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“It’s cool that I get to do something that I love doing and make a living off of it.”
- Daniel “Ninja” Roberts admitted on Punch Drunk Radio that he is content with his career choice.

“I was really surprised by the third one.  I felt like I was going to keep slamming him until the end of the round.”
- Rory MacDonald said in a post-fight interview that he surprised himself by continuously slamming Nate Diaz during their bout at UFC 129.

“Machida is like a son to me.  We worked hard on that kick and I really wanted him to do that kick.  He wanted to do it and he knew he could, and he did.”
Steven Seagal informed Ariel Helwani that he wanted Lyoto Machida to utilize the front kick that knocked out Randy Couture, at UFC 129.

“I think the last time we had this conversation I had all my teeth.”
Couture confirms with Joe Rogan that Machida kicked out of The Natural’s teeth in their bout at UFC 129.

“Jake is an amazing fighter, he’s much better than I thought.  I give him props.”
- Georges St-Pierre confesses that he underestimated Jake Shields, in the champ’s after fight speech.

“I cannot see with my left eye right now.  It’s very blurred.  I am going to have to go to the hospital.”
St-Pierre told Rogan he suffered an eye injury in the second round of his title defense match against Shields.

“Hey everybody, leaving the hospital soon, just finished all my eye tests, I still don’t see anything from my left eye but I’ll be (fine).  Thanks for the support!!”
St-Pierre tweeted shortly after his victory against Shields.

“I hope I didn’t put you into labor, I hope you’re OK.”
Mark Hominick said to his wife, from the Octagon, after a five-round war with UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo.

“@josealdojunior Round 6?”
Hominick tweeted to Aldo after their crowd-pleasing battle.

“To go out to that ovation was pretty special.”
Couture said in a post-fight interview at UFC 129, after receiving a heartfelt goodbye from the audience at Rogers Centre.

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  1. Tamer D. Masterpiece
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    “I think the last time we had this conversation I had all my teeth.”

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