Fighters will be supporting Alienware's new M11x system which is an 11.5 inch, fully portable laptop gaming computer.

With mainstream companies like Nike, Gatorade, Under Armour and Everlast slowly entering the booming MMA industry wanting their piece of the growth, Suckerpunch Entertainment’s Brian Butler-Au announced Thursday the signing of another giant investing into MMA, Alienware Computers, which is a division of Dell.

The deal, which Butler-Au was putting together for over a year, entrusts Suckerpunch Entertainment to handle Alienware’s MMA business.  Jens Pulver, a passionate online gamer, will be the main face of the MMA brand of Alienware.

Pulver’s extensive online gaming background is highlighted by his appearance as an NPC in Vogster Entertainment’s CrimeCraft.  The former UFC lightweight champion will be providing color commentary, fight predictions, and give gaming analyis for Alienware, which was developed by Dell to target the younger demographic of online gamers — the same group on which MMA has thrived.

Pulver isn’t the only Suckerpunch fighter involved as Alienware has also signed UFC fighters Matt Mitrione, Amir Sadollah and Pat Barry.

Mitrione is set to take on Kimbo Slice at UFC 113 in Montreal on May 8.  The NFL veteran made a name for himself in MMA as a cast member on Season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter and also runs Eden,  a successful supplement company.

The first-ever TUF winner to enter the show with no professional fights, Sadollah’s quirky sense of humor and dedicated work ethic aided his rapid rise to stardom in Season 7.  Sadollah also hosts “The Aftermath” weekly TUF review show on

Barry, coached by famed trainer and Free Roll radio co-host Duke Roufus, is a former K-1 kickboxer and the self-proclaimed “world’s greatest striker.” Nicknamed “Get Hype,” or “HD”, the athletic quote machine takes on legendary Pride champion Mirko ”Cro Cop” Filipovic at UFC 115 in Vancouver on June 12.
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  1. May 4, 2010 at 1:06 am

    [...] MMA DIE HARDS Dell’s Alienware Computers testing MMA waters [...]

  2. February 22, 2011 at 1:06 am

    Alienwares computers are the best, especially for gaming. Bringing Mixed Martial Artist as representatives is a good move. Consider bring in some brazilian jiu jitsu athletes as well. Any Gracie Jiu jitsu guys would due as would names like Machado etc.

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