UFC Hall of Fame member Chuck Liddell. (Photo courtesy of Zimbio)

“The opening line is five, six-to-one? I think it’s ridiculous. Jones is facing a different style of fighter than he’s fought recently. Jones is used to controlling where the fight is, if it’s on the feet or on the ground. He’s gonna have a real hard time with this one. It’s gonna be a good test for him. I like both guys but it’s definitely not a five-to-one fight. It’s gonna be fun to watch.”
- Chuck Liddell gave his thoughts about Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans to Fight Hub TV.

“Anderson think it through,
There’s still a few months before they lock the cage door behind me and you.
Last time they raised your hand,
But it was plain to see
That I took a lot more out of you than you took out of me.
I broke the mirror and I blew away the smoke.
It was me who tapped,
But it was you who broke”
- Chael Sonnen unveiled his poem for Anderson Silva at the UFC 145 Q&A.

“I think Chael will out-wrestle Anderson and beat him this time, and then I’ll get the rematch with Chael considering how close our fight was. If I had Chael over five rounds, I’d definitely beat him. In that last fight, I’d have stopped him in the fourth for sure. He was spent after trying to submit me in that third round. Towards the end of that round I was raining down shots on him.”
- Michael Bisping told Your MMA what he thinks will happen when Sonnen meets Silva, and when the Brit gets a rematch against the UFC middleweight No. 1 contender.

“I think random drug testing is good. I’ve always been part of a sport where we were always randomly drug tested and that’s good. I’m clean, I don’t take anything and I’m happy to do those kinds of tests. I want to fight against somebody who is clean. If somebody isn’t, that’s definitely a big advantage for them. I want it to be on the same playing field. I’m hoping everyone is clean. With Overeem’s situation, I think the UFC or commission will find something to do and definitely take care of the situation, so I’ll just leave it in their hands.”
- Cain Velasquez told kimura.se he just wants a PED-free opponent.

“Actually, no one in MMA was surprised. I guess it’s impossible to get that big naturally. No one expected it (random drug test), I guess that’s what happened. I don’t know when he stops taking it, I don’t know how these things happen and how he doesn’t not to get caught, but it was a surprise (test)”.
- Fabricio Werdum admitted to Tatame.com that he, nor any of his colleagues are shocked at Alistair Overeem’s testosterone levels.

“Me and Georges are still tight. It’s always been that way he always lived in Montreal, he’s always traveled around. I think people are probing for weaknesses now, anything they can get, but that’s business as usual for Georges. He’s a great guy. Two of my champions are fighting each other and I just step out of it. Let the other coaches get a lot of credit so we have all these protocols now after this situation. Now I step out and those guys will have a lot of fun and I’ll be eating a cheeseburger somewhere. Everything’s cool, Georges is great and we’re the same tight team we’ve always been. I’m not gonna help either of them against each other.”
- Coach Greg Jackson confessed to kimura.se that he will partake in either corner when UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre meets Carlos Condit, two of Jackson’s students.

“There is one thing that is an absolute fact, and no matter how often Greg Jackson pumps that family [expletive], Greg Jackson is a [expletive] businessman. The more top guys he brings in, the more money he makes. There’s nothing wrong with Greg Jackson, but he’s a [expletive] businessman. Some of these fighters, who ought to know better but don’t listen to that [expletive] and don’t take it for the crock of [expletive] that it is. These guys need to make the decision where they train based on where they think they’ll get the best work and develop the best, and not on this [expletive] crazy idea that you’re becoming a part of a family. Greg Jackson [expletive] told Rashad this wouldn’t happen, that they’re family and all that other [expletive], but look what is going on now. Look and see who is at Jackson’s and who is not. Train where you think it’s going to be best for you and if that’s Jackson’s, that’s fine. Just don’t buy into this family [expletive] because there’s nothing to it. This is the fight business, not the friend business.”
- White explained via Yahoo’s Cagewriter that coach Jackson is a business man and that the trainer should not take all the flak from Jones and Evans having a fallout.

