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Carlos “Natural Born Killer” Condit has been out of action since last October, but he has been busy with the little things in life.

“I have a one-year-old son, he just turned one a couple weekends ago,” Condit told MMA DieHards in an interview.  “I’m busy with him and doing a little travelling, but when I’m at home I’m just a stay-at-home dad.”

An injury to Condit’s knee has kept the UFC welterweight out of action for five months, but after rehabilitating it he feels he is almost ready to return.

“I was training to fight Chris Lytle and I got injured,” Condit explained.  “I dislocated a joint in my knee cap and did a lot of damage so I pull out of the fight.  I have been rehabbing and trying to get my knee back in order.  I was sparring today, I have been training all week and it still hurts, but it’s healed for the most part.”

Condit is on a three-fight win streak, most recently knocking out Dan Hardy, and now that he’s back the UFC welterweight is only looking for meaningful fights.

“My goal right now is to be in big fights,” Condit said.  “If they keep putting me in front of tough opponents and I keep winning fights something is bound to happen.  Maybe a fight against Josh Koscheck, but I’m not sure when he’s coming back.  Maybe ‘Rumble’ Johnson, he just beat Dan Hardy.  There’s a lot of tough guys at 170.”

Another possible opponent for Condit is B.J. Penn, now that Jon Fitch has been forced out of his rematch with the “Prodigy.” Condit could not confirm or deny if UFC executives have spoke to him about the fight, but the former WEC welterweight champ is definitely interested.

“If I get the call and they offer me the fight, I definitely would be up for that fight,” said Condit.  “I think it would be an honor to fight B.J.  I would be fighting a huge legend so I think it would put a little pressure on me, (but) there’s only one way to find out.”

Some are entertaining the thought of current champ, Georges St-Pierre, moving to middleweight to fight the 185-pound kingpin, Anderson Silva.  If St-Pierre leaves the division, the belt will become vacant and whoever the UFC puts across from Penn will more than likely be fighting for the vacated title.  While some fighters would particularly want St-Pierre because of his long reign at the top of the division, Condit, on the other hand, is not so picky.

“Honestly, if I was getting a title shot I really wouldn’t care who it is against,” Condit stated.  “Either way, if it was against B.J. Penn or Georges St-Pierre it would be a hell of a task to accomplish.  I am honored to even be mentioned in the same sentence as those guys, I’m really proud of where I’m at right now.”

Condit’s ambition for bigger fights is a good thing, but he agrees that they have to be exciting and make sense.  “Natural Born Killer” is looking to move up the ladder and give the fans a show at the same time.

“I want to be in exciting fights and entertain the fans,” Condit admitted.  “I’m sure a fight between me and Matt Hughes would entertain the fans, but I’m trying to climb the ladder so I don’t know how much sense a fight like that makes.”

Condit is awaiting his next opponent and Penn is looking for a partner to throw down with, so pitting these two against each other makes about as much sense as a fight in the welterweight division could make right now.  No one has been chalking up wins as impressively, or consecutively, as Condit before he jacked up his knee, and unlike Fitch’s conceivably boring style of fighting, Condit would make a fight with Penn exciting.

As much of a ferocious and scrappy fighter as Condit is, it is nice to see he still makes time for the little things in life, his son.

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