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Join the ‘Last March’ Campaign to complete Jens Pulver | DRIVEN, an intimate feature documentary film about legendary mixed martial arts champion, Jens Pulver, who rose from a childhood laced with violence and substance abuse, to become one of the most loved and respected MMA fighters of all time.

“He’s a really open book and he tells his story very well,” Bayne says of Pulver.  “He’s sort of the perfect storm of documentary subjects in my opinion.”  The film presents an in depth look into the fighter, and his life, past, present, and future as we follow his journey back into the cage after four straight losses.

“The film was all about the journey to the fight,” explains Bayne.  “We basically get up to that last moment before he heads in.  So it ends before the actual fight happens.  It’ll have something at the end that tells the outcome, but it’s more about the journey of getting there.”

Bayne’s glimpse into the life of Pulver has given the filmmaker some insight into the legend.

“He seems to be a fighter in transition,” Bayne believes.  “A lot of people are thinking he should retire.  I don’t know if I completely get that impression from having been around him for so long now and watching him train.

“I do see him as in a sport that’s sort of changed while he’s sort of stayed the same as a fighter.  In order for him to actually write the next chapter, he has to transition from ‘Lil Evil’ to the new Jens Pulver.  We talk a lot about that transition he’s going through as a human being and a fighter.”

From August 20, 2010, through September 10, 2010, you can reserve your Limited Edition DVD of Jens Pulver | DRIVEN for a contribution of $30.

“Incredibly grateful,” Bayne says of his feelings toward the fans whose contributions have made all of this possible.  “I couldn’t have done it without all of these people believing in this film.  It’s been fitting.  I feel Jens is a blue collar guy.  Even though he’s a champion, he’s still the underdog.

“It’s made the whole journey of making the film that much sweeter because you feel like you already have this level of support of people anticipating the film. As a filmmaker it’s a nice place to be in where people are responding to your work the entire way through the process of making it as opposed to it just being some shot in the dark that maybe one day, someday, some people might see.  It’s been an amazing experience and I’m excited to get the film done in the next couple of months and get it out to everyone.”  The Limited Edition disc will be signed by Jens Pulver, individually numbered, feature exclusive DVD art, and additional video content.

Bayne says the additional material on the disc will include interviews that won’t be featured either in the film or on the regular release of the DVD, as well as additional behind-the-scenes footage.  There will only be 1,000 of these discs printed. As of August 20, 2010, there are only 560 left to reserve!  The DVD will be released on November 1, 2010.  To reserve, visit and make your contribution today.

And, in case that’s not enough to convince you, here’s an MMA DieHards exclusive sneak peek at the first seven minutes of the documentary…

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3 Responses to “Exclusive: The First Seven Minutes of Jens Pulver | Driven”

  1. August 20, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    [...] announcements about the film today over at MMA Diehards including the release date for the film, how you can get a Limited Edition, Jens Pulver signed, [...]

  2. Jon Goldstein
    July 11, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    After watching the first few minutes of the film, I did some searching online and found out that the film is now on iTunes to rent and buy. I checked it out last night and really liked it. Here’s the link:

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