hmmm… This one may take a while. None of the bags are numbered either.

Dan Hardy ‏@danhardymma

Ten hours well spent. #LegoMarathon

MMA Roasted ‏@MMARoasted

Steven Seagal just took credit for Duane Ludwig’s knee injury. #UFC

Kyle Kingsbury ‏@Kingsbu

“Good stoppage” Although I wanted a 3rd round, MRI just confirmed multiple fractures above the eye and nose.@ufc

Frank Mir injured, out of Strikeforce heavyweight fight against Daniel Cormier

Luke Rockhold to defend Strikeforce middleweight belt against Lorenz Larkin

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (Photo courtesy of 5th Round)

“Regardless of who wins, even if St. Pierre loses, a fight with me can happen. A fight like this is above anything else. St. Pierre is one of the greatest of the UFC. Right now, a fight with Condit is meaningless.”
- Anderson Silva told SporTV that he wants to fight Georges St. Pierre, whether the Canadian defeats Carlos Condit, or not

“A source from very close to him said Jon Jones was willing to pay the fighters, he felt so bad about the card being cancelled, he was willing to pay the fighters on that card their fees. But after all these attacks on him by other fighters, he chose not to do that. He feels really bad about this situation and did not expect the entire card to be cancelled.”
- It was revealed on MMA Live that Jon Jones intended to pay the combatants that lost pay from the cancellation of UFC 151.

“Every guy who has lost to a champion twice in that weight division basically has to reinvent themselves and most likely change weight divisions. For us, the way I look at it, that’s a big step. For the UFC potentially, it’s just another event. It’s just UFC 151 or 152 or whatever it is, but for Lyoto it’s a much bigger decision in his life. I know that in Lyoto’s heart and in his mind, he believes he can still be the light heavyweight champion of the world. So if he’s going to take this chance, and he’s going to take this opportunity to fight against Jon Jones, he wants to make sure he puts his best foot forward and be 100-percent. Because if he loses, it’s not just like he’s losing another fight. He really has to sit back and reinvent himself and figure out what am I going to do.”
- Ed Soares, manager of Lyoto Machida, explained the “Dragon’s” reasoning for not accepting a championship bout against Jones to MMA Weekly.

“Right now no one wants to fight Jon Jones, but shit I’ll do it, I’ll fight Jon Jones. Guys are turning down the fight; you have to go to an old school fighter like Vitor Belfort to step up to the plate. That’s no knock on Machida or “Shogun,” but if those guys want to coach on The Ultimate Fighter and move off to the side and let me fight Jones, I’ll do it. If no one wants the title shot then give it to Daniel”
- Daniel Cormier told that he’d scrap “Bones” if no one else would.

“It’s difficult, because Jon Jones has a larger-than-normal wingspan and he’s still very young. He’s still in the phase where he’s playing during the fight, really, but he doesn’t have the responsibility of a champion. He fights with delight, jokingly, striking like I did back in 1930, when I started. Vitor has a great chance to defeat him. The biggest factor for Vitor is to use his explosiveness and his jiu-jitsu, where he is very good. But I think when one of them makes a mistake, the other will end up striking. As a Brazilian, I’ll be rooting for the Brazilian, even though I have a very good friendship with Jon Jones. Whenever I’m with him, I ask him to conduct his career in a different way, because he is very young and is always asking me something. But I’ll be rooting for Brazil, yes. May the best man win, but I’m rooting for Brazil.”
- A. Silva admitted to Bem, Amigos that he will be rooting for his countryman, Vitor Belfort, when the “Phenom” meets Jones at UFC 152.

