Recovery drink?

Training is important, but recovery is even more important if you ever want to improve your game.

For many Americans, chocolate milk is a regular in the Saturday morning ritual of bacon, eggs and toast.  Funny how a drink once thought unhealthy might actually prove to be beneficial when we talk about recovery from MMA brutal workouts.

What It Does:

The mission of a recovery drink is to decrease markers of muscle damage.  The thought is that a drink must have both carbohydrates and protein with a low caloric value in order to achieve success.  This notion may now be debunked!

The Study:

Recently, Prichett and colleagues examined the effects of two recovery beverages, chocolate milk and a commercially manufactured carbohydrate and protein beverage, to see which better enhanced recovery from an intensive exercise protocol.  Ten regional-level cyclists were then randomly assigned to a treatment order with each subject serving as their own control. Subjects then performed a high-intensity interval workout which included a five-minute cycling warm-up followed by three sets of 10 all-out, 30-second Wingate cycle sprints each separated by 50 seconds. This basic protocol was repeated six times to simulate a typical high-intensity workout or sporting competition.  Immediately after exercise and two hours after completing this bout of exercise the subjects were given one of the two treatments.

The Results:

The two beverages yielded similar total calories, carbohydrate, protein, and fat content.  Fifteen to 18 hours after this exercise bout, subjects performed a performance time trial to exhaustion at 85 percent of maximal oxygen uptake. The subjects came back one week later and repeated the protocol with the opposite treatment. There were no significant differences between the two recovery beverages when comparing time trial performance and the *creatine kinase levels prior to the time trial.

Based upon this study, it appears that using a chocolate-milk product is as effective as a commercially available recovery beverage when used in between intensive workouts or competitive events.

So drink now.  You have an excuse to drink chocolate milk and not feel bad about it afterward.

*Creatine kinase — an enzyme of the transferase class in muscle, brain, and other tissues. It catalyzes the transfer of a phosphate group from adenosine triphosphate to creatine, producing adenosine diphosphate and phosphocreatine. The reaction stores energy in muscle and brain tissue

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One Response to “MMA Fitness: Obscure Recovery Drink”

  1. February 23, 2011 at 7:45 am

    Does this really say that chocolate milk is good? Or is it more that commercial recovery beverages aren’t worth much at all? There is plenty of research to support the fact that protein is the main requirement and getting it within 20 minutes of finishing exercising makes it much more effective.

    Also adding things like cinnamon and honey, will make it taste better and these two ingredients have been shown to have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect in many trials. It’s dead easy and much cheaper to make your own post exercise recovery drink. A bit of protein powder, milk (or soy milk) and some honey and cinnamon: Tastes great and is going to be a lot more effective than a commercial version.

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