UFC lightweight Jim Miller

Jim Miller defeated Melvin Guillard  after a close call early in the match.

Josh Neer choked Duane Ludwig unconscious, Pat Barry knocked out Christian Morecraft in the first round, and Mike Easton earned a decision win against Jared Papazian.

Miller had problems taking Guillard to the ground and even got rocked early in the bout.  Guillard clearly had the upper-hand in the striking department, but Miller regained composure and continued to try to take “The Young Assassin” to the canvas.   Miller got Guillard to the mat briefly.  Guillard almost stood up, but Miller jumped on his back and secured a rear-naked choke.  Guillard tried to withstand the submission, but the ending was near and Miller forced the tap-out.

Barry has been claiming his grappling game has improved since training with Brock Lesnar and it showed at UFC on FX 1.  Barry stuffed a few of Morecraft’s takedown attempts, but the bout ultimately made it to the mat.  Morecraft locked on a deep armbar and the fight appeared to be on its way to being stopped.  However, Barry defended the submission and got back to his feet.  Morecraft dared to trade punches with Barry and got clipped with a left hook.  Barry planted four more punches on the downed Morecraft until the referee deemed the bout as over.

Neer and Ludwig engaged in a stand-up battle, but “The Dentist” continuously tried to bring the bout to the ground.  When Neer would attempt a takedown, Ludwig would make him pay with knees and punches in the clinch.  Neer accomplished a takedown, but Ludwig scrambled and tried to get the fight standing again.  As Ludwig was standing up, Neer latched on a guillotine-choke and applied pressure.  Neer held on until Ludwig was unconscious and the referee stopped the fight.

Easton came out of the tunnel fired up and ready for battle and he got one.  No matter what Easton hit Papazian with, “The Jackhammer” would not quit.  The two combatants stayed in each other’s face for all three rounds, blasting each other with punches and kicks.  The action went until the final bell, with both Easton and Papazian battling for the victory.  In the end, Easton managed to earn a majority draw from the judges in a tough fought battle from both parties.

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