“No, I think, like I said, everybody’s emotions kind of got the better of them, not just Dana, but a lot of people. Fighters, too. I think that’s reasonable. Listen, Dana is very, very good at what he does. He is the best in the world. You need that fire. The same thing that makes him emotional also gives him the fire too, you know; to knock on these executives doors when people are turning him down time after time. From fighting to get us legalized here and there, you need that fire. Kind of the flip side of that fire can be when things don’t go your way, you get mad. But, I don’t hold that against him for myself. You have to have that passion and you have to have that fire. It can go out of control or it can flash a little bit. But, if he didn’t have that fire, we might not be where we are today because it gets discouraging, you know, time after time. Remember, the UFC wasn’t always like this. It took someone to really get in there and fight and fight and (not) get discouraged and get up again and fight and fight to get it to where we are. That’s why I’ll never say a bad thing about Dana. Sometimes that stuff comes out as a negative and if I have to bear the brunt of it, that’s what I have to do. No, not at all, (ill will towards Dana), for the reasons I stated before. He is a passionate fiery guy and I am not the type of guy to takes that kind of stuff personal.”
- Greg Jackson was a guest on The MMA Hour and he talked about Dana White’s reaction to the trainer’s student, Jones, neglecting to fight Chael Sonnen at UFC 152.

“When you have a card that is only carried by one match, given the attrition rate in MMA, the injuries in training, they kind of set themselves up for the fall. They need to hold themselves accountable. It’s become a bit of a habit, of late, by the leaders, to blame others for their problems, instead of letting people hold them accountable … I think Jon Jones had nothing to gain in that fight. Sonnen, moving to a different weight division, having not fought there for quite a long time, and competing at 185, hasn’t earned the right in the first place.I think Jon Jones was well within his rights, and I back Jackson on the decision that he made and the advice that he gave Jones to pull out of the fight. It doesn’t do the UFC any good to chop the legs out from, possibly their biggest star because he doesn’t take a last minute replacement fight. There was nothing to gain for his career. I think its organizational suicide to do that to your biggest star.”
- Pat Miletich told Bloody Elbow that he thinks vilifying Jones was a mistake on the UFC’s part.

“I love the fact that I’m getting to fight Demetrious Johnson. We’re the two best guys in the world. I’ve always been impressed by him as a fighter and he’s always someone I looked at and was like, ‘that would be an awesome fight, me versus this guy.’ I know where I’m better than him and I know where he has the advantages. You have to go into a fight like that. He’s a speedy fighter, a very active fighter. As far as power goes, you definitely got to respect it but that’s not something I’m going to worry about. I’m going into the fight knowing I’m the powerful striker here. He’s going to be on the defensive. Of course I’d like to test his chin out. Everyone that I go in there, that’s the goal, to hurt them with every punch I throw. Whether it be in the body or in the face, I’m looking to hurt them with every punch. I’m going to be going for it the whole time and when you put pressure on him, that’s when you see people break. Thankfully, that’s what I’m good at, putting pressure on people. … My goal was to come in and be champion and now it’s so close, I can taste it. So there’s no way I’m going to let him take it away from me.”
- Joseph Benavidez talked about his UFC 152 flyweight championship match against Demetrious Johnson via

“The UFC made me very happy giving me this fight right now. It is a pleasure to fight with Edgar inside my country. I think this is going to be the fight of the year. It is a great opportunity to show everyone I’m the best. I will be looking to finish the fight at all times.”
- Jose Aldo talked to Bleacher Report about his upcoming superfight against Frankie Edgar.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, the fight I want to have again is Dan Henderson. That’s the one that haunts me. I go to my Twitter every day and there’s people, ‘Hey Bisping, check this out!’ And I click on it and it’s a picture of me getting knocked out. You can have that. It’s what drives me, it’s why I’m here today. If I could get the opportunity to fight him, I would relish that opportunity and if I was offered it on eight days’ notice, I would take it.”
- Michael Bisping clarified a rematch with Dan Henderson is a bout he desires in an interview with Jon Anik.

“The UFC title has always been in my sights. I’m not doing this for any other reason. I’m in this to be a champion, I’m not here to waste time. I’m not here to just say I’m a UFC fighter and wear a cool tee shirt. I want to be a world champion, period. In order to become a world champion, I’ve got to beat Michael Bisping, period. I’ve got to beat him and make a statement. I’m going to finish him.”
- Brian Stann stated he wants to be the champ via

“I think it’s good to control your own destiny. I just throw a name out there. He’s had three fights in the UFC and two Knockouts of the Nights. His sole loss is to Struve. I think people are scared of him. I think it’d be a good fight. Lavar hits hard. For me, yeah people say I have a weak chin, so this would solidify my place. But I fight at heavyweight. Everyone hits hard.”
- Brendan Schaub joined UFC Tonight and discussed his upcoming bout against Lavar Johnson.

