Topps Trading Cards has released a spectacular new series of trading cards entitled “UFC Title Shot” for all you collectors out there.  Today marks the launch of the new series which features a celebration of past and present UFC champions, plus future UFC title contenders.

This set will contain autographed cards from every current UFC champion, along with 10 first issue cards of UFC top contenders, including Jake Shields.  Another unique aspect to the new series is the UFC replica tile belt plate which displays a picture of the champion and the belt that fighter currently holds.  Collectors will also receive autograph relic cards, as well as dual autograph fight mat relic cards, along with many more stunning new features such as WEC Octagon mat relic cards.

“The “UFC Title Shot” series is really all about celebrating UFC champions of the past and present, plus UFC future title contenders,” Brand Manager for UFC Brands Jeremy Fullerton, told MMA DieHards.  “You’ll see that theme run through the entire product, from the base cards to the special insert cards to the UFC belt plate relic cards that we’ve had made special for this set.

“It’s a great way for collectors to remember the historic champions and championship fights, and for new fans to really learn about it and see some images and read some stuff about some of the epic fights and great champions.

Fullerton expects great success with this new line of trading cards, and he attributes that to the loyal MMA fans that partake in collecting these exclusive sets that Topps continues to put out.

“We’re really happy with the continued success of the UFC and Topps partnership,” Fullerton explained.  “We think the fans have really embraced collecting again, and we’re happy to see MMA fans coming back to collect, again.”

For more information regarding the new Topps Trading Cards series, be sure to check out Jeremy Fullerton alongside Joe Rizzo on Rear Naked Choke Radio on the MMA DieHards Radio Network, tonight at 7pm (EST).

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