UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. (Photo courtesy of UFC.com)

“My job is to be prepared to face the best in the world. I’d rather not deal with Anderson, but if I have to fight him, I will focus on my confidence and on my technique. I respect and look up to him (Silva) so much. For me, the ideal scenario would be having him as my mentor and learn with him after he retires. It would be great for me. That would be ideal, but the world wants to see us fighting.”
- Jones explained to Sensei SporTV what his ideal situation with Anderson Silva would be.

“Everybody on the show is a threat or a danger to me,” Rio admitted.  “That’s the way I’m going to look at it.  I don’t want to underestimate anybody.  I don’t want to go on there and think, ‘This guy is tough and this guy is weak, luckily I’m getting the weak guy.’  That’s not the attitude to have for me.  I don’t want to take anybody lightly; I’m going to take everybody serious.  Right now, everybody is the No. 1 contender to me and I’m going in there balls to wall.”
- Mike Rio is a contestant on TUF 15, and he explained his mindset going into the house to MMA DieHards.

“It’s all done with and I got the victory, so for me, really, it doesn’t matter. But, if he is going with the injury and stuff like that, ok, so I fought an injured Rampage, but I also fought a Rampage that was on testosterone also, so, it kind of goes both ways. But honestly, it was over and done with, and like I said, I got the victory so I wasn’t really worried about anything else, just surprised that he kind of came out with it and told everybody, but it is what it is I guess. He used the whole injury deal, but it kind of cancels out a little bit if you come in all testosteroned up too.”
- Ryan Bader spoke to Pro MMA Radio about Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s injury claims before their bout, and admission of TRT use following their match.

“Everyone who sees me is like, ‘Oh, he’s so funny and he’s always goofing around and this and that. I’ve actually got really bad depression. I’ve got that smiley face on the outside and then on the inside I have this serious frown-y face. I bust my ass every day.”
- Mike Guymon admitted to MMA DieHards that he is not as cheery as he appears on the outside.

“Lavar Johnson has beyond heavy hands. He was able to knockout Joey Beltran who one, has never been knocked out. Two, has never been knocked down in his career. I kicked Joey Beltran in the head five times and he didn’t even blink his eye. I’ve never doubted myself ever, 100 kickboxing matches, 10 MMA fights, I’ve never in my life ever thought ‘maybe I don’t hit that hard’ until that fight. {Johnson] was able to punch him in the head with four of the nastiest uppercuts ever. Joey Beltran looked like he broke his neck when he fell down. He’s huge. I was there in Chicago … everybody looked right at me and said, ‘Man, he knocked Joey Beltran out and you couldn’t. He must hit harder than you do.’ Dude’s fist is the size of my head. I’m going to eventually submit somebody, someday. Lavar? I think not. Lavar and I are both allergic to jiu-jitsu. We’re also allergic to rounds two and three.”
­- Pat Barry talked about the toughness of his upcoming opponent, Lavar Johnson, at the UFC on Fox 3 press conference.

“For the record, he was never my coach. He tagged along here and there. I think I’m at a better place now. My Dethrone base camp, Fresno gyms are rocking right now and were rolling. I think that, you know, Bob Cook will always be the man over there (AKA). Bob Cook comes and trains with me a couple of times with me in Fresno when he can. It’s good to be around real coaches that care and real coaches that put time in and real coaches that put the effort to make your fighter the best that they could possibly be and I have that now. I think that on May 5th, you guys are gonna see that. He (Mendez) worked with me, but, did I learn anything? It is what it is. I’m done with that chapter of my life and I prefer not to talk about it, I prefer to talk about Dethrone Base Camp Fresno. That’s where it’s happening right now. I got a lot of good guys over there training right now and a lot of guys coming in and out.”
­- Josh Koscheck talked to mmafighting.com about his former camp, American Kickboxing Academy, and their coaching staff.

“I’m pretty sure, like, I’m not really big on fighting Frankie, you know? Frankie came down to train with me and he represents Renzo Gracie and Ricardo Almeida, I train with Cesar (Gracie) so, I really don’t want no part of that fight. I’m mostly interested in fighting people I don’t know.”
- Nate Diaz told mmafighting.com that Frankie Edgar is not somebody he aspires to fight.

“I’d love to fight Benson Henderson. I’ve been around this game a lot longer. I’m not trying to be arrogant here, but I think I can handle him, and I’d like to find out. Much respect to him, much respect to Frankie and all that stuff, but I think I can beat them both. I can beat anyone right now. I’d love a piece of him.”
- Gilbert Melendez was a guest on Inside MMA, and was not hesitant when stating who he wants to fight.

“Well, Hector remains our champion right now. We are in the midst of a pretty substantial negotiation relative to his future with the organization. I’ve said many times I think he’s the best middleweight in mixed martial arts so it’s not an easy negotiation by any stretch of the imagination. We’ve got the right to match on any deal. We’re either gonna sign him before he goes out the to marketplace or he’s going to go out to the marketplace and we’re gonna have a determination as to whether we’re gonna match or not match and we’re gonna see where it ends up. I love the guy and he’s an awesome talent. He’s been nothing but a pure pleasure for me to work with. He’s been a great guy for me to work with and he’s done everything we’ve asked him to do and every time I’ve put him in a cage, he’s knocked people silly. You can’t really ask for more than that from a guy.”
- Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney explained the contract situation with Hector Lombard to MMA Mania.

“I guess he’s pretty popular down here. I’ve been hearing all about him since I’ve been here. I hear he’s under contract though with someone else, so we’ll see. I’ll probably end up with him. If he wants to fight in the UFC, then we’ll probably end up with him.”
- Dana White said at the UFC on FX post-fight press conference that Lombard is on the UFC’s radar.

“Why hasn’t it happened? It’s a lot of political crap. The union out in Las Vegas is the reason it hasn’t happened as funny as that sounds. It has nothing to do with MMA or the UFC, it has to do with the union. My partners, the Fertitta brothers, own the fourth largest gaming company in the country and they’re non-union and the Las Vegas union has been doing some dirty stuff. They’re dirty guys. Gangsters! The culinary union in Las Vegas. The guys who run the culinary union in Las Vegas are dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty guys.”
- White explained to ESPN who is preventing MMA from taking place in The Big Apple.

“I talked to Rampage yesterday for about an hour and a half before all the tweets started and, you know, Rampage just lost and I think Rampage takes his losses hard. We’ll see what happens. I’m always on again off again with him as it is anyway. But listen, I have no beef with Rampage. I don’t dislike Rampage or anything like that. I just think he takes the losses really hard and he takes criticism really hard too.”
- White talked to mmafighting.com about “Rampage” Jackson’s threats to retire and their relationship.

“I have a beef with judging and refereeing. To me, I don’t think you should ever be able to judge or referee unless you have a physical background in that art. I’m a big fan of professional football, but I’m not qualified to be a judge. In MMA, it’s the flavor of the month and everyone wants to be a judge or a referee. I see a lot of referees that could use a little bit more instruction. I think it should be mandatory for these judges to go to Mauy Thai schools, go to Judo schools, go to Greco Roman schools, go to freestyle wrestling schools, Kempo, Shotokan, Taekwondo, all those schools and learn a little bit of everything. You want to know if a body slam hurts more than a left hook and how much damage can something get? You have to be on the mat or in the ring to know the difference. It’s my humble opinion.”
- Gene Lebell gave his thoughts on refereeing in MMA via The MMA Hour.

“Of course I can. Who is he? You would have never heard of him if it wasn’t for Miesha. He’s just some dude, he’s not even a legit fighter, he is just some random guy that likes fighting, but it won’t be approved by any athletic commission out there. People don’t want to see a guy and girl beating each other on TV.”
- Ronda Rousey was a guest on The MMA Hour, and she stated she would fight Miesha Tate’s boyfriend, Bryan Caraway, after his comments about “Rowdy.”

“I’m not behind this guy, but I do defend him and at some standpoint.  Now with people saying that he is white pride this and white pride that; in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with having pride in who you are, but when it comes to tattoos that mean other things; that’s different.

“Apparently what this guy did is he lied on his application to the athletic commission in Ohio and he lied on his application to the athletic commission in New Jersey. So to the best of my understanding, obviously this guy is never going to fight for us ever again, and he might not ever fight again. I know he has been suspended by both states and then all these other commissions follow a suspension from other states. And for this guy to ever get licensed again he’d have to go for a hearing for the athletic commissions. I find it hard to believe that this guy will ever be licensed again so he better go find another job.”
- White talked to mmafighting.com about the racist tattoos Brandon Saling displayed at Strikeforce: “Tate vs. Rousey.”

“I’m not going to judge him about his charges because I don’t know the details about that, but what I am going to judge him on is that I do know.  I know that 88 is a white supremacy thing and I do know that the lightning bolts are a white supremacy thing.  Those are the things I know and they are facts.  That is going to draw people away from that promotion, the fighter and maybe even the game as a whole.  We don’t want that, we want people to enjoy our fights, enjoy each promotion that is fighting and have a good time with this.”
- Daniel Straus talked to MMA DieHards about Saling’s offensive tattoos.

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