“There’s no such thing as holding back. I want to finish as soon as possible. The only time I did it was because he was a friend of mine. It was against Thales Leites. We went until the last round because he’s a friend of mine and I respect him”
- A. Silva admitted to Tatame that he didn’t have his usual killer instinct when he fought Thales Leites.

“First of all, I would like to say Anderson has never been or went to Nova Uniao. I have never seen him around, we were never friends, only professional colleagues. No doubt, he is a great fighter. If he says he was easy on me because he considers me to be his ‘friend,’ I don’t agree. The fight was not finished because neither of us could do it. People criticized me a lot after the fight with Anderson, I really should have done more and gone for it, but the guys who came after me did not do things much different. The ones who tried to stand-up with him got exposed and were knocked out, and the one who used the game plan of taking him down was defeated on the judges’ decision, like me. I think it’s funny a champion that always talks about respecting each other and martial arts would say something like that. I am a fighter, and I respect everyone. I know what a fighter goes through to get there. We all have good and bad moments in our career. It’s just a big rollercoaster with ups and downs. But, we have got to stay humble and stay quiet about subjects that do not add anything. There is no superman, we are all human beings.”
- Leites disagreed with Silva in an interview with Tatame.

“A lot of people thought I was gay … We would wear a dress [he would allow his sister to dress him up with girl's clothes and play with dolls], put on her shoes. And because I am very vain about my appearance, and have a high voice, a lot of people were sure I was gay.”
- “Spider” Silva talked to Tatame about being considered a homosexual during his youth.

Frank Mir to meet Daniel Cormier in Strikeforce

Former UFC champ Mir books Strikeforce fight vs. Cormier

Andrei Arlovski vs. Soa Palelei, Jens Pulver vs Eric Kelly Set for One FC 5

In Their Own Words: The Week’s Noteworthy MMA Quotes

Recently retired UFC fighter Kenny Florian

“I’m just so thankful to the UFC and everyone here for everything they have done. Fighting found me and I’m a much better person because of it. I’m happy…. I’ve dealt with injuries in the past, but back in November I was training and hurt my back. It just hasn’t quite been the same … I re-injured it a few weeks back. So, it’s been tough. I haven’t been able to train. And I’m the type of person who never wants to do anything half-ass. If I’m going to train for a fight, I want to be able to do it 100 percent. [The decision] has been several months [in the making]. It’s been very, very hard. It’s been tough.”
- Kenny Florian touched on his recent retirement at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 15 Finale weigh-in event.

“For me it would have to be the fight after his first (UFC) loss.  He came back with more heart, more technique, more fire in his belly.  I think that’s really hard to find because once people lose they usually have a string of losses.  After every loss he’s always came back for a win.  It says a lot about his heart.

“Also, his finishes too.  He has a ton of finishes.  There’s a lot of great fighters out there that just can’t finish fights.  Whenever Kenny goes out there he does everything he can and doesn’t leave it in the judges’ hands.”
- Keith Florian talked to MMA DieHards about his best memories of his brother, Kenny, competing in MMA.

“I can’t think of (a reason to return). I am pretty happy and comfortable with the decision I made. I am enjoying perusing the acting roles I am getting,”
- Randy Couture said on UFC Tonight he has no reason to return to MMA, he enjoys making movies.

“Jon Jones is really good. He’s really good. It’s different, for sure. If he comes up to the heavyweight division, it’s gonna be tough for us, for sure. I really like him, but if he comes up to the heavyweight division, and he gets the chance to fight for the title, we’re gonna fight.”
­- UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos was a guest Spike TV’s “MMA Uncensored Live,and talked about a superfight between himself and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. 