“We had a flurry of people contacting us through e-mail, Twitter … Rashad throwing a complete fit … and then Dana having to call him to calm him down. If (people) thought it was just satire, we wouldn’t have had that reaction. Dana had to talk to Rashad on the phone for 30 minutes to calm him down, to tell him, ‘Are you crazy? There’s no way I would ever bet on a fight or bet against you.’ It didn’t read like a joke at all. If you look at the article, when you first read that, it sounds like that they were in a room with Dana, talking to him, and he says, ‘Oh, and he kind of made a mistake and said something, and said ‘Don’t print that.’ We’re currently evaluating whether [their retraction] is sufficient or not. Like I said, there’s been a massive amount of fallout in the wake of them putting out something that is completely reckless in the way that they did. I don’t understand how anybody could defend what they did. It’s a very serious allegation. You’ve got to understand, Rashad’s entire team — his entire camp — was in his ear telling him they read this online and that Dana bet half a million dollars against him. This was a real issue. This isn’t just some kind of slap on the back, funny little joke. This was reckless reporting on their part.”
- UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta spoke to USA Today about the allegations made by a website that White makes financial wagers on UFC bouts.

“When I watch my first fights I used to flail. Everything’s flail-y, and I realize the power of flexing your abdominal when you try to strike and things like that. I definitely feel as though I’m hitting harder, and I’m excited. I wobbled Rampage (Jackson) a little bit when I hit him, and I wobbled Lyoto (Machida) when I hit him, and I think out of all those guys, Rashad has the weakest chin. I think he has the weakest chin of anyone I’ve fought since 2010, and I think I’m going to exploit that.”
- Jones said at the UFC pre-fight press conference his previous opponent’s had a more solid chin than Evans.

“I think a fighter like Dan Henderson or even Chael Sonnen who is a very big 185-pounder and used to compete as a light heavyweight with strong wrestling. They have to take him out of his comfort zone and take away his reach advantage. There is no longer in the division and maybe not in the sport as far as Jones reach. His takedown defense is good and he has very good wrestling. He has very unorthodox striking which makes him very dangerous. I think you have to use the fence, use your wrestling and force him to fight your fight. Either one of those guys can do that.”
- Randy Couture predicted to Five Ounces of Pain who he thinks could beat Jones.

“I want to be champion one day, but I’m still very young.  One thing I lack in the top of this division is experience. I need more fights, to stay regular and fight three times a year.”
- Rory MacDonald admitted in a UFC 145 post-fight interview what he lacks and wants.

“I get to eat some pizza, some ice cream; it’s going to be a party tonight! But, no alcohol.”
- Michael McDonald detailed his victory party in a UFC 145 post-fight interview after defeating Miguel Torres.  

“[My performance] sucked. I didn’t get the job done…. I allowed his range to kind of throw me off a little bit. I hurt my foot in the second round, so it kind of messed up my mobility a little bit…. It’s something I’ve got to go back and work on…. I thought I could catch him off [grabbing the hands]. I couldn’t and I should have stopped reaching for his hands. His elbows [laughs]. He kept catching me with those elbows. It’s a lesson learned…. I still don’t like him. He fought a good fight, I have respect for him as a fighter. I had respect for him as a fighter before, but I still … nah. I’ll tell you what: We’re going to fight again.”
- Evans admitted in a UFC 145 post-fight interview that he still doesn’t like Jones.

“If (a teammate) can beat me, they can beat me. It is what it is. They deserve to fight me then. I’m not going to hold back some guy that’s in my camp if he wants to fight me. That’s not my thing. It’s just a personal choice and a personal opinion, but I think eventually, hey you guys are going at it, then go out and have two beers together afterwards. Go out there and prove who’s best that day, and go out and be friends again.”
- Liddell was a guest The MMA Hour, and he gave his best advice for teammates fighting one another.

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