Condit (R) with coach Mike Winkeljohn (photo via Carlos Condit's Twitter)

“It’s all good” is a phrase that is used to make others aware there is no need to sweat the problem you are experiencing at that moment.

The expression is best used to sum up Carlos Condit’s personality.

No matter if he is fighting for a WEC title, coming to the UFC,  going through a three-round war only to pull off the victory in the last moment, battling injury, pulling out of a fight due to injury, dealing with rumors of fighting for the No. 1 contender spot, or having a baby, it’s all good for Condit.

The former WEC welterweight champ was rumored to fight B.J. Penn after Penn’s original opponent, Jon Fitch, pulled out of the fight.  Condit was willing to accept the opportunity, but unfortunately Penn was forced out due to injury, as well.  This series of events found Condit matched against Dong Hyun Kim, a fighter without the prolific history Penn carries.

“It’s not a letdown, Kim is a very tough opponent,” Condit stated.  “He’s undefeated, and even though he doesn’t have the name B.J. does, he’s still a top guy in the division, and still a very tough guy.  Beating Kim is a great win for my win column if I can finish him.”

Beating Kim will advance Condit’s spot on the UFC welterweight ladder.

Kim is an undefeated judoka from South Korea, with five UFC victories under his belt.  Though Kim is not known for exciting finishes like that of the Korean Zombie, he can be a headache for whoever engages battle with him on the ground.  Condit is aware of the Korean’s threats, but he believes he has some threats of his own that will assist him in defeating Kim.

“I think I’m better than him in the stand up, but I’m not underestimating his striking at all,” Condit confessed.  “I think he’s got some underrated striking.  I feel like I have better jiu-jitsu than him, but the areas where he is a threat, is that he has great takedowns.  He’s a high level judo player, and his ground game is pretty formidable, as well.  He’s a tough guy, but I think I can beat him.

“Beating Kim is definitely a step in the right direction.  I’m not looking past Kim; I know he’s a very tough guy, so for now Kim is my focus.  I’m not looking past this fight.  But I do think it will definitely help me if I get past him.”

Kim may be Condit’s focus, but the UFC welterweight belt is his goal.  The Albuquerque native pays close attention to what is going on in his division.  Condit is well aware of who is ranked where among the UFC 170-pounders, and when former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz got the call to fight UFC champ Georges St-Pierre ahead of the fighters the UFC already had under contract, that didn’t faze Condit.

He knows if he continues to stockpile victories, his title shot will come.  Therefore, Condit welcomes Diaz with open arms and, like the rest of the MMA fans, he is excited for this fight.

“I think it’s a really exciting match-up,” Condit admitted.  “I think Diaz is a great addition to the welterweight division.  I like his style, he comes to fight and always puts it all on the line.  He just goes for it.  Congrats to him for getting that title shot, but it’s a mind-meddling task for him to actually win that fight.”

Condit shares something in common with St-Pierre: they both have an affiliation with coach Greg Jackson.

Jackson is considered one of the elite coaches in the sport.  He is a mastermind with game plans and strategies.  This great advantage, along with the stable of top tier competitors training in New Mexico, allows Condit to adequately prepare for any opponent.

The athletes with whom Condit trains day-in and day-out are terrific partners, but during this camp he had a few new surprises.

“Aside from a few issues, (my camp) has been great,” Condit said.  ”I didn’t visit anywhere, I just stayed in Albuquerque the whole time.   There’s a couple of world-class Russian wrestlers down at Jackson’s right now.  They helped me prepare for this fight quite a bit.”

When Condit is not training he is busy with his 15-month-old son.  Aside from that, he simply trains.  He has been working with Headrush on his new walkout shirt at UFC 132, hitting the gym and hanging out with his son.  The toddler keeps him “on his toes,” he says.

It’s all good.

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