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Let me start out by saying that I write my blogs according to how I was feeling at that time, on that week’s episode.

It does not reflect my current feelings about anyone.  While there is a lot that goes on that is not shown on every episode, I am trying to do my best to tell all of you true MMA DieHards more of the story by explaining my thoughts on what was going on as it happened.

On to Episode 5, which started out again with the ass chewing from Brock Lesnar.  They once again showed me stepping out of the room, but this time they added what Brock continued to say.  Tony Ferguson told me to come back in, and when I did, Brock said he wanted us to “wow” him, then proceeded to tell me he didn’t see my fight!

That’s why I walked out in the first place.

Brock didn’t even take the time to watch it on tape.  When he got back, that’s why I was ticked off.  Nobody wants to be called names and criticized about something from someone who didn’t even see it.  I mean, if he had watched on tape when he returned from home, I might be more accepting of his ass chewings.  I say this with a chuckle, but it makes sense.

Back at the house, I was talking about the situation to Charlie Rader while playing pool with Nordin Asrih.  Did everyone see the beautiful 8-ball shot? (Laugh)

Later that night a mystery person wrote “Chris Cope double agent” in the sand box.  We are like, “See?  We knew!”  I mean, if the other team said it, and we didn’t talk to them about it … hmm, that’s weird.

Chris pleaded his case to us, telling us he wasn’t a double agent.  We listened and accepted his word, but we were still extra-on-guard about it, especially Clay Harvison. Then we find out Mick Bowman wrote it!  He called me a midget, but that’s OK because he meant it as a joke (I think).  I’m not that short, am I?

At bedtime, for some random reason Chris accused the most quiet and reserved person on our team of writing it in the sand.  I still have no idea where that came from.  He totally offended Tony and ticked him off.  I really thought Tony was going to hit him.

At fight announcement time, was Clay vs. Mick as the chosen matchup by Junior dos Santos.  This appeared to be an exciting match with the potential to be another like mine.  Clay talked about how much this fight meant to him and how he was doing for his brother, who passed away, and explained the tattoo on his side.  Mick lamented how much he missed his daughter.

At fight time, you could still feel the tension between Junior and Lew Polley, but Junior did a wonderful job keeping Mick’s focus. Both fighters look ready and focused.

Early in Round 1, Clay walked forward and tagged Mick with his hands.  Mick got in a few punches but seemed a little gun-shy and ended up on the ground. Mick came close to catching Clay with more than one up-kick and then went for an omoplata, but Clay pulled out of it and told him to get up.  Then it was more of Clay walking forward with his strikes.

Round 2 pretty much was the same as the first round, except all on the feet.  Early in Round 2, Mick kicked at Clay and hit Clay’s pinkie, leaving him with a compound fracture, meaning the bone was sticking out of Clay’s skin.  Being a tough SOB, Clay never showed it in his faces and finished the fight strong, winning a unanimous decision.

Unlike last week, I managed to avoid controversy at the end of this episode.  I guess I can sit tight with my nose clean for another week.

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  1. Robin Cole
    April 28, 2011 at 12:31 am

    Brock what a douchebag, I feel bad for the fighters on your team your the worst coach go back to wrestling YOU FRUIT!!!

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