Ronda Rousey submitting Liz Carmouche at UFC 157 (photo courtesy of Sherdog)

Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche proved they are ready for the pressures of a UFC bout.

Rousey (Twitter: @RondaRousey) and Carmouche (Twitter: @iamgirlrilla) made history Saturday night by being the first two female combatants to duke it out in the UFC.  They main evented UFC 157 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., and the match verified the girls are ready for the big stage.

Rousey, a ridiculously heavy favorite coming into the bout, came out of the tunnel looking as mean as ever, while Carmouche was all smiles.  They embraced with sportsman like conduct, touched gloves and put on a show worthy of UFC main event status.

Rousey quickly got the fight to the canvas, but was in a compromising position early in the match and it appeared as though she was on her way to suffering her first career loss.  After Carmouche scrambled out from underneath Rousey, “Girl-Rilla” managed to secure her opponent’s back in a standing position.  Carmouche was searching for a rear naked-choke, but could not get her arm under the champ’s chin.  Carmouche balked the choke and applied a face crank.  Rousey, with her face and neck being twisted by the torque of Carmouche’s grasp, continuously tried to shake her opponent off her back, but the pressure worsened.  “Rowdy” finally got Carmouche off her back and stood above her landing punches and absorbing up-kicks to the face and chest, until the challenger swept Rousey and attempted a heel-hook.  The former Strikeforce champ spun around and landed in side control and had Carmouche in a headlock.  Rousey punished Carmouche with punches to her forehead and nose, which drew blood.  Carmouche tried endlessly to slip out from under Rousey again, but in her efforts the Judo Olympian eventuated to the spider web position.

With her legs extended across Carmouche’s torso, and both hands latched on to the former Invicta FC fighter’s arm, the inevitable was underway.  Although, Carmouche defended well, Rousey ultimately stretched her opponent’s arm and won her seventh consecutive fight via armbar.

Prior to her UFC debut, Rousey was a media attraction.  The historic UFC match added more media attention and Carmouche became intertwined.

Rousey and Carmouche abided to their media obligations such as the UFC Primtetime show, the dozens of interviews, the fan appearances, amongst many other tasks.  They took care of their media responsibilities in such good fashion that UFC president Dana White noted it at the UFC 157 post-fight press conference.

“When we talk about the media coverage for this thing, these girls worked their asses off,” White said.  “Everything they had to do, I mean, they were up at five in the morning going to do media obligations.  It’s refreshing having people go in and do the (expletive) they’re supposed to do.  I like it”

Rousey and Carmouche continued their media savvy ways through the post-fight press conference as well.  Both fighters listened attentively and answered questions intelligently, all while exhibiting their personalities.

Rousey and Carmouche were the consummate professionals before, during after the first-ever UFC women’s fight, proving they can handle all the pressures of a UFC bout.

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