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“We’re always cool with other fighters as long as they’re cool with us. We’ve always been cool with each other since the day we met. We’re fighting on Saturday and it’s not gonna change a thing for me. It’s gonna be two guys coming in. I’m gonna try and kick his head into the third row and he’s gonna try and kick my head into the third row.”
- Stefan Struve explained the camaraderie between himself and Pat Barry, to SB Nation.

“Let’s see, anyone who can make a multi-million dollar business out of street fighting has to be respected.  My opinion is that anyone is allowed to put up a tent, put on a show, and invite people to come.  And obviously he’s had a lot of success.  Good for him.”
- Larry Merchant responded to Dana White’s criticism via

“What we’re trying to do is bring the comic audience and the MMA audience together, and that is something that has never been done before.  There have been books about martial arts, but this is the first MMA comic book, ever.”
- Joe Antonacci talked to MMA DieHards about MMA’s first comic book and the return of Joe Palooka.

“We do want to bring Gilbert Melendez over and we’re looking at it right now… We’re going to bring Melendez over ASAP. We’re looking to bring him over now.”
- White spoke to MMA Weekly about signing Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez.

“I hate fighting people who are scared.  When you fight somebody who is scared you never know what they’re going to do.  They turn and run.  That’s why I’m gonna go to boxing.  I’m gonna try boxing because they’ve got to stand with you.  If I get knocked out I don’t care because at least it’s a fight.

“I’ve tried a lot of boxing, I’m falling in love with boxing and I know I can put butts on seats over there.”
- Quinton “Rampage” Jackson told ESPN that he intends to take a shot at the sweet science.

“I went in to give my drug test, right?  And a week later they called me and said they lost my urine speciman and I had to come in and re-do it.  That was last week.  Like, I went back in that day and today they said I failed.  And I said, ‘Uh, that’s impossible.’

“It was September 15, I went in and took the first test.  And then a week later they e-mailed me and called me and said they lost the sample and I had to come in and do it again.  So I went in to do it again that day and then today they just got the results, I guess.

“But then I called because I’ve been trying to figure this out.  I was like, ‘How did they lose it?  What happened?’  I don’t know.  But then Texas said that they never lost it and the first test was for drugs and the second was steroids.

“They didn’t say I had performance enhancing drugs, they said I had marijuana.  And I don’t even smoke, so yeah, although I think the Diaz brothers do claim it is performance enhancing somehow.”
- Dave Herman talked to Clinch Gear Radio about his failed drug test prior to UFC 136.

“I did try several times to get Fedor to come to EliteXC, but the numbers they were asking, there’s no fighter who was worth that.  I wasn’t willing to meet their demands.  I thought M-1 was very difficult to deal with.  It wasn’t only Fedor.  They wanted to be the co-promoters and the managers and they wanted you to put on so many Russian fighters of theirs on every show.  Nobody’s worth that price.  Maybe if Fedor would have had the right management from the beginning, he might have been in the UFC and been a huge star.”
- Gary Shaw talked to Fight Hub TV about signing Fedor Emelianenko.

“Back in the day, it was like we were all family.  We were really tight with each other.  But now it’s gotten so commercial, Greg is always gone all over the place, and it’s just not family no more.  It’s too transient.  You can pay a certain amount of money and you can come and live at the Jackson camp and it just got so transient, you’d see so many different faces come and go.  It’s just not the same place as before.”
- Rashad Evans explained the atmosphere at Jackson’s MMA to MMA Weekly.

“I don’t think that treatment for Anderson’s problems is prohibited by the UFC, even right before a match.  Some medications are limited, as you know, but Anderson is in a state of medical legitimacy because I don’t think that Midol is prohibited, nor are chocolate or Gerard Butler movies.  I have never personally had to deal with his sort of condition, but I feel for him and I really want to see what his top fighting form actually is, since we apparently haven’t seen it yet.  I can’t remember the last time that he didn’t say he was hurt for a match, and it’s starting to alienate the fight fans.  So he should take care of himself when he’s suffering, or else the public will be stuck with the same unengaging fights and lackluster victories until he either dies or finally hits menopause.”
- Chael Sonnen spoke about Anderson Silva to

“It’s getting harder and harder to deny he should be shown that appreciation.  He ducked Okami for years, but he did finally get in there and he made it look easy.  So I think you’ve got to look at that.  If you’re asking if I’d ever concede that Anderson’s better than me, no.  I would refer you to the tape (of our fight).  I think he and I are vastly different and that I could come down a lot and still be ahead of him.  I also think he ducks and dodges opponents constantly, but his wins and losses speak for themselves. The fact of the matter, whether I like to admit this or not, is he’s done a better job than anybody, done a better job than me, and he is the champion.

“It doesn’t mean I’m going to quit poking my finger in his chest, but at some point I think fairness needs to kick in, too, and you need to look at what he’s done and tip your hat to him a little bit.”
- Sonnen has a change of heart on Silva in this interview with

“The Fox deal is great, and of course I wish I was still fighting and still in my prime.”
Chuck Liddell told that he wishes he would’ve had the chance to fight on Fox.

“I have to get my hand fixed.  I broke it in this fight, I don’t know which round.”
- Dominick Cruz told MMA DieHards about his injury following UFC Live on Versus 6.

“Pat Barry is one of the coolest dudes in MMA.”
- Struve said of Barry in his UFC Live on Versus 6 post-fight interview.

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