About Us

MMA DieHards was founded in 2010 by Hector Castro and Joe Rizzo to provide cutting-edge coverage of mixed martial arts.  The New Jersey residents. brought together their respective radio shows, Rear Naked Choke Radio, and The Ground and Pound, to anchor the newly formed MMA DieHards Radio Network and built out the site from there, adding original feature-writing content and a unique approach to video.

Bringing their rare combination of knowledge, networking, content management and editorial experience, Hector and Joe worked to secure strategic partnerships interested in establishing the MMA lifestyle brand of MMA DieHards.  They are advancing MMA-based radio, video and written content to the next level by creating a sustainable and growth-friendly business model that is attractive to all clients, from the average user and the largest advertiser.

Within its first year of existence, MMA DieHards established a content partnership with USA Today.  MMA DieHards has quickly built a good reputation within the industry and has earned status as accredited media for all major promotions, including the UFC.

If you have need to contact someone regarding the site, please contact Hector@MMADieHards.com

The site is overseen by Zaafi Group webmasters.

The content staff includes editors, writers, on-air talent and production staffers.

Jason Kelly, Robert G, Reynolds, Aidan O’Connor, Bob Badders, Mark Daniels and Patricia Vincent, along with Rizzo, comprise the writing and editing staff.  The group runs feature stories, live event coverage and compiles news blurbs from various sources to keep users up to date and provide a specialized view of all aspects of MMA.

Videos are produced from events and from special coverage at gyms and various locations.  Maggie Krol chiefly handles production and also appears on camera.  Rizzo, Castro, Matt Leung and Jeremy Fullerton are among the on-camera talent.  Adam Metcalf and Tim Hillman are production contributors.

The MMA Beatdown show airs Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/5:30 PT and is hosted on a first-name basis by Mike, Amy and Brian.  The controversial trio attack the hot-button issues of the sport, give their special insight into trends, interact with the audience through chat and Twitter, all while bringing you interesting guests.

White Belt Radio airs Mondays at 3:00 p.m. ET/Noon PT and is hosted by Daniels and Tim O’Connor, a pair of Boston-area MMA professionals.  White Belt takes a hard look at the best regional promotions and the next generation of budding MMA fighting stars.