Dennis Hallman’s garments at UFC 133 were your problem, not his.

Hallman (Twitter: @DennisHallman) has bounced in and out of the UFC for the last 11 years and had his last four fights with the promotion, breaking even with a 2-2 record.

Bringing Hallman’s name back to the spotlight was his bout against Brian Ebersole at UFC 133.  While Hallman lost that fight via TKO, his masterful marketing scheme proved to be victorious for himself and his sponsor.

Hallman received little backlash from UFC officials, but there were those that felt otherwise.

“There hasn’t been any major backlash, not even any minor backlash,” Hallman said on MMA Beatdown on the MMADieHards Radio Network. “The only backlash that I had was from homophobic, low IQ individuals that don’t understand marketing and a funny thing when they see it.”

Even though there may be some negative feedback from certain groups of individuals, there is a definite plus to all of this attention; which is, that people remember Hallman for what he wore.  More importantly, they’ll remember the single sponsor plastered on the front of his attire.

“The two things that people noticed about the shorts were that it was blue and had ‘Training Mask’ across the front of them,” Hallman said.  “Training Mask was pretty happy because they got a lot of hits from what was on the front of the shorts.”

Hallman has been a professional fighter since 1996, but he may not be known by many of the new fans. However, with the help of the media, Hallman has become a more common name because of his antics.

“When fighters haven’t been around for a long time and I’ve been out of the way,” said Hallman.  “If you weren’t a hard-core MMA fan, you may not have remembered my name.  However, I fixed that with a little pair of shorts.”

One of the highlights for the veteran fighter is when “Superman” defeated hall of famer Matt Hughes via submission, twice.  Hallman first won at Extreme Challenge 21 by guillotine choke and then at UFC 29 by armbar.

It was once rumored that Hallman may have had a chance to fight Hughes again after his loss to Josh Koscheck.  Hallman quickly denied that the offer ever happened, but he did not turn down the possibility of making the move.

“If they want to throw some cash my way,” said Hallman.  “I’ll go back up to 170 (pounds), but I’m pretty happy trying to make 155 still and I think that it’s more of a realistic weight class for me.  But if they want to make it right, I’ll go up to 170 in an instant.”

However, back to reality, Hallman has a formidable opponent in John Makdessi come UFC 140.  Hallman will be fighting the undefeated Canadian on home turf Dec. 10 as he makes the trip north to Toronto, Canada.

“I’m expecting a really tough battle because he brings a lot of talent to the table,” Hallman admitted.  “He is really aggressive and good at fighting going backwards.  That’s the way that we’re going to be fighting, him going backwards, so I hope that he is working on that.  He is also really athletic and explosive, so guys like that are always difficult to train for.”

One thing that Canada has been known for when the UFC comes to town, is an energetic, passionate and loud crowd.  As Hallman becomes a temporary enemy to Canadian fans, the mature fighter knows what to expect walking through foreign territory.

“I don’t pay too much attention to the crowd until the fight is over,” Hallman said.  “I’m just kind of in my own zone.  I’m sure that I’ll get a lot of heckling; fighting a local guy, but it’s all the same to me.  I’ve had so many fights and been in so many different situations that it is really not even a one percent that it affects me.”

Hallman returns an improved fighter with the same showmanship, but without the showman shorts.

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