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Punch Drunk Radio: Andreas Spang, Sara McMann

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There is dumb, and then there’s DUMB. Like making a joke to the cashier in Publix about how lame Mickey Mouse is – while the kid bagging your groceries is wearing … wait for it … a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Because of course he is. That’s dumb. (Not that it happened to us recently or anything.) And then there’s DUMB. Like today’s revelation that in 2020, wrestling will not be a part of the Olympics. It’s an original Olympic sport, for cripe’s sake. But apparently golf will be in there. And badminton. And dressage. And table tennis … freakin’ ping-pong, kids! And sailing. It’s asinine, it’s ludicrous, and we’re going to talk to someone who knows a bunch about it and get some damned answers.

Tonight, Amy (Twitter: @amesbelle) and guest co-host’s John Petit (Twitter: @Scream13) welcome to Punch Drunk Radio brand-spankin’ new UFC bantamweight Sara McMann, plus Bellator’s Andreas Spang. And Bellator favorite Lloyd Woodard (Twitter: @mmacupcake) will check in, too. And it all happens an hour earlier than normal at 8 p.m. ET, so set your alarms!

McMann (Twitter: @Sara_McMann) is the first woman in U.S. history to win silver at the Olympics in wrestling. Her background in the sport will be a huge topic of conversation tonight, and she’ll share her thoughts on today’s news. Plus, she had a pretty big day personally, as well, as the UFC announced she is officially a member of the promotion. We’ll see if she can spill the beans on when we might see her first fight in the octagon, and who it might be against. She’ll bring an unbeaten 6-0 record into her UFC debut.

Spang (Twitter: @AndreasSpang) has a big fight on Thursday at Bellator 89 against WEC veteran Doug Marshall in the opening round of the promotion’s Season 8 middleweight tournament. Spang (8-2) hasn’t fought since last May, when he lost to Maiquel Falcao in the Season 6 middleweight tournament finals. Thursday begins what he hopes is the road back to another shot at the $100,000 tournament prize and a shot at the belt.

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Bellator: Andreas Spang stays prepared to win at all times

Andreas Spang landing a left hand on Brian Rogers at Bellator 66 (Photo courtesy of Bellator)

Reacting when face-to-face with adversity, Andreas Spang’s only intention is overcoming obstacles in his way.

Originally moving to Las Vegas from Sweden to pursue a career as a fighter, Spang (Twitter: @AndreasSpang) has since found his place in the world of mixed martial arts. Turning pro in 2008, the Swede has fought for promotions such as Canada’s Maximum Fighting Championship, Strikeforce and most recently, on a week’s notice, Bellator.

Advancing to the finals of Bellator’s Season Six middleweight tournament to face Maiquel Falcoa, Spang beat the five-to-one odds by knocking out Brian Rogers at Bellator 66. Knowing that he was there to win, Spang never saw the victory as an upset.

“I’m feeling great,” Spang said to Mike Fester, Amy Barton and Hector Castro of MMA Beatdown on the MMA Diehards Radio Network. “To me, it wasn’t an upset because I was there to win. I know that I took the fight on short notice and nobody gave me any chance, but I was there to win and I was focused on the goal the whole time. He did put me through some rough times, but my goal was to win the whole time, and I did.”

While having one week to prepare for a bout is not ideal, Spang is still a student of the sport and his constant desire to learn helps keep the middleweight in shape. Traditionally, fighters may have up to eight weeks for a training camp, but with the unique format of Bellator’s tournaments, only half of the time is allotted.

Not having any time to relax, Spang spent his time training with Skipper Kelp at Fight Capital, “One Kick” Nick Blomgren at One Kick Gym and Sergio Penha – all of whom are situated in Las Vegas.

“Lucky I had been training and sparring because I knew that I was on some peoples’ waiting list,” Spang

Andreas Spang on the back of Brian Rogers at Bellator 66 (Photo courtesy of

admitted. “It was just a matter of time before I was going to get a fight, but I didn’t expect it in one week. I was focused and mentally strong and I did the best with my opportunity.”

“I don’t really have time to relax too much because I’m fighting in the final again on May 18, and that’s four weeks away,” Spang continued. “I have all my people I need here in Vegas, so I’m just going to turn it up more and be ready for May 18. The great thing with Vegas, where ever you go you have someone to train with.”

Following Spang’s victory over Rogers, he was faced with his opponent in the final and a scuffle erupted between the two. Having someone step up into his face for the second time in so few days, Spang’s instant reaction was to push him away. The shove may have cost the “Sweet Swede” 20-percent of his winnings, but he’s still guaranteed his spot in the finals.

“After the fight, I was so high from my victory and still happy,” said Spang. “I didn’t know that we were supposed to face off and I didn’t know that Falcao was in the cage. They said, ‘here is your opponent,’ and there was a guy with a mean look walking straight in my face. With my emotions already high from the beginning, I didn’t really know what was going on, so I reacted and pushed him off.”

“I do apologize for any harm that I did to anybody,” Spang clarified. “I personally apologize to both Brian and Falcoa. I didn’t mean to blow up like this and I have seen fighters get in the face of each other before, but I just don’t like people in my face.”

An apology wasn’t enough, and the Ohio State Athletic Commission stepped in after the bout to give the fighter an ultimatum.

“First they wanted to suspend me,” admitted Spang. “Then they said you can choose whether we fine you 20-percent or suspend you six months. If I take the six months then I can’t fight in the finals and if I take the fine, I can still fight.”

Now that the issue with the commission is behind him, Spang has set his sights on concentrating for the fight ahead. What sets Spang apart from the rest is that he doesn’t concentrate on the attributes his opponent brings to the cage, only on what he has to do for victory.

Once his appetite for the tournament finals has been satisfied, the “Sweet Swede” has another craving to take care of.

“What I like to do on my free time is sit around, watch movies and eat ice cream,” Spang confessed. “I will take my well-deserved vacation after May 18.”

MMA Beatdown radio: Bellator Middleweight Tournament Finalist Andreas Spang


People! It feels so good to be back! Did you miss us? Sorry ’bout last week and everything. Consider it like a mandatory 14-day medical suspension from an athletic commission – there was nothing we could do about it. We had to take the time off. But it’s Tuesday, it’s 8:30, it’s time to party. No Wayne and Garth, but Mike, Hector, and Amy’ll have to do.

The B-to-the-D is back for another arse-kickin’ show. Mike, Hector, and Amy are joined this week by a relative newcomer who burst onto the mainstream scene just last week in Andreas Spang is gracing us with his presence for another stellar show.

Spang on Friday came into his Bellator Season 6 middleweight tournament semifinal fight against Brian Rogers as a big underdog – Rogers was a 5-to-1 favorite in the fight. And what’s crazier is that Spang, from Sweden, took the fight on less than a week’s notice. In his Bellator debut, with a shot at the middleweight finals on the line, Spang, like the honey badger, didn’t give a spit. He stopped Rogers with a second-round knockout. He’ll talk to us about the short-notice upset and his ambitions for the finals against UFC vet Maiquel Falcao.

Tonight’s show streams live at at 8:30 p.m. Eastern, 5:30 Pacific. And if you can’t make it here live, the show is available on demand RIGHT HERE after the completion of the broadcast or as a download at iTunes.

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