UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. (Photo courtesy of UFC.com)

“Greg, he said, basically, Rashad is always welcome back. You know, Rashad will always be like a brother to me. You know, he spoke so highly of Rashad. On numerous occasions, he really did everything he could to keep some type of rapport. On the other hand, you have Rashad, who’s bashing the program and the history.”
- Jon Jones explained on UFC Insider that Rashad Evans could’ve avoided the separation from Greg Jackson’s team.

“The history? I made that history! What are you talking about? I’m the one who helped make that history! You’re the one who came into it. You came into it! Don’t talk about the history, when you have no roots in the history! Don’t talk about — I helped make Greg Jackson! I helped make him the reason why you even wanted to come there and train. So, don’t talk to me about the history of the team, bro! Don’t talk to me about the history of the program because, motherf*cker, I made that program!”
- Evans responded to Jones’ complaint of “Suga” bashing the history of Jackson’s MMA on UFC Insider.

“They can keep rallying. It ain’t going to happen.”
- At the UFC in Fuel 2 post-fight press conference, Dana White crushed any chance of Mark Hunt fighting for a title at UFC 146.

“I have had a goal of being sponsored by Nike for many, many years. Part of my strategy is to not be a billboard with Tapout and Musclepharm and stuff like that. I want to have a relationship with companies. Less is more for me. The UFC itself sponsored me. They think I’m a good company guy. They ask me to do anything and I do it. I never tell them no. I don’t think most champs are like that. That’s why the UFC decided to sponsor me. If any mainstream companies sponsor me after this one, they’ll let me go and that’s awesome.”
- Jones explained on the UFC 146 conference call, how his UFC sponsorship came about.

“The people around Jon at Jackson’s are my friends but I wouldn’t compromise their integrity by asking about him. I wouldn’t do that to them. That’s not what a friend does.”
- Evans admitted on the UFC 146 conference call that he is not contacting friends from his former camp to get information on Jones.

“Bottom line is I have to make myself better.  If I make myself as good as I want to be then there is nothing anybody can do to me.  They could bring a baseball bat and they’re not going to beat me.  If I improve, nobody is beating me, no matter what.”
- Ben Askren told MMA DieHards how good he good of a mixed martial artist he wants to become.

“He could be number one. It’s very possible. Barnett, not having him in the UFC is a huge disservice to MMA fans. He was great back then (in his first stint with the UFC). He beat Randy (Couture), back in the day. He’s just very seasoned. One of the most seasoned guys in the heavyweight division. When you look at quality of opponents, there’s really no one that’s fought the type of guys that he’s fought, that’s at the top right now. You know, there’s very talented guys, like dos Santos and Overeem, but when it comes to fighting the best MMA fighters and fighting the best heavyweight guys in the world, Josh, he’s right up there with everyone, with all the elites. So, I think it’s imperative that get in the UFC. I hope him and Dana become buddies. They just need one night of drinking together.”
- Joe Rogan praised Josh Barnett on Inside MMA.

“At the moment, I don’t have any plans to fight. I have nothing scheduled; I’m just taking it easy, kind of enjoying life. So as of right now, I’m not entering the Octagon anytime soon. I’ve thought about (retiring) a lot over the years. I’ve been with the company for almost 11 years, probably 11 years now. It’s definitely come up in my head before. The fight (against Nick Diaz) was a tough fight but I don’t think it was just that fight. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and thinking about getting away from this sport. But I know everybody’s constantly trying to pull me back in.  We’ll see. No one knows what the future holds.”
- B.J. Penn stated on UFC Tonight that he is adamant on staying retired.

“Whether it’s a decision or not, I have exciting fights.  All 15 minutes or all 25 minutes we are both pushing the pace and I’m trying to get the win.  That’s all I’m focusing on; all I’ve ever focused on is trying to get the win however it comes.  Submission, guillotine-choke, knockout, TKO, UD, or anything, I just like to get that win.  In my eyes it doesn’t matter how I get that win, as long as I walk out of the cage with a W.“
- Daniel Straus admitted to MMA DieHards that he just wants the victory, no matter how it comes.

“You know I don’t know much about it at all. I have been fighting for 15 years and there have been trainers that tried to push that on me and I’ve said that if I have to do that kind of stuff, I am done with the sport, I won’t compete anymore because I want to be a natural athlete. And I have – for fifteen years I’ve competed and taken my drug tests, random drug tests, and passed everything because I am a true athlete. A lot of these guys are taking these supplements to make themselves more impressive or whatever, to become the fighters they want to be. That’s their choice – my recommendation is don’t do it. If it’s against the law or against the sport, don’t do it and if you do have to do it, don’t fight anymore. That’s just my take on it… I will leave it there; I won’t go into it any further.”
- Tito Ortiz talked to Fighter’s Only about athletes using performance enhancing drugs (PED’s).

“As a clean fighter, the whole issue of performance enhancing drugs (PED) in MMA really pisses me off. This sport is about honor, technique and discipline. When did it become about who uses the better PED’s and who can pass the test better than the other guy? PED’s allow you to train harder, longer and recover faster. It absolutely gives a user a competitive advantage. This isn’t baseball, where you’re just hitting a ball. This is fighting. You’re hitting other people in the face. As a fighter, if you use PED’s, how does it feel good knowing that you won using them? The fans should be upset too. How many fights are the fans gonna miss out on due to pre and post-fight testing? Don’t do it, dummies. Random testing needs to be the remedy. This is gonna be the only way to crack down on cheaters in the long-term.”
­- Kenny Florian, co-host of UFC Tonight,  explained on the show his frustration of fighters using PED’s.

“I have 375 fighters in every country all over the world. The battle that I have to get these guys to get their f—— bout agreements back and show up for press is f—— unbelievable. The fact that I have to make personal phone calls to tell guys to talk to the f——- press, now I’m going to start making personal phone calls to go show up for random drug tests?

“The general public and the media need to grasp some f——- concept of reality. The reality of us doing all the f—— things that we’re doing when we already have the gold standard in drug testing, and then f—— try to chase 375 guys all over the world to randomly test them, too? It’s impossible. You look at all the other organizations, … you look at all the other companies that have tried to do what we do, nobody can f——- do it. You know why? Because this job is insane.”
- At the UFC in Fuel 2 post-fight press conference White explained the difficulties of keeping MMA clean of PED’s.

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