Christmas is just around the corner and Topps Trading Cards has the perfect gift MMA collectors.

Today, Topps is launching their new series of UFC trading cards titled Moment of Truth.

The new line offers a hobby box that contains one autographed card, one relic card, 16 parallel cards, 16 insert cards and a new card known as a dual hit card.  The dual hit cards are a big attraction in the Moment of Truth line as it is one card that consists of two features, such as an autograph on one side and memorabilia on the other.

Along with the UFC newcomers that are added to the Topps UFC series are a select few Strikeforce fighters.

Brand Manager for UFC Brands Jeremy Fullerton spoke with and elaborated on the newest series from Topps Trading Cards.

“We have a lot of cards based on the matching up of fighters,” Fullerton explained.  “We have the Showdown Shots which is shots from the weigh-ins when the fighters square off.  We have Collision Course which is fighters who have been on a collision course with each other or famous rivals.  We have the return of the Tale of the Tape cards, where we actually take the tape from the fighters after its cut off their hands after a fight and we embed that in the card.”

The novelty of the cards is unique in its own right, but the memorabilia aspect can be intriguing to buyers, as well.

It is not simple to for an MMA fan to get their hands on their favorite fighters gear.  It’s highly unlikely to happen unless it is at an autograph signing or fan expo, which involves enormous line-ups.  Now, with Topps new series, owning a piece of UFC memorabilia just got easier.

“Our relationship with the UFC has really given us exclusive access to this memorabilia that would never really get into the fans’ hands,” Fullerton said.  “The autograph cards and the relic cards have stepped it up a few levels.”

Collectors are enthusiastic about the series, mixed martial artists are excited to be a part of the trading cards and trainers are likely to be involved in the future.

The Moment of Truth will cap off the year for Topps, but 2012 has a lot more in store for collectors.

“The next series will be out in February and it’s the return of a fan favorite called UFC Knockout,” Fullerton said.  “It’s a high-end product that sells for $20 a pack.”

The Moment of Truth series can be purchased at hobby stores, trading card shops and online at, so stuff stockings with single packages or gift the entire box and wrap it up and place it under the Christmas tree.

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  1. November 30, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    [...] Jeremy brings along his personal stash of the brand-new UFC Moment of Truth series, so tune into the video live stream as he and Joe give you an exclusive preview in the throes of the Christmas rush.  For more on the set, which for the first time includes Strikeforce, check out Jason Kelly’s story on MMADieHards. [...]

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