“I think anytime you get to fight a guy that held the UFC title, it’s a big deal. If Tim Sylvia’s the guy that they put across the cage from me, then that’s the guy I will fight on that day, but it doesn’t really matter to me. I said that I would like to actually continue my progression, but there aren’t many guys that are a step up from Josh Barnett. I don’t know. I just would like to keep progressing in my career and fighting guys that are better than the last guy. I don’t know who that’s going to be. It doesn’t really matter. I’ll give Showtime their fight and see where I stand in the UFC division when I’m done.”
- Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner Daniel Cormier talked to Sherdog’s “Beatdown” radio about the possibility if fighting former UFC heavyweight champion Tin Sylvia next.

“Chris brings the fight, I bring the fight too. He’s got great jiu-jitsu, he’s got great wrestling; I have the same thing. I think you’re going to see a fight where it’s going to be everywhere. I think it’s going to be on the cage, it’s going to be on the ground, it’s going to be on our feet, but at the same time, you’re going to be seeing some fireworks from me and see some bombs fly from me. I know he’s going to try to do the same thing so you’re going to see a high paced fight. It’s going to be an entertaining fight, so don’t blink.”
- Mark Munoz said to expect an entertaining bout when he meets Chris Weidman at UFC on FUEL TV 4.

“I want to erase the last fight I did against Tom Lawlor in the UFC management’s head. That was a pretty bad fight, I take the blame for that. I feel like I’m reborn in the UFC, have to come back and show I deserve to be there. I improved much more my game, especially my wrestling, now I’m ready to be back and show the world my new skills. I’m not going to bring back the old Cote, I’m going to bring back a new Cote. You’re going to see a lot of improvement, but still a lot of power in my hands, and a solid chin.”
- Patrick Cote told how he feels returning to the UFC after being released following his loss to Tom Lawlor.

“Come on over to Strikeforce, (Eddie Alvarez), let’s do the Melendez fight. That would be fantastic. I think that he’s a guy who is extremely talented that we would love to have in Strikeforce to fight Gilbert. It would be great. … If he is a free agent and he is really free of any contractual relations, make the call. Eddie, come on down, let’s put the Melendez fight together.”
- Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker invited Eddie Alvarez to come fight Gilbert Melendez via

“Me and B.J. have a good relationship. It’s business, and, you know what? I like to have big fights. I think that B.J. is the type of fighter that would be a big fight for me. The UFC asked to try and stir up something. You know, I do my job well, and I went on to my Twitter account, and just kinda said, ‘Hey, B.J. Let’s do this fight.’”
- During a guest appearance on Spike TV’s “MMA Uncensored Live,UFC welterweight Josh Koscheck explained his reason for calling out B.J. Penn.

“I mean, right after my last fight I had no interest in fighting, but I am kind of warming up to the idea. Everywhere I go people are telling me to get back into the ring and I think it is working a little. No timetable, it isn’t going to be anytime in the next few months, that’s for sure. The thing about the UFC is that the landscape is constantly changing. I guess whatever makes sense. I don’t want any freebie fights. I would like to put together a fight that makes sense for everyone; for the fighters, the fans and the organization — a big fight.”
- Penn told UFC Tonight he might be returning to the cage sooner than expected.

“I informed UFC Matchmaker (Joe Silva) that I would like to fight in Early Fall 2012. I would like to be able to fight every three or four months. The UFC should look into adding some padding in the gloves because I plan on crushing my opponents.”
- Shane Carwin explained via his blog that he plans on crushing his foes when he returns to the Octagon.

“I like doing it, I like the job, but unfortunately it’s a job.  There’s some people that love it, and you need those guys in the department. There’s some people that eat, sleep and breathe firefighting. Well, I eat, sleep and breathe fighting. I use my firefighting money to pay bills.”
- Eddie Wineland talked to MMA DieHards about his dual occupations as a UFC fighter and a firefighter.

“Just got back to Brazil, was in the air, and only now found out about the uproar my comments on MMAJunkie Radio created, so I would like to clarify: I have seen way worse cuts than the one Cain inflicted on Bigfoot. The problem with this particular cut was not the size or anything, but the profuse bleeding into Bigfoot’s eyes. This is not an excuse, it is a fact. I am not here saying that wasn’t for the cut , Bigfoot would have won, nor I am making an excuse. What I am saying, again, is a fact. Had not been the cut, the fight most probably would have gone on, who knows what the outcome might have been, maybe Cain would have won anyways, maybe not. I also think that elbows on the ground should not be allowed. For the most part, they cause cuts, which are different then Kos, Tkos or Subs. They also tend to make a bloody mess, sometimes from relatively minor damage, and this does not help MMA as it tends to alienate many people to the sport. I didn’t mean in no way to diminish Cain’s victory, or make an excuse for Bigfoot’s defeat, but simply state a fact that myself, and anyone else who watched the fight, witnessed.”
- Alex Davis, manager of Antonio “Big Foot” Silva, voiced his opinion on elbows via The Underground.

“My goal is to fight for the title — that’s where I want to go. Johny has got some great wins, too, and if I have to fight him to get that shot then that’s what we’ll do, but of course I’d like to get the fight with Carlos Condit or Georges St. Pierre … or the winner of that fight. I’m going to need to take a little time off, heal up and go back to Denmark for a little summer vacation. I’m looking forward to that, but I definitely want to fight for the title. That’s what I want…. I would love fight Carlos, you know? But, of course, he wants to fight ‘GSP’ and unify those belts. I don’t blame him. I can completely understand that. If I was in his situation, I would probably want to get that unification bout as well. It all depends on when ‘GSP’ is going to be ready to fight again — if he’s going to be out a long time, then I think [Carlos] should defend it, but if ‘GSP’ is going to be ready by the end of the year like most people are saying, then I can see him wanting to wait for that.”
- Martin Kampmann said at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 15 Finale post-fight press conference who he would like to fight next, but understands the complications in getting those bouts.

“My dad showed me hard work. My dad was the type of guy that showed up to work whether he was sick, whether something was wrong with him, no matter what the circumstances were, he showed up to work, put in his full effort and came home. The one thing he taught me was hard work, how to carry myself as a man, and how to be humble. I’m really blessed. I owe all this to my dad. I don’t even know where to begin, he’s just an amazing man. If I could say anything to him, I’d thank him”
- “The Ultimate Fighter 15” winner Mike Chiesa spoke on his deceased father on

“He picks stuff up really fast. And the stuff that we worked on, I can guarantee you if he has the chance to use it in the fight, he will do it. If it’s a submission, if it’s a guard pass, whatever, I guarantee you he can do it. If he gets the chance, he can catch Anderson with something… A lot of people hype Anderson’s jiu-jitsu game because he got his black belt from the Nogueiras. But not every black belt is a high-level black belt. You just happened to have got a black belt under that guy. It’s not like he has great sweeps. It’s not like he has great submissions. How many submissions has he gotten [in the UFC]? He submitted Henderson. He submitted Chael; that’s two guys. And he submitted Travis Lutter. So that’s three guys. He’s even got a couple submission losses. They may be eight years ago, but they’re still losses. So I feel like this whole thing about Anderson being a black belt doesn’t make much of a difference in the fight.”
- Fellow Brazilian, Vinny Magalhaes, told that Anderson Silva’s black-belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu is something that doesn’t impress him.

“I feel I’m in a pathetic situation here, having to answer to this well-known fighter who has lied about me and about some facts of our lives. Anderson, you know how I deal with this kind of situation. You’ve been saying that Vitor Belfort has no balls. I can say the very same thing to you. Anderson, mark my words, you have no balls! I can tell that just by looking in your eyes. Every time I look at you, you chicken out. You’re such a wussy! This lie has really hurt me. I must confess that you’ve got talent, but as I said before, you are nothing but a piece of shit.”
- Jose “Pele” Landi-Jons gave his opinion on A. Silva in this video.

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