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For once, this was an episode that was almost all about the fighting, with just about no drama.

The quarterfinal matches happened, with Chris Cope from our Team Lesnar taking on Shamar Bailey, and another teammate, Clay Harvison, going against Ramsey Nijem.

Chris definitely got into Shamar’s head, and it came out a little bit at the beginning of the episode when he said, “Feel like that dude is lurking at every corner.”

Brian Stann came to talk to us.  He was right about the comparisons of the military and the top-level fighters in the UFC.  I respect his service on a different level than the other guys, because I served overseas as an Infantryman for the Army.  I was in Iraq in 2004-05 with the 25th Infantry Brigade Stryker.

When it came to the fights, Ramsey-Clay was first, and only after Ramsey insisted on showing off his stripper side again at weigh-ins.

Ramsey was so good, I almost could not believe it.  He got Clay down right away, took the back and then quickly got the rear naked choke.  Clay was mad at himself for falling for that move when he knew Ramsey had it locked in his game plan.

If you have been following my blog here on MMADieHards.com this season, you know I was not Chris’ biggest fan.  But when he got the decision against Shamar, we all celebrated like kids.

Did Chris win both rounds decisively?  Maybe not, but his striking was more effective and Shamar could not get him down.

The other quarterfinals were shown, with Chuck O’Neil against Zach Davis, and Tony Ferguson versus Ryan McGillivray, who got the decision against me.  We’re getting close to the finale, and anything can happen.

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One Response to “Len Bentley’s TUF 13 Blog: Finally, it’s all about the fights”

  1. tanvir
    June 13, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    len is such a baby. all he did was whine. kept on saying he fought his heart out. so what? he still lost. had his chance and lost. not even a mediocre fighter. i wish he had attacked brock like he said he was going to. he would’ve been drinking out of a pipe for the rest of his life. biggest douchebag of all time.

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