“I’d beat up Machida on the way to the ring to beat up Anderson, and I’ll kick Nogueira’s ass in the parking lot on the way to my after party.”

“I could write a dissertation on this experience: ‘The Tragic Interplay of Delusion, Insecurity, and Incompetence: the Nog Brothers’ Story’.”

“Stay tuned for the sequel, ‘Help, an Asian Judoka is Beating My Ass: The Anderson Silva Story’.”
- MMA’s most entertaining mouth, Chael Sonnen, tweeted some trash talk to Anderson Silva and the Blackhouse family while he and Yushin Okami were visiting Brazil.

“I hope Royce fights.  To have a Gracie fight there would be great for the fans, to have someone from my family fighting.  I hoped to do it, but I don’t have the time to concentrate to it.”
-Renzo Gracie told Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour that he would appreciate seeing a Gracie family member participate at UFC 134 in Rio de Janeiro.  Since it cannot be him, his choice would be Royce Gracie.

“After I get my lightweight title belt and hold that for awhile, then I’ll do 145, maybe.”
- Clay Guida shared his aspirations with Pro MMA Radio of going after the featherweight belt after he attains the lightweight belt, maybe.

“(Junior dos Santos) is one of the best at it, but Alistair Overeem is the best striker in mixed martial arts.”
- Bas Rutten on Inside MMA said that while UFC No.1 contender Junior dos Santos is good at striking, Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem is the best.

“(My friend) was a purple belt at the time and he said ‘You got to me these guys.’  I was doing ‘Married with Children’ at the time, I was busy and those guys wear pajamas.”
- Ed O’Neill, a.k.a.  Al Bundy, explained in this Youtube video that he hesitated to join the Gracie Academy at first, but now 17 years later he is a Gracie jiu-jitsu black-belt.  Maybe we’ll see O’Neill take a Steven Seagal role, and start cornering fighters.

“When you’re a young guy and you beat a guy who has accomplished so much, you almost take some of his glory with you.”
- UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones told Aaron Tru that he plans on taking more than just a victory when he fights Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

“He’s a fascinating cat.  He does triathlons.  He’s got Iron Man endurance.  That’s one of the reasons he (expletive) people up.  He puts a pace on them and they can’t keep up with him.  It’s like he’s running, and he’ll run at his pace and before you know it they’re wilting and he’s beating the (expletive) out of them.”
- Joe Rogan talked on his UStream broadcast about Nick Diaz employing a high-level pace in a fight due to competing in endurance races.

“We’re getting hit up by his lawyers at the moment; it’s been a pain in the ass.  So if anyone rubs me the wrong way, it’ll be Koscheck for sicking his lawyers on me.  I would drop a lot of weight to fight him.”
- TUF 1 finalist Stephan Bonnar voiced his frustration to MMA Fight Corner about Josh Koscheck not cooperating and allowing Bonnar to use Kos on his “Trash Talkin’ Kids” T-shirt line.

“If he does want to fight me and run his mouth and continue to run his mouth personally, then we can settle this.  I’ll fight him at 185 for the fans.”
- Koscheck, a welterweight, told Bleacher Report that he is willing to meet Bonnar, a light heavyweight, in the middle to settle this feud.

“We were sitting in the airport.  There’s a kid (James Head) fighting (at UFC 131).  He’s smarter than me. He’s a petroleum engineer.  It kind of goes electrical engineer, chemical, petroleum, then mechanical. If he was a civil engineer, I wouldn’t think so much of him (laughs).  But he’s petroleum.  I looked at him and thought ‘What are you doing fighting, dude?’ And then I thought to myself, ‘That’s a dumb question. What am I doing fighting?’ ”
- UFC heavyweight and mechanical engineer Shane Carwin told The Vancouver Sun that when he ponders why other people fight, it makes him have second thoughts why he does it.

“My plan is (to unite the UFC and Strikeforce belts) but let’s take it one step at a time.  I’m taking this fight very serious.  If I would win the tournament I, personally, and I believe many fans, would love to see the tournament winner against the UFC champion.”
- Overeem, the Strikeforce heavyweight champion, confirmed at the Strikeforce press conference that his ultimate goal is a UFC/Strikeforce unification match.

“Shaq helped us launch the first season of The Ultimate Fighter.  He’s always supported us and has always been a good friend, so now that he wants to be involved, I’m more than happy to get him.”
- UFC President Dana White told ESPN that Shaquille O’Neal assisted in the initial development of TUF, and if the “Big 401K” desires a position working for the leading MMA promotion, he’s got it.

“Dos Santos is a real man, and Lesnar got a close-up view and he’d rather go flip hamburgers at the Waffle House.  Brock Lesnar needs to go back to pro wrestling and stay there.  He needs to hire a manager to do his talking for him, because the guy (isn’t) smart enough to put two words together.”
- The always entertaining Don Frye told MMA Beatdown radio on the MMA Diehards Radio Netowork how he feels about former UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar.

“CBS is still out there.  It’s going to be the matter of getting the right card to them.  The Mayhem Miller thing didn’t help.  It’s a much bigger issue than you might have imagined.  It was definitely an issue.  It took months to get resolved.”
- Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker admitted to Yahoo Sports that the melee between Jason “Mayhem” Miller and the Cesar Gracie camp left a bad taste in CBS’ mouth and created serious complications.

“As far as having pressure when I was a prospect, there really is none.  When I got to this sport, when I started I wanted to be the best and I expected to be the best.  I put that pressure on myself, I already have high expectations of myself, so when other people do, I agree with them.”
- Chris Weidman explained to MMA DieHards how he deals with the pressure of being a young prospect.

“Just because we fought, doesn’t mean it’s squashed.  If he came back (to the UFC), I’d fight him.  You can’t take the bitch out of someone.  It’s in their soul.”
- Donald Cerrone explained to Ariel Helwani that his longtime archrival Jamie Varner is still no friend.

“I just looked back at Shane’s wife and she’s covering her face.  She can’t look.”
- Rogan on the air after the first round of the main event at UFC 131, when dos Santos battered Carwin.

“My legs hurt so bad.”
- Dustin Poirier tweeted following his successful three-round battle with Jason Young.

“I think that’s going to be the fight of the decade.  GSP is all style and he’s performance, and he’s etiquette and he’s just a perfectionist fighter.  Nick is just a caged animal.  I mean hell, he’d rape a gorilla.”
- Frye during MMA Beatdown radio sized up the Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz fight.

“Yushin and I go back to civilization tomorrow. Thanks for everything, Brazil. It was like camping in Compton.”
- Sonnen tweeted his relief to return home to America, with Yushin Okami.

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