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“Anderson Silva, you absolutely suck.  I’m calling you out, Silva, but we’re upping the stakes.  I beat you, you leave the division.  You beat me, I leave the UFC.”
- Chael Sonnen challenged Anderson Silva following his victory at UFC 136.

“I don’t know if he hates Anderson Silva as much as he says, but Anderson Silva hates him.  Anderson Silva hates this guy.  He hates him with a passion.”
- Dana White explained Silva’s loathe for Sonnen to

“Well, Dana White basically needed someone to save 140. I didn’t necessarily want to fight at 140, but because it was Rashad, I said, ‘You know what? I would take the fight in nine weeks.’ I’m already in shape. I already know what I want to do. Rashad, predicting that I would say no, he kind of kicked himself in the butt because I said yes, he turns around and says, ‘Oh, I didn’t expect Jon to say yes. I don’t want to fight him that soon.’ So in reality, he’s kind of the one who’s ducking the fight. I feel like he’s ducking the fight.”
- UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones explained why Lyoto Machida is the challenger at UFC 140 to

“I just want to fight this dude bad. Jon knows what I can do to him. Do you think that Jon pulled out of the first fight because he was confident? No!  He was afraid, and watch him try to pull out of this fight too.  Watch him be like ‘Oh my foot is hurt’ or something like that to try and get out of this fight to try and make me fight somebody else. When it comes down to it, the kid, he doesn’t want it.”
- Rashad Evans spoke to Pro MMA Radio about Jones.

“It doesn’t wear on me because this is what I signed up to do. So when I hear there’s going to be potentially 35 shows next year versus 27 this year? That’s what I signed up to do. And the exhaustion is just part of the deal if it happens. But when I step in the Octagon, there is no exhaustion. I mean, my passion takes over. You can’t announce the way I announce if you’re not into it. If I’m ever not into it, then I’ll consider retiring. … Bring it on, make it 40, I’m here.”
- UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer spoke to MMA Nation about his occupation.

“Being that I’m 37 now, I can’t have those long layoffs.  “I need to rest my body between camps, but I have never been out of shape.  I was wrestling at 12-years-old, and then college was wrestling year-round.  If it wasn’t that it was football.  So I’ve always been active year-round.  I never let myself get out of shape.”
- Aaron Simpson told MMA DieHards that competition is first on his agenda.

“I’m putting myself on a pedestal for this fight and I’m going in not only wanting to win, but I want to outperform everyone. You got Jose Aldo fighting Kenny Florian and just for you all to know, I’m pulling for Jose Aldo to knock him out. You got ‘Lil Heathen’ fighting Pettis and you got the champion fighting Gray Maynard, so I’m definitely challenging myself.

“I also have my teammate Brian Stann fighting Chael Sonnen. So me and Brian are challenging each other to get these knockout bonuses. We’re already talking smack to each other what we’re going to knock our opponents out with so that we can guarantee the win.”
- Melvin Guillard told MMA Weekly he anticipated picking up a bonus at UFC 136.

“You can’t really judge a guy from film and what you’ve seen on the internet because he’s basically fought lesser-level competition.  I’m expecting a really hard fight, though.  I’m going to press him and see what he’s made out of.  I’m going to see if he can take it, and if he beats me, great.  I’m definitely not going to lie down, I never have.  We’re going to see what Stipe Miocic is made out of.”
- Joey Beltran spoke to MMA DieHards about welcoming Stipe Miocic to the UFC.

“I’m more of a guy that likes to stay indoors and go do my training and maybe go outside to do a little meditation and relax.  I don’t like to be around a lot of people at that time.  I’m focused on cutting weight and doing my thing.  I stay in the hotel room and grind it out.  That way, when I come out, I come out like a caged beast that’s been trapped all week.”
- Jeremy Stephens explained his days prior to a fight via MMA DieHards.

“I’m happy that I got the victory but for me it was like a mental loss because I know I can perform much better than that. I really wanted to focus on my wrestling and my top game against Jeremy and show everyone that I am well-rounded, and that I do have wrestling. I think I did that, but I also think I could have done better.

“When you go to the UFC it’s not all about ‘Showtime’ kicking or knocking everybody out. Get people down, hold them down and you win fights.”
- Anthony Pettis shared his fight philosophy after beating Stephens on

“Taking a beating in the first round and being able to bounce back, definitely showed what I was made of.”
- Frankie Edgar spoke to MMA DieHards about his previous bout with Gray Maynard.

“I was thinking, ‘Not again.’ My corner told me I had to get my head off.  I had been going in the middle. … Sometimes you get hit like that, you’re in survival mode.  You don’t have a plan.  I just listen to my corner.  They helped me make the adjustments I needed to make to win this fight.”
- Edgar spoke about getting dominated in the first round of his title fight following UFC 136.

“If you really look at what pound-for-pound means, you cannot deny that Frankie Edgar is No. 2. The guy weighs 145 pounds and he’s beating guys at 155 pounds. He beat a guy who had him out of it. A guy who many believed had his number. He knocked him out tonight. … He’s an amazing human being. He’s an incredible athlete, and he’s got a heart the size of this room.”
- White said Edgar is behind only Anderson Silva on his pound-for-pound list at the UFC 136 post-fight press conference.

“Honestly, I’d like to see him move to 145 and fight Aldo.

“Did you see the size difference between those two tonight? I’ve been telling him for a long time he should fight at 145. I’m not his dad or trainer. That’s his decision. He’s a grown man and knows what he’s doing.

“All these other guys that he fights are so much bigger than him. I think that fighting out of your weight class isn’t healthy. I don’t think it’s healthy long-term. I don’t think that guys that fight a weight class above them and take damage can have the longevity that other fighters can have. I think when you fight with guys that are your own size, you don’t take the punishment that you take when you fight bigger guys. The weight classes are there for a reason.”
- White mentioned at the UFC 136 post-fight press conference that he would like to see Edgar vs.  Jose Aldo.

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