Pat Miletich has accomplished several personal goals throughout his career: He pioneered the sport from his days as UFC champion when he won at UFC 17.5: Ultimate Brazil. He then coached some of the best champions in the world of MMA, including Matt Hughes, Tim Sylvia and Jens Pulver.

But despite his success developing fighters, Miletich’s priorities have shifted recently.

“There is a new generation of fighters always coming up. At some point, I have to look into new goals,” said Miletich, during his Monday appearance on “The Ground & Pound” on the MMA DieHards Radio network.

Like any good father, Miletich has turned his attention to the future of his two daughters, ages six and eight. Both are already good athletes in their own right; his eldest has already won a swimming state title.

“I have children I like spending time with,” said Miletich. “Other jobs are paying me well to make sure those kids can go to college.”

Over the past several years, “The Croation Sensation” has been working and training law enforcement and military entities, as well as developing his skills providing color commentary for “StrikeForce” on the Showtime network, alongside play-by-play man Mauro Ranallo.

While rumors have circulated suggesting that Bettandorf, Iowa based Miletich Fighting Systems had been sold, Miletich was quick to correct, “There is a new fitness entity coming into our facility to take over the fitness side of the gym. That is what’s going on.

“MMA will still exist at the gym.”

Miletich hasn’t been a full-time coach at the facility in quite some time.

“My name [being] involved in the whole thing is almost irrelevant.”

Miletich has entrusted the gym to some of most experienced people who have been with him for a long time.

“A lot of people may not know about these guys, but the name guys [Hughes, Pulver, Syliva, Lawler, Horn] know exactly who they are and how tough they are.”

Miletich was also quick to point out that current MFS fighters, including Ramiro “Junior” Hernandez, Joe Jordan and Drew McFedries, will still be training there, along with “a lot of very tough and very good guys.”

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