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Topps debuts new series, “UFC Title Shot”

Topps Trading Cards has released a spectacular new series of trading cards entitled “UFC Title Shot” for all you collectors out there.  Today marks the launch of the new series which features a celebration of past and present UFC champions, plus future UFC title contenders.

This set will contain autographed cards from every current UFC champion, along with 10 first issue cards of UFC top contenders, including Jake Shields.  Another unique aspect to the new series is the UFC replica tile belt plate which displays a picture of the champion and the belt that fighter currently holds.  Collectors will also receive autograph relic cards, as well as dual autograph fight mat relic cards, along with many more stunning new features such as WEC Octagon mat relic cards.

“The “UFC Title Shot” series is really all about celebrating UFC champions of the past and present, plus UFC future title contenders,” Brand Manager for UFC Brands Jeremy Fullerton, told MMA DieHards.  “You’ll see that theme run through the entire product, from the base cards to the special insert cards to the UFC belt plate relic cards that we’ve had made special for this set.

“It’s a great way for collectors to remember the historic champions and championship fights, and for new fans to really learn about it and see some images and read some stuff about some of the epic fights and great champions.

Fullerton expects great success with this new line of trading cards, and he attributes that to the loyal MMA fans that partake in collecting these exclusive sets that Topps continues to put out.

“We’re really happy with the continued success of the UFC and Topps partnership,” Fullerton explained.  “We think the fans have really embraced collecting again, and we’re happy to see MMA fans coming back to collect, again.”

For more information regarding the new Topps Trading Cards series, be sure to check out Jeremy Fullerton alongside Joe Rizzo on Rear Naked Choke Radio on the MMA DieHards Radio Network, tonight at 7pm (EST).

Topps announces special GSP Autographed Championship Belt Relic Card for UFC Fan Expo

image courtesy of The Topps Trading Card Company

Want a piece of Georges St-Pierre’s belt?

At the UFC Fan Expo in Toronto on April 28-29 in Toronto, The Topps Company will offer exclusively a special autographed commemorative championship belt plate relic card of St-Pierre, the welterweight champion who will be defending his title at UFC 129 on April 30 at Rogers Centre.  There are just 199 cards, and they will feature replica belt plate pieces with autographs directly on the card by St-Pierre.

The Topps booth is No. 1125 at the UFC Fan Expo.  This item will be available only for those who attend.

Co-host Jeremy Fullerton first revealed the news Saturday on during the cageside broadcast of Rear Naked Choke Radio at Bellator 39.

Topps’ UFC Knockout Series Box Break w/ Anthony “Showtime” Pettis

Image courtesy of The Topps Trading Card Company’s Conner Cordova hosts a box break with UFC LW top contender Anthony “Showtime” Pettis and Topps Trading Card Company’s Jeremy Fullerton.

New Topps UFC series brings fans closer to their favorites fighters

Previously, if you wanted to get your hands on – for example – a piece of authentic hand tape from a past UFC fight or a swatch of the world famous Octagon, you would either need some seriously high-level UFC clearance or to be a ninja. Both are about equally as rare these days.

Fear not, however. For those of us not named Dana White or Lorenzo or Frank Fertitta, The Topps Trading Card Company has you covered.

The iconic trading card manufacturer recently released its latest line of UFC trading cards on Feb. 2 with its “UFC Knockout Series.” It is the fifth UFC release for The Topps Trading Card Company but the first high-end product of the brand.  Each pack has a suggested retail price of $20 and contains five cards, once of which is guaranteed to have a “hit,” meaning one of the cards will be either a memorabilia card or an autograph card.

UFC Brand Manager Jeremy Fullerton, who also co-hosts Rear Naked Choke Radio with Joe Rizzo on the MMA DieHards Radio Network, spent some time with MMA DieHards recently to discuss this new and exciting product that should certainly appeal to MMA fans and collectors alike.

The Topps Trading Card Company, which is celebrating its Diamond Anniversary (60 years) in 2011, has a mutually exclusive deal with the UFC that has allowed it to bring forth an unprecedented intimacy regarding collectibles.  The newest feature of the product is the “Ground and Pound” card.  A card of lightweight star Clay Guida, for example, has a piece of his hand tape and a piece of the Octagon from his June 2009 fight with Diego Sanchez.  Autograph cards are exactly as they sound, while memorabilia cards include a piece of a fighter’s shorts, walkout shirt, or the aforementioned hand tape or Octagon mat.

“Having this relationship with the UFC has been incredible,” Fullerton said. “They’ve been very helpful and open to us getting more access than anybody else could.”

Part of that access has Fullerton and Topps heading to Las Vegas for the beginning of each season of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show.  Starting with season nine, Fullerton and his crew would get photos of each contestant and coaches, print the cards overnight and have the fighters sign them for inclusion into the next series of cards.  The current “Knockout Series” will feature TUF 12 alumni, including season champion Jonathan Brookins, runner-up Michael Johnson and season favorites Cody McKenzie, Nam Phan and Alex Caceres.

The “Ground and Pound” and TUF cards are just some of the ways Topps is trying to uniquely market the UFC brand of trading cards. There really aren’t straight comparisons between mixed martial arts and traditional sports cards from football, baseball and basketball.  The “rookie card,” for example, is a staple of any standard set and usually a prized possession for collectors. With its UFC cards, Topps uses its “UFC Debut” cards as its rookie cards.

“Every card in the first product had the designation of being a debut card,” Fullerton explained. “Each release after that takes the new guys that come into the promotion and we’ll have a picture from their first fight for their first card. Some examples in the ‘Knockout Series’ are Travis Browne and Renzo Gracie.

“We’re trying to make it unique to the the UFC.”

The Topps Trading Card Company has been in business since 1938, so anyone that has collected cards at some point in their life has owned plenty of Topps cards.  Still, collectors of traditional sports cards are just getting turned onto the UFC cards while fight fans are now starting to come back to an old hobby.  The UFC releases have injected new life into trading cards for both parties, and both Topps and the UFC are benefiting.

“This is all still really new,” Fullerton said. “To this day we’ll go out to a fan expo or we’ll be doing radio interviews and there are always new people that may have heard about Topps and collecting baseball and football cards, but don’t know about the UFC product.  We’re still getting new fans after five releases.

“It’s a huge benefit for both Topps and the UFC.  We have our core group of collectors that are loyal to our brand and will buy a box of the UFC cards to see what they’re all about, and maybe the UFC gets some new fans out of that.  In turn, MMA fans that used to collect cards are getting back into it and we are starting to regain some collectors.”

It’s a win-win situation for the fans, Topps and the UFC.  The fighters, however, may be the ones that love it the most.

“It’s great to see first-hand, both at ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ shoots and also at our office, fighters opening up their cards and being really excited,” Fullerton said. “That’s really exciting for us, too.

“We had Matt Serra in and he said he never thought he’d be on a trading card.  He was like, ‘I’ve made it.’ For a lot of those guys in their minds being on a trading card really legitimizes them.”

With Topps being the well-known brand that it is, the UFC and its fighters can only benefit from the relationship. Fullerton, a big MMA fan who took the reins of the UFC card brand from the beginning, is more than happy to contribute in any form to the growth of the sport.

“Topps has been an established name in sports collectibles for 60 years and I’m sure it helps legitimize the UFC and the sport of MMA just as it does for them to be involved with a big video game company like THQ or Jakks with their actions figures,” Fullerton said.  “It shows how much the sport is growing.”

For more information on The Topps Trading Card Company and its “UFC Knockout Series,” go to, visit the TOPPS Facebook page or follow Topps Cards on Twitter.

Beating The MMA Die Hards: UFC 125

(photo courtesy of Jeff Cain/

One lucky reader, J.R. Garcia, gets his chance to show his MMA prediction skills as he goes against our panel of experts for UFC 125.

This week our expert panel consists of former NFL Running Back  Jarrett Payton of, Zoltan Bathory of Alpha Dog Combat Gear and guitarist of Five Finger Death Punch, and Jeremy Fullerton of The Topps Trading Card Company.

UFC 125                                                                 Zoltan                 Garcia                    Payton                    Fullerton

Antonio McKee vs. Jacob Volkmann          Volkmann            McKee                     Volkmann                McKee

Daniel Roberts vs. Greg Soto                           Roberts                Soto                           Soto                           Roberts

Mike Brown vs. Diego Nunes                           Brown                   Brown                      Brown                        Brown

Phil Baroni vs. Brad Tavares                           Baroni                   Tavares                   Tavares                    Tavares

Josh Grispi vs. Dustin Poirier                         Grispi                    Grispi                       Grispi                        Grispi

Marcus Davis vs. Jeremy Stephens              Stephens              Davis                       Stephens                  Stephens

Takanori Gomi vs. Clay Guida                        Gomi                       Guida                      Gomi                          Gomi

Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim                         Diaz                         Diaz                         Diaz                            Diaz

Thiago Silva vs. Brandon Vera                       Vera                        Silva                        Silva                          Silva

Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann                             Leben                     Stann                      Stann                        Leben

Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard                   Edgar                     Edgar                      Edgar                        Edgar

Jorge Rivera looking to bring fans excitement at UFC 122

UFC 121′s Brendan Schaub: I’m Ready’s Hector Castro catches up with Brendan Schaub to talk about his UFC 121 bout with Gabriel Gonzaga at the Topps Trading Card booth at the UFC Fan Expo in Boston.

Tom Lawlor is looking to “harass” Patrick Cote at UFC 121’s Joe Rizzo chats with Tom Lawlor to discuss his UFC 121 bout versus Patrick Cote at The Topps Trading Card Booth during the UFC Fan Expo – Boston